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Powers and Abilities Able to suck fat out of victims; the more fat they consume the stronger they will become.
Vulnerabilities Silver, cutting off their sucker will kill them.
Appearance Human, with a proboscis hidden in the mouth.
Episode(s) 9.13 The Purge


A pishtaco is a parasitic monster that originates from Peru. Pishtacos survive by sucking out the fat of their victims, the act of feeding itself does not necessarily have to kill the victim, though fatalities will happen if a pishtaco does not have control and feeds on too much fat.

Pishtacos have a human appearance, their mouths hold a proboscis appendage with a sucker at the end, which is released during feeding.

Powers and abilities

  • Proboscis – With this long appendage, a pishtaco is capable of sucking the fat from a human. If a pishtaco has self-control they can eat their fill of fat, leaving the human relatively unharmed. If one is consumed with hunger, they can suck all the fat from a human and kill them.
  • Super strength – The more fat they consume, the stronger a pishtaco will become.


  • Silver – Contact with silver will cause great pain and can kill a pishtaco. Cutting off their proboscis will also kill them.


9.13 The Purge

After a hot dog eating contest in Stillwater, Minnesota, the winner -- a man by the name Wayne McNut is attacked and killed after enter his car -- having had all the fat sucked out of him. The next attack happened at a local health club, where a woman finishes up her workout. She is attacked from behind and knocked to the ground, and has the fat sucked from her body.

Noticing a suction mark on the victim's back, Sam and Dean's investigation leads them to Canyon Valley Spa, where they discover the owner Maritza and her brother Alonso are actually pishtacos, Maritza claims innocence for the recent deaths in the area, telling Dean that it was her brother Alonso, who unlike Maritza could not control himself when feeding. After learning that Alonso has killed her husband Larry, tells Sam and Dean how to kill her brother. Sam and Dean split up and search for Alonso in the basement of the spa, Sam finds him and fight ensues between the two. Just as Alonso is about to feed on Sam, Dean shows up and slices off his proboscis, killing him.

While Sam tries to comfort Maritza, Dean makes clear his intentions to kill her. However, Sam is able to talk Dean into giving her a chance, and send her back to her home in Peru.

Pishtaco in Lore

A pishtaco is a mythological boogeyman from Peru, typically portrayed as an evil monster-like creature, or a white man. The pishtaco preys on the local Indians of the region, stealing their body fat as well slicing off body parts for other cannibalistic purposes.

In some parts of the Andes, the pishtaco is also known as kharisiri, or ñakaq.