Poltergeist in Amherst

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Poltergeist in Amherst

In 1878, Esther Teed (her last name is Teed in the „Ghosts and Spirits “ book ) of Amherst , Nova Scotia was victimized in one of the most frightening haunting cases in Canadian history. The poltergeist, which dubbed himself “Bob” in written messages on walls, tormented not only nineteen-year-old Esther, but also anyone who tried to help her, including her entire family.

The spirit first made its presence known by frightening and then sickening Ester: at one point the girl's body swelled to nearly double its normal size. The family called in doctors and clergy to help, but the haunting escalated, terrifying the family with deafening noises, horrifying threats, unspeakable violence, and spontaneous fire-starting. As word of these occurrences spread, curious people

Eventually, the Teed's landlord, distressed at the damage that was occurring, requested that Esther leave the property. The house immediately returned to normal: Esther, however, was harassed by the spirit one last time, when it followed her into a barn and set it afire. Esther was arrested and sentenced to four months in jail, but appeals from friends who know her history led to her release. Soon after, Esther married and the spirit mysteriously ceased his visitations.

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Sam: You remember the poltergeist in Amherst? Or the Devil's Gates in Clifton? He was missing then, too. He's always missing, and he's always fine.

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