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Sam owned a Palm Treo 650. It is a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging, and web access. There's also an MP3 player and a digital camera that captures video. He uses it to take photos of the symbols on the wall of the Hell House and to retrieve and send emails. His email address is

He also owned a Motorola Q8. He uses it in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon to see ghosts not visible to the naked eye.

As of 6.16 ...And Then There Were None, Sam owned a Blackberry Tour 9630. Dean is in his contact list as "D." Other names in his contact list are Andrei A, Anya Gadson, Bobby, Brad, Chris Cooper, and Christian.

In Season 11 Sam has upgraded to an Apple iPhone.

Sam's Palm Treo as he checks email in 1.06 Skin
Sam's Motorola Q8 in 2.18 Hollywood Babylon
Sam's Blackberry in 6.13 Unforgiven


Sam's Cell Phone in use

Season One

1.01 Pilot

  • While driving to the scene of the accident, Sam uses his phone to contact local hospitals to see if their dad has been admitted.
  • Sam uses his phone again in the motel room try to call Jess, as Dean leaves to get food. He gets her voicemail and doesn't leave her a message. He then listens to a message from Jess. Dean calls and interrupts to let Sam know the police are on to them.
  • Later Sam is driving after Dean has been arrested and he answers his phone. It's Dean, who tells him the fake 911 phone call was "pretty illegal". They discuss the location of their father until Sam "hits" a woman in the road.

1.06 Skin

  • While Dean stops for gas, Sam is reading emails on his phone using a stylus. The email from Becky Warren leads to a new case.
  • Later Sams phone rings. It's Becky calling to let him know that she no longer wants his help, because she's found out that Dean is not a detective and is upset that they might have ruined Zach's case.

1.08 Bugs

  • Sam calls Matt Pike after they fail to get Larry Pike to leave. Dean grabs the phone and tells Matt to make up a phony story to get his dad to take him to the hospital.

1.10 Asylum

  • The opening scene shows Sam on his phone in the motel room asking a munitions seller, and friend of their dad, Caleb if he's seen or heard from John. After he hangs up, he tells Dean neither Jefferson or Pastor Jim have heard from John either.
  • Sam and Dean have split up so Sam can take Gavin and Kat to safety outside the Asylum. As they try to escape his phone rings, and it's Dean who says he's in the basement and needs Sam's help.

1.11 Scarecrow

  • Sam's phone rings and wakes him up, it's finally John calling his boys. John assures Sam he's okay and asks after him and Dean. He won't tell Sam where he is, but informs him he's after a Demon. He expresses his condolences about Jess. John tells Sam he can't come and not to look for him, demanding he write down some names. Sam refuses and Dean takes the phone, he then does exactly as John asks without hesitation.
  • Having left Dean behind and unable to get a bus, Sam takes his phone out and almost calls Dean, as Meg interrupts.
  • While Meg is sleeping, Sam talks to Dean about the events occurring in Burkittsville.

1.12 Faith

  • Sam tries to call John to let him know whats happened to Dean. He doesn't answer and Sam leaves a voicemail.
  • Sam gets a call from Dean who says he stopped Roy, but Sam says the reaper hasn't stopped coming for them.

1.13 Route 666

  • The boys have split up to research and Sam calls Dean with a lead in the case.
  • Sam gets a call from Dean who is being chased in the Impala by the ghost truck. Sam tells him he needs a minute and hangs up to call Cassie. He quickly calls Dean back and gives him driving instructions to a specific church.

1.16 Shadow

  • Dean calls Sam, who's sitting outside Meg's place watching her, to give him the news that her background checks out after a little research. Then they discuss the case.

1.17 Hell House

  • Sam uses his phone to take pictures of the symbols all over the hell house.
  • As Ed and Harry leave, Sam confesses to Dean, that he is the one who phoned them and said he was a producer.

1.18 Something Wicked

  • Sam is at the library researching and calls Dean who's at the hospital with Asher and his mom, to let him know he's found some leads on the case.

1.19 Provenance

  • Sam is given Dean's phone and told to, "Call her" in order to use Sarah Blake for information on the painting. We see them out to dinner after this scene, which means he must have used Dean's phone and called to ask her out.
  • After finding out the painting is still at the auction house, Sam uses his own phone to call Sarah to try to get the painting; pretending he wants to buy it.
  • Sam calls Dean after he and Sarah are locked into Evelyn's house. He tells Dean the ghost is actually Melanie Merchant and they quickly form a plan save him and Sarah. He puts the phone down to search for iron and the ghost attacks. Afterward, he picks it up and Dean asks if they are okay. Sarah tells Sam about the antique dolls at the auction and Dean heads to the mausoleum.
  • Dean calls Sam back to make sure they are okay after visiting the mausoleum.

