SPNFamily Crisis Support Network

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Jensen and Misha on their livestream to launch their campaign "You are not alone"

The #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network has been established by Jensen and Misha in partnership with Random Acts, TWLOHA, and IMAlive .

This project created an online support network to help fans cope with mental health issues such as depression, self-injury, and addiction and including:

  • Training for fan volunteers who wish to be crisis responders in their spare time,
  • Immediate access to support lifelines for fans in crisis, and
  • Local community resources for those needing additional support or information.

You can donate directly to the project here.

Project History

On February 12th 2016, Jensen and Misha launched the project with a fundraising T-shirt Campaign. The T-shirts used the slogan "You are Not Alone" and were on sale here until 28th February.

On February 16th, Misha updated his twitter that, in the first four days, 10,000 shirts had been sold and 1,500 fans had volunteered.

During the remainder of the campaign, Misha and Jensen posted a number of satirical videos to their Facebook accounts, often satirizing the campaign's message.

On March 4th, Misha announced in a tweet that 8,500 fans had volunteered to staff the crisis support network so far.

The design Jensen and Misha sold for their campaign to raise funds for the network.