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====[[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1]]====
====[[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One]]====
*Upon being transported to the deserted town, Sam takes his phone out of his pocket, probably to call Dean. He looks at it and puts it away. We can asu e he probably has no service.
*Upon being transported to the deserted town, Sam takes his phone out of his pocket, probably to call Dean. He looks at it and puts it away. We can asu e he probably has no service.

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Sam owned a Palm Treo 650. It is a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging, and web access. There's also an MP3 player and a digital camera that captures video. He uses it to take photos of the symbols on the wall of the Hell House and to retrieve and send emails. His email address is lawboy@stanford.edu.

He also owned a Motorola Q8. He uses it in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon to see ghosts not visible to the naked eye.

As of 6.16 ...And Then There Were None, Sam owns a Blackberry Tour 9630. Dean is in his contact list as "D." Other names in his contact list are Andrei A, Anya Gadson, Bobby, Brad, Chris Cooper, and Christian.

Sam's Palm Treo as he checks email in 1.06 Skin
Sam's Motorola Q8 in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon
Sam's Blackberry in 6.13 Unforgiven

Sam's Cell Phone in use

Season One

1.01 Pilot

  • While driving to the scene of the accident, Sam uses his phone to contact local hospitals to see if their dad has been admitted.
  • Sam uses his phone again in the motel room try to call Jess, as Dean leaves to get food. He gets her voicemail and doesn't leave her a message. He then listens to a message from Jess. Dean calls and interrupts to let Sam know the police are on to them.
  • Later Sam is driving after Dean has been arrested and he answers his phone. It's Dean, who tells him the fake 911 phone call was "pretty illegal". They discuss the location of their father until Sam "hits" a woman in the road.

1.06 Skin

  • While Dean stops for gas, Sam is reading emails on his phone using a stylus. The email from Becky Warren leads to a new case.
  • Later Sams phone rings. It's Becky calling to let him know that she no longer wants his help, because she's found out that Dean is not a detective and is upset that they might have ruined Zach's case.

1.08 Bugs

  • Sam calls Matt Pike after they fail to get Larry Pike to leave. Dean grabs the phone and tells Matt to make up a phony story to get his dad to take him to the hospital.

1.10 Asylum

  • The opening scene shows Sam on his phone in the motel room asking a munitions seller, and friend of their dad, Caleb if he's seen or heard from John. After he hangs up, he tells Dean neither Jefferson or Pastor Jim have heard from John either.
  • Sam and Dean have split up so Sam can take Gavin and Kat to safety outside the Asylum. As they try to escape his phone rings, and it's Dean who says he's in the basement and needs Sam's help.

1.11 Scarecrow

  • Sam's phone rings and wakes him up, it's finally John calling his boys. John assures Sam he's okay and asks after him and Dean. He won't tell Sam where he is, but informs him he's after a Demon. He expresses his condolences about Jess. John tells Sam he can't come and not to look for him, demanding he write down some names. Sam refuses and Dean takes the phone, he then does exactly as John asks without hesitation.
  • Having left Dean behind and unable to get a bus, Sam takes his phone out and almost calls Dean, as Meg interrupts.
  • While Meg is sleeping, Sam talks to Dean about the events occurring in Burkittsville.

1.12 Faith

  • Sam tries to call John to let him know whats happened to Dean. He doesn't answer and Sam leaves a voicemail.
  • Sam gets a call from Dean who says he stopped Roy, but Sam says the reaper hasn't stopped coming for them.

1.13 Route 666

  • The boys have split up to research and Sam calls Dean with a lead in the case.
  • Sam gets a call from Dean who is being chased in the Impala by the ghost truck. Sam tells him he needs a minute and hangs up to call Cassie. He quickly calls Dean back and gives him driving instructions to a specific church.

1.16 Shadow

  • Dean calls Sam, who's sitting outside Meg's place watching her, to give him the news that her background checks out after a little research. Then they discuss the case.

1.17 Hell House

  • Sam uses his phone to take pictures of the symbols all over the hell house.
  • As Ed and Harry leave, Sam confesses to Dean, that he is the one who phoned them and said he was a producer.

1.18 Something Wicked

  • Sam is at the library researching and calls Dean who's at the hospital with Asher and his mom, to let him know he's found some leads on the case.