1.21 Salvation

  • While the boys and John are at the motel room discussing Sam's visions, Sam's phone rings. When he answers it's Meg, who wants to talk to John. Sam tries to lie and say he doesn't know where he is, but Meg threatens him and John takes the call.

Season Two

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

  • Sam calls Dean after investigating the funhouse for traces of EMF. He tells Dean it's possible that the spirit they're hunting may be attached to its remains instead of a cursed object. Dean tells Sam they should check it out and he's on his way, then hangs up abruptly.
  • Later when they boys ditch the van and are walking back to the carnival, Sam uses his phone to try to call Ellen, but doesn't seem to get an answer and hangs up. Sam and Dean get into an arguement and to avoid the issue, Sam says he's going to call Ellen again. The scene cuts, but we hear the end of his conversation; Ellen tells them they may be dealing with a Rakshasa. Sam thanks her and hangs up.

2.05 Simon Said

  • After Sam sees Andy drive by in the impala, he calls Dean, frantic. Dean lets Sam know Andy is using some kind of mind control.

2.06 No Exit

  • When Jo and Dean are searching inside the walls, Jo is just ending a call with Sam on his progress in the walls elsewhere. We don't see or hear Sam during this call.

2.09 Croatoan

  • After Dean realises he has no service when the boys decide to call Bobby and Ellen for help, Sam takes out his phone too and sees he also has no service.

2.10 Hunted

  • When Sam finds the shell casings after he is shot at, he calls Dean for help. Sam is given an address and Dean uses the code word "funkytown" to let Sam know he's in trouble.
  • After the Dean talks to Ellen and the boys get back on the road, Sam tries to call Ava to check on her. She doesn't answer and Sam leaves her a message to call him back and let him know she's okay.

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

  • We don't see Sam, but we know he interrupts Dean's call with Ellen. he's frantic and doesn't know what's happened for the last week. He tells Dean his location, causing Dean to immediately hang up on him and head on the road.

2.15 Tall Tales

  • We don't see Sam call, but after inspecting what's left of the research scientist, he tells Dean he will call Bobby to come help.

2.17 Heart

  • As Sam uncomfortably watches Madison fold her underwear, Dean calls and haggles him for doing, well, exactly what he was doing. Dean says he has a lead on Kurt and then asks Sam, "What's she wearing?" To which, Sam says, "Bye, Dean." and hangs up on him.

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

  • Sam calls Dean who is out in the impala working the case. He informs Dean there is a police car outside their hotel room. Sam is unsure they're looking for them, but then it pulls away. They discuss the case. Dean tells Sam he's going to go check out a location he passed a couple miles back, but Sam tries to insist he come pick him up first. Dean disagrees and says it will be fine. They hang up.
  • As Dean takes Wishverse!Sam with him to find the Djinn's lair, Wishverse!Sam finds out he has lamb's blood in a container in a paper bag on the seat. Dean drops his ruse of owing money to a bookie, and explains he's going to kill the Djinn. Wishverse!Sam thinks Dean is having some kind of breakdown and takes out his phone. He doesn't say who he's going to call, but Dean rolls down his window, takes Wishverse!Sam's phone and throws it out the window onto the moving road.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

  • Upon being transported to the deserted town of Cold Oak South Dakota, Sam takes his phone out of his pocket, probably to call Dean. He looks at it and puts it away, leading us to assume he probably has no service.

Season Three

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

  • Sam is doing research and waiting in the impala outside a woman's house, while Dean is inside having some fun, when his phone rings. It's Bobby calling to let the boys know he may have found a lead. They hang up and Sam goes inside to get Dean.

3.02 The Kids Are Alright

  • Sam is in a restaurant by himself, talking to Bobby about a translation they are working on in regards in getting Dean out of his demon deal. When Dean comes in, he tells Bobby he has to go. Dean asks who it was on the phone, he lies and says he was ordering a pizza. Dean points out he's already in a restaurant, but doesn't question it further.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

  • After Sam gets the rabbit's foot, the boys stop at a convenience store. Dean is adding up their scratch ticket winnings, while Sam is on the phone with Bobby, who tells him off for touching the foot. Bobby explains what the foot is and what the curse does. Sam tries to argue that he won't loose the foot and Bobby tells him that everyone looses the foot. So he asks Bobby how to break the curse, but Bobby says he needs time to research and hangs up.

