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Raoul, Demian’s imaginary recapping partner, was conceived from the image of a dragon on all the Supernatural pages at Television Without Pity. Raoul is formerly known as the “Big Gay Dragon” or the “Big Gay Supernatural Dragon”, an idea sparked by this comment made by Demian: "That is the gayest dragon I've ever seen in my life."

In the recaps, Raoul is presented as having an affinity for gore (or, as Raoul would prefer, GORE!). Raoul frequently mentions his imaginary husband, 24’s Jack Bauer, whose show is also dripping with gore. Raoul became quite attached to the flaming Supernatural title card for season two – he exclaims “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” when the title card pops up in nearly every season two episode recapped.

Raoul’s name was selected by TWoP members in the "Name That Dragon!" poll

In September, 2007 all the show-related clip art images, including Raoul, disappeared from TWOP during a re-design of the site. Raoul still features in the show recaps.