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Who are we?

Rogue Events organize Fun and Fan Friendly Conventions to celebrate shows such as Smallville & Supernatural. Our conventions feature stage talks, photo studio & autograph sessions and our popular Coffee Lounge events plus lots of fun and free evening entertainment.

Rogue Events started off with a small one day show in Clacton and sponsored various guests for other conventions in the UK during 2005. In 2006 we held our first convention called Insurgence and based it on the TV Show Smallville. For a small convention (under 250 people) we had very good feedback and a review and photos published in the Official US Smallville Magazine.

In 2007 we launched Asylum, a Supernatural and Smallville Convention, which was held in Coventry and was hugely popular with over 700 fans turning up.

By our third show we needed a bigger venue to handle all the fans, so for Asylum 2 we focused just on Supernatural. This was held in May 2008 and has to date been our most popular and well supported event with fans from 22 different countries attending. It was held in the Hilton NEC with over 1000 attendees booked.

In 2009 we had two conventions taking place: Asylum 3 a sold out event with 1400 delegates, took place at the Hilton Hotel within the NEC grounds in Birmingham at the end of May and Hell Hounds, a smaller event for around 400 delegates during the 2009 Halloween weekend. Both events are based on the CW TV series Supernatural.

For 2010 we have three Supernatural conventions: Asylum 4 May 2010 and Asylum Europe: No Rest for the Wicked 2010 take place in May and Asylum 5 October 2010 takes place over Halloween weekend.

Rogue Events are run by Event Organizer Wayne Munn, Event Manager Paul Taylor and assisted by Doug Inman as our Master of Ceremonies at the events.

Supernatural Conventions run by Rogue Events:

Non-Supernatural Conventions run by Rogue Events

  • Insurgence (for fans of Smallville and The Vampire Diaries) [1]
  • The Vampire Coven (for fans of Twilight) [2]

Supernatural guests who have appeared at previous Rogue Events conventions:
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins
Jim Beaver
Alona Tal
Nicki Aycox
Sterling K. Brown
Chad Lindberg
A.J. Buckley
Travis Wester
Lauren Cohan
Katie Cassidy
Samantha Ferris
Frederic Lehne
Charles Malik Whitfield
Richard Speight Jr.
Matthew Cohen
Amy Gumenick
Gabriel Tigerman
Samantha Smith
Mark Pellegrino
Rob Benedict
Kurt Fuller
Traci Dinwiddie
Rachel Miner
Mitch Pileggi
Chris Gauthier
Brittany Ishibashi
Dustin Milligan
Brooke Nevin
Todd Stashwick
Katherine Boecher