3.04 Sin City

  • After the shooting in the bar, Sam leaves to investigate Trotter. While he sneaking around, Dean calls to check Sam's progress on the case. Sam whispers to Dean that he can't talk right then and tells him to meet at the bar later, before hanging up on Dean.
  • Later, after Dean is trapped with Casey, Sam returns to the bar and finds Sulfur. After he can't contact Dean, he calls Bobby, leaving him a voicemail asking for backup.

3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

  • After visiting Mrs Caldwell, Sam calls Bobby from the motel room to discuss the wreath he noticed was at both victims houses. We don't see Bobby, but he tells Sam it was probably Meadowsweet in the wreaths.

3.14 Long-Distance Call

  • As Sam is driving away from Lanie Greenfield's house, Dean calls. They briefly discuss the case and agree to meet up later before hanging up.
  • After saving Lanie's brother, Sam calls Dean from his rental car. He tells Dean they're hunting a Crocotta, to which Dean jokes, "Is that a sandwich?" Sam ignores him and continues explaining. Dean asks for confirmation that Crocotta live in filth, and tells Sam the Crocotta must be at phone company. Sam hangs up and continues to drive there, not realising it wasn't Dean he was talking with.
  • Shortly after arriving at the phone company, Sam tries to call Dean again, but he gets his voicemail. He leaves him a message saying, "Dean, I'm in the parking lot. He's here, hurry."

3.15 Time Is on My Side

  • Sam is pacing in a run down house where the boys are staying, while on the phone. He appears to be talking to a local police department. He is pretending to be calling from a police department as well, regarding the evicerated man who appeared at a hospital the night before.
  • Sam is back at the motel when Dean calls. They discuss Dean's demon deal and Sam tells Dean he has the book in which Doc Benton wrote his findings on immortality. As he is explaining it's not witchcraft, but really weird science, Sam is attacked from behind by the Doc. He drops the phone and we hear Dean calling his name.

Season Four

4.04 Metamorphosis

  • As Dean argues with Sam's about his abilities, Sam's phone rings. He answers to find it's another hunter named Travis, who wants Sam to head to Missouri in a case. Sam gets a name and address and hangs up.

4.06 Yellow Fever

  • After meeting up with Bobby, Sam calls Dean to tell him the plan. He won't give Dean any details, and hangs up.

4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

  • Sam calls Dean, who is on a stakeout, from the motel to see how it's progressing. First, Dean tells him nothing has happened, but then Tracy Davis shows up at the Wallace's door, and Dean says, "Son of a bitch." Sam thinks he's just whining, but Dean repeats himself. Presumably they hang up, as the scene cuts and next we see Dean at the motel room with Sam.

4.14 Sex and Violence

  • Sam leaves his phone behind in the motel room while out interviewing for the case. Dean can't resist the urge to look through it. Most calls are Bobby and Dean. He calls the only number not listed as a contact, 2195550124. When Ruby answers, he stares in disbelief and hangs up on her without a word. He puts the phone down angrily just before Sam walks in.
  • Sam's phone rings moments later, but it's Bobby. He's calling with information to help the case. Sam puts him on speakerphone to tell Dean too. They find out how the siren's spell works and how to stop her. Bobby tells them to be careful and they hang up.
  • Sams phone rings while he's having a drink with Dr. Cara Roberts. He pulls it out of his pocket, flips it around and checks the caller ID, but then ignores the call and puts the phone away. Later we find out it was Dean trying to call and warn him about the flowers.
  • After leaving Dr Cara's office, Sam gets a call from Dean as he gets back to the motel room. Dean tells him off for not answering earlier and explains about the flowers. They argue about whether or not she could be the siren. Dean refuses to meet up with Sam, thinks he's under the sirens spell, and hangs up.

4.15 Death Takes A Holiday

  • When we first see Sam and Dean in the diner, Sam is on his phone. He says, "No, no, no you're right, it's definitely weird." He thanks Bobby and hangs up. Later, we find out it was actually Castiel calling him, but we don't know how or from where.

