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Name Polly
Actor Niki Wipf
Dates  ???? – May 2012 (killed by Dick Roman)
Location Seattle, Washington
Episode(s) 7.23 Survival of the Fittest


Polly is a human test subject used by the Leviathans to test their high-fructose corn syrup additive.


7.23 Survival of the Fittest

One of Dick Roman's employees escorts Polly into the locked room where Kevin Tran is being kept in the SucroCorp headquarters. She is eating a Twizzler and has obviously ingested the high-fructose corn syrup additive that the Leviathan have been adding to the food supply — she is submissive and quiet. Kevin introduces himself, and Polly responds with her name, but not much else.

They're both kept in the room overnight until the same employee enters the room the next morning holding a grey dress and accessories. He tells Polly to change into it before leaving the room. Polly obediently begins to change, unphased by Kevin still being in the room. The employee returns soon after and leads Polly out of the room.

As the delegation of leviathan meet in the conference room, Dick presents her as a human that is unfit for consumption because of her slim figure. He then shows off his fix for this problem — Additive 3.0, which targets characteristics that would make humans harder to use as a long-term food source. After injecting Polly with the formula, she begins foaming at the mouth before collapsing on the floor in convulsions.