Roy Le Grange

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Roy le grange.jpg
Name Roy Le Grange
Actor Kevin McNulty
Location Nebraska
Occupation Reverend
Faith healer
Episode(s) 1.12 Faith


Reverend Roy Le Grange is a faith healer in rural Nebraska. Every Sunday at 11 AM and 2 PM, he and his wife Sue-Ann Le Grange hold well-attended prayer services in a tent on their property, where the sick come and one is chosen to be healed in front of an audience. The services are patrolled by local law enforcement, and have attracted protesters as well as supporters. The miracles are real, however, and the Reverend comes to Sam and Dean's attention after doctors give Dean only a few weeks to live after electrocuting himself in pursuit of a rawhead.

Roy Le Grange's abilities manifested after he woke up one morning "stone blind." He was informed that he had terminal cancer, and he told his wife to pray for him. He slipped into a coma soon after, but made an unexpected recovery, save for the loss of his eyesight. Some time later, he discovered an ability to heal people, and the Church of Roy Le Grange, faith healer boomed.


1.12 Faith

Sam and Dean discover that Roy is not, in fact, responsible for the miracles in his church, but that Sue-Ann bound a reaper with black magic to keep Roy from succumbing to cancer, and that she is trading one life for another, killing those she finds immoral to heal those Roy chooses from the crowd. Still, a mystery does remain about Roy's claim that God works through him to choose the worthy for healing.

6.15 The French Mistake

A leaflet proclaiming that 'Roy Le Grange is a cult leader NOT a healer!' can be seen pinned to the wall in Bobby's house.