4.20 The Rapture

  • After the boys rescue Jimmy Novak's family and explain to him that it's best to get them far away from him; they convince Jimmy to leave with them and hot-wire a car for his wife and daughter to take. As the boys and Jimmy are driving, Sam's phone rings. It's Jimmy's wife Amelia Novak, but they don't realize she's been possessed since they left the house. Sam gives the phone to Jimmy, and the demon tells him to come meet her, or they will kill his daughter.
  • After saving Jimmy's family again, and Castiel is restored to his original vessel and leaves, the boys are driving again. Sam's phone rings, but this time it's Bobby, calling to tell them to get over to his place as soon as possible.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

  • After they kidnap a possessed Cindy McClellan and stuff her in the trunk, Ruby drives Sam to Lilith's location. He spends the ride staring at the notification on his phone showing that Dean left a voice mail. As he debates listening to it, Ruby gives him crap about it. He tells her to mind her own business, but still doesn't listen to it, thought he seems to be having doubts.
  • Later after Sam and Ruby arrive at the convent, Sam decides to listen to the message from Dean. Unfortunately for Sam, he hears only what Ruby wants him to hear, and not Dean's real message of apology. Ruby's message is of Dean telling Sam he is a monster, and that there is no going back. Sam hangs up and decides to go ahead with killing Lilith.

Season Five

5.02 Good God Y'All

  • Sam and Dean are visiting Bobby in hospital when Sam's phone rings, it's Castiel. Sam tells him what hospital and it seems Castiel hangs up on Sam after obtaining the information.
  • Later, when the boys arrive at the demolished bridge into River Pass, Colorado, Sam pulls out his cell phone. He says there is no signal, and we hear the phone play the off-hook tone.

5.03 Free to Be You and Me

  • While on a hiatus from hunting, Sam hears on the news about apocalyptic signs in his area. He phones Bobby to tell him about the signs, intending for Bobby to send hunters. Bobby questions his intentions and reminds him, he's the best hunter in the area to handle it. Sam insists he's sitting this one out, says he has to go and hangs up.

5.05 Fallen Idols

  • Sam split up from Dean to reseach and phones him with and update on the case. Hearing the back ground noise, Sam gives Dean crap for being in a bar while he works his ass off. Sam explains the car is not the real deal, then the scene cuts.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

  • We hear Sam on the phone with Dean, neither one has found anything yet. Dean tells him to circle back to the motel and bring dinner, extra bacon, then hangs up.

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

  • When Sam and Dean arrive at the address ever Chuck is, Sam tells him got his text. Chuck claims he didn't and Dean complains they drove all night. Becky comes outside and we find out she texted Sam from Chucks phone.

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

  • As the boys pull into to Carthage, Missouri, they have their cell phones out the windows, searching for signal. Sam asks Dean if he has a signal, and Dean replies, "No, nice and spooky." They close their phones and put them away.

5.12 Swap Meat

  • Sam had split up from Dean to check the town records. As he's walking back to the motel, he's on the phone with Dean. Dean asks if he found anything, but he hasn't. They agree to meet back at the motel and turn in for the night. They hang up.
  • After being swapped with Gary, Sam tries to call Dean on 'every phone they got'. We see him call one that goes to voicemail. He leaves a message asking where Dean is and explains he thinks he's in the wrong body. He's asks for help too and tells Dean he thinks he has asthma, then hangs up. Then he tries to call Dean at the motel in room 102. The motel clerk tells him those guys checked out, and giving Sam confirmation someone else is in his body. He hangs up.
  • Sam goes to school as Gary and between classes he tries to call Dean again. He's getting desperate now as he leaves another voicemail telling Dean off and explaining his body has been stolen. Then he hangs up.

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

  • After checking out yet another body at the morgue, Sam calls Dean to discuss the case. They agree something more is going on than just the cupid's targets. They agree to meet and hang up.

5.17 99 Problems

  • After meeting Leah Gideon, Sam tries to call Castiel. The call goes to voicemail, which Castiel did not understand how to set up. Sam levels him a short message telling him where they are, so he can hopefully come help, then hangs up.

5.19 Hammer of the Gods

  • After getting a plate of food at the hotel buffet, Sam is flipping through something on his phone when Dean joins him. Possibly news or weather reports, since he tells Dean they should take off due to the biblical storm outside. Dean convinces him they should stay though, and Sam puts his phone away.

5.20 The Devil You Know

  • After posing as CDC to attend an autopsy, the boys call Bobby on his landline when they are back on the road. Sam holds his phone up with Bobby on speaker, so both he and Dean can talk to him. They discuss the case and Bobby gives them a tip to head East. They hang up.
  • After Dean leaves with Crowley, Sam decides to get drunk and calls Bobby on his landline. They discuss that maybe it's time to start thinking crazy. Sam tells Bobby about his plan to overpower Lucifer, so he can jump into the cage. Bobby gets mad and tells him it isn't an option. They argue and we don't see them hang up.