1.19 Provenance

  • Sam is given Dean's phone and told to, "Call her" in order to use Sarah Blake for information on the painting. We see them out to dinner after this scene, which means he must have used Dean's phone and called to ask her out.
  • After finding out the painting is still at the auction house, Sam uses his own phone to call Sarah to try to get the painting; pretending he wants to buy it.
  • Sam calls Dean after he and Sarah are locked into Evelyn's house. He tells Dean the ghost is actually Melanie Merchant and they quickly form a plan save him and Sarah. He puts the phone down to search for iron and the ghost attacks. Afterward, he picks it up and Dean asks if they are okay. Sarah tells Sam about the antique dolls at the auction and Dean heads to the mausoleum.
  • Dean calls Sam back to make sure they are okay after visiting the mausoleum.

1.21 Salvation

  • While the boys and John are at the motel room discussing Sam's visions, Sam's phone rings. When he answers it's Meg, who wants to talk to John. Sam tries to lie and say he doesn't know where he is, but Meg threatens him and John takes the call.

Season Two

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

  • Sam calls Dean after investigating the funhouse for traces of EMF. He tells Dean it's possible that the spirit they're hunting may be attached to its remains instead of a cursed object. Dean tells Sam they should check it out and he's on his way, then hangs up abruptly.
  • Later when they boys ditch the van and are walking back to the carnival, Sam uses his phone to try to call Ellen, but doesn't seem to get an answer and hangs up. Sam and Dean get into an arguement and to avoid the issue, Sam says he's going to call Ellen again. The scene cuts, but we hear the end of his conversation; Ellen tells them they may be dealing with a Rakshasa. Sam thanks her and hangs up.

2.05 Simon Said

  • After Sam sees Andy drive by in the impala, he calls Dean, frantic. Dean lets Sam know Andy is using some kind of mind control.

2.06 No Exit

  • When Jo and Dean are searching inside the walls, Jo is just ending a call with Sam on his progress in the walls elsewhere. We don't see or hear Sam during this call.

2.09 Croatoan

  • After Dean realises he has no service when the boys decide to call Bobby and Ellen for help, Sam takes out his phone too and sees he also has no service.

2.10 Hunted

  • When Sam finds the shell casings after he is shot at, he calls Dean for help. Sam is given an address and Dean uses the code word "party town" to let Sam know he's in trouble.
  • After the Dean talks to Ellen and the boys get back on the road, Sam tries to call Ava to check on her. She doesn't answer and Sam leaves her a message to call him back and let him know she's okay.

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

  • We don't see Sam, but we know he interrupts Dean's call with Ellen. he's frantic and doesn't know what's happened for the last week. He tells Dean his location, causing Dean to immediately hang up on him and head on the road.

2.15 Tall Tales

  • We don't see Sam call, but after inspecting what's left of the research scientist, he tells Dean he will call Bobby to come help.

2.17 Heart

  • As Sam uncomfortably watches Madison folder her underwear, Dean calls and haggles him for doing, well, exactly what he was doing. Dean says he has a lead on Kurt and then asks Sam, "What's she wearing?" To which, Sam says, "Bye, Dean." and hangs up on him.

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

  • Sam calls Dean who is out in the impala working the case. He infoms Dean there is a police car outside their hotel room. Sam is unsure it's looking for them, but then it pulls away. They discuss the case. Dean tells Sam he's going to go check out a location he passed a couple miles back, but Sam tries to insist he come pick him up first. Dean disagrees and says it will be fine. They hang up.
  • As Dean takes Wishverse!Sam with him to find the Djinn's lair, Wishverse!Sam finds out he has lamb's blood in a container in a paper bag on the seat. Dean drops his ruse of owing money to a bookie, and explains he's going to kil the Djinn. Wishverse!Sam thinks Dean is having some kind of breakdown and takes out his phone. He doesn't say who he's going to call, but Dean rolls down his window, takes Wishverse!Sam's phone and throws it out the window onto the moving road.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

  • Upon being transported to the deserted town, Sam takes his phone out of his pocket, probably to call Dean. He looks at it and puts it away. We can asu e he probably has no service.

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