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Robert Singer at the TCA press tour 2007.

Bob Singer is a director, writer and executive producer on Supernatural. Singer has been working on the show in a co-showrunner capacity since season 1. For season 11, Singer took a step back from the show, taking on a consulting producer position. With season 12, Singer returned to executive producer/showrunner duties alongside Andrew Dabb.

From the William S. Paley Television Festival this excerpt gives is some idea of Bob’s role in the show:

Bob: …They actually made this pilot, I saw the pilot and really liked it a lot and I think what the studio wanted was... the studio probably said to themselves, we…
[Jared and Jensen are doing something distracting off camera]
Eric: You can’t get anything done!
Bob: This is what it’s like to direct them, too. The studio said, ‘Well, we cannot give a forty plus million dollars to Eric Kripke and let him run wild, so we need you know some…’
[Jensen and Jared are still at it]
Bob: …this is so hard… so they thought they needed an experienced hand to guide ‘the young man’ through these rocky waters. The young man of course felt ‘what do I need this old fart for’? Anyway, we met and we met a number of times and finally he got comfortable enough with me for us to join up and partner on this thing. It’s interesting, ‘cause we are sort of different generations and we approach drama in kind of a different way but as we worked together, we found that we’ve arrived to the same place. The methods are a little different of how we get there.
Moderator: Can you explain that?
Bob: Well, there is a generational thing and there’s that I’m very…
Eric: …Sober.
Bob: There’s that. I come in from a characters’ point of view, it’s all about characters to me and I let the plot work itself out, given what the characters are gonna do and what I’m interested in the scenes that drive the plot but I’m mostly interested in how the characters react to it. Eric works very hard on the stories and gets the plot done and once the plot is good, the character stuff would come naturally. So we sort of go in a circle when we are in a room together and we arrive at this place where both things are serviced and we are really a one voice now, we rarely disagree on stuff. I worked alone for a long time so it is really cool to have a partner.
Eric: To blow smoke up his ass for a minute, he brings the depth and maturity of character, just depth to the drama that I could not do. Me alone is like Boogeyman. All of a sudden with him, we have a show with all these characters that are psychologically rich and true and Bob is behind a huge amount of that, so the show would not succeed at all without him.

6.15 The French Mistake

Name Robert "Bob" Singer
Actor Brian Doyle-Murray
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Virgil)
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation Executive Producer
Episode(s) 6.15 The French Mistake

Bob Singer is directing the episode that Sam, as Jared Padalecki, and Dean, as Jensen Ackles, find themselves on. He is completely baffled by Sam and Dean's poor acting when they try to shoot a scene with Misha Collins, increasingly bizarre behavior and later convinces Sera Gamble that they need to bring Eric Kripke to the set to talk to them. He also talks to Sam and Dean one on one to try and determine if their acting problems will go away if they are paid more. Sam calls him a douche for naming the character of Bobby Singer after himself, while Dean shoots him down and tells him that they quit.

The next day, Bob is relieved to see Eric arrive on set, but Virgil appears soon after and kills both Eric and Bob.

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