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This page contains a list of the songs used for season and episode promos, as well as songs used for the Comic-Con sizzle reels.

Comic-Con Sizzle Reels

William S. Paley Television Festival

  • "Are You Man Enough?" by The Four Tops (2011)

Shaving People Punting Things

Season 1

  • "Out of My Hands" by Dave Matthews Band
  • "The Killing Moon" by Echo & the Bunnymen (United Kingdom)
  • "All I Ever Need" by Speedometer (United Kingdom)
  • "Down to My Grave" by The Ironweed Project (United Kingdom)
  • "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack (United Kingdom)

Season 2

  • "These Things" by She Wants Revenge
  • "One in One Thousand" by Days Like These (Australia)
  • "Optimistic" by Radiohead (United Kingdom)
  • "Eternal Destiny" by MegaTrax Music Production
  • "Straight Lines" by Silverchair (United Kingdom)
  • "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth
  • "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake Feat. Timbaland (United Kingdom)
  • "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

Season 3

  • "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Apollo 440 (United Kingdom)
  • "Back in Black" by AC/DC (United Kingdom)
  • "Live on Mars (Part 1)" by Eskimo (Australia)
  • "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poison (Australia)
  • "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence (United Kingdom)

Season 4

  • Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor by Beethoven

Season 5

  • "O Death" by Jen Titus
  • "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong (United Kingdom)
  • "Return of the Dragon" by Brand X Music
  • "Gong" by Kickland and Wood

Season 6

Season 7

  • "Drive Fast, Take Chances" by Acid Kings
  • "Courage Riot" by Konqistador

Season 8

  • "Satan's Foot on My Neck" by Brett Detar

Season 9

  • "Rain Down" (Instrumental) by Robin Loxley
  • "Jungle" by Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors

Season 10

  • "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood

Season 11

  • "What Went Down" by Foals

Season 12

  • "Bleeding" by Paul Otten
  • "All of the Time" by Benson Taylor & Samuel Williams
  • "Raw Ramblin" by Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter

Season 13

  • "Devil Gets Your Soul" by Nick Nolan
  • "Run On for a Long Time" by Blues Saraceno

Season 14

  • "Monsters & Saints" by Extreme Music
  • "Life of Sin" by Nick Nolan

Season 15

  • "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Blakwall
  • "Devil's Gonna Come" by Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs
  • "Life of Sin" by Nick Nolan
  • "Wicked Ways" by Everybody Loves an Outlaw
  • "Gasoline and a Dream" by Extreme Music
  • "D.O.A." by The Biggest Band in the World
  • "Trouble" by Welshly Arms
  • "Run Baby Run" by 2WEI Feat. Ali Christenhusz
  • "Exhaust" by Joseph Williams Morgan
  • "Judgement Day" by Jason Tarver, Hugo Russo & Thomas Grenwood