Season Six

6.02 Two and a Half Men

  • After leaving the crime scene, Sam calls Samuel. They discuss the case. Sam realises a connection with the alarm system not bring triggered and asks Samuel to follow it up. They hang up.
  • Not much later, Samuel calls Sam back and tells him he was right about the lead with the alarms. They get a major break in the case, and have a potential next target. Sam asks for the address and we don't see the end of the conversation.
  • After Sam rescues the baby, he calls Dean from the road. He tells Dean to meet him nearby in 30 minutes, or he'll show up at his place. They hang up and meet up a little later.
  • Sam calls Dean after he speaks with the baby's' mother's husband. They both realise the baby is the shifter's, because Dean sees it change too.

6.03 The Third Man

  • After Sam pays his prostitute and she leaves, his phone rings. He throws out her number and answers. It's Dean calling to tell him he's 8 hours from Samuel's base. Sam tells him to change course for Easter, Pennsylvania, where he's found a case. He tells Dean to call him when he arrives in town, and hangs up abruptly.

6.05 Live Free or Twihard

  • The morning after another murder, Sam is on the phone with Samuel. They confirm there are vampires, but are confused by the kill style. Samuel tells Sam to find the nest and figure it out. Without responding, Sam hangs up.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

  • Seemingly, because he is uncomfortable around Sam, Dean suggests they work the case separately. After Sam goes to interview the dentist, he calls Dean, who is back at their hotel. They discuss how the dentist killed himself in holding before Sam got there and that people can't seem to stop telling the truth. They consider a curse as a possibility. Sam tells Dean he's going to hit the morgue and suggests Dean go to the dentist's office. They hang up.
  • After visiting his morgue, Sam calls Dean again to tell him all the bodies have been stolen from the morgue. He finds the first girl wh died over a week ago, and tells Dean he's at her place now. They hang up.

6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • While staking out Mandy Duren's house, Sam sees Lucky change into a man. After following him and loosing him, he calls Dean to let him know. They discuss Skinwalkers, with Dan saying they haven't seen one in years, but Sam remembering the facts about them. They seem to hang up and meet at the pound to get the dog.

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe

  • Sam seems bored following Mr. Brennan, and calls Dean, who is checking out the crop circles, from a bar. Sam tells him he wants to go talk to Mr Brennan, but Dean tells him to shush, as the impala's headlights go out and the corn rustles. Dean sees a bright light, runs and yells to Sam, "UFO! UFO!" and "Close encounter! Close encounter!" As Dean runs yelling, "They're after me!" Soulless!Sam inquires about what type of encounter, first, second or third, then jokes about the fourth. As Dean tells him, "Empathy." Sam orders another drink asks if they're still after Dean. Dean drops the phone as he is "abducted", and Sam calls out to him, asking, "What happened?" Before hanging up.
  • Sam actually goes out to look for Dean at the crop circle, calling Dean's phone to try to locate him. He follows the classic rock ring tone to Dean's phone, picks it up and declines his call.
  • We don't see Sam, as he calls Dan from the local library. They discuss their findings for the case. Dean tells Sam to keep digging and hangs up.

6.12 Like A Virgin

  • Sams back at the motel, trying to pin point the location of the dragons when he decides to call Bobby. Bobby has caller ID on the landline, as he looks at the phone and knows it's Sam. They discuss the case and Bobby helps Sam figure it where the dragons might be. Bobby is about to hang up, but Sam asks him to wait, and checks he's okay. Bobby brushes it off, but then Sam asks what happened in the last year. Bobby tells him. It to worry about, to call if he needs anything, and hangs up abruptly.

6.13 Unforgiven

  • The boys are in their motel room talking, when Sam gets a text. There is no sender information, just coordinates, much like when their dad used to text them. He picks up his phone and looks at it, then throws it to Dean who asks who it might be from. Sam says he doesn't know, tries to call it back, but hangs up after it rings out. He checks the number online and narrows it down to Bristol, Rhode Island.
  • As he leaves Brenna Dobbs's house, Sam's phone goes off and he listens to the voicemail from Dean. He doesn't call Dean back however, as he is distracted by a noise near the house. Dean pops up, tells him off and asks if he got his message.

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

  • Sam finishes the interviews after Dean left for Lisa's place, and calls Dean to update him on the case. He explains he found out the janitor worked at the factory too. He tells Dean he's going to head to the factory and get the whole scoop on Rose Brown. They hang up.
  • After seeing Johnny has a Real Doll, Sam tries to call Dean and let him know he didn't stop Rose's spirit. When Dean doesn't answer, he leaves a message and tells Dean he's going to head back to her sister's place to talk to her.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

  • After Dean is infected and kills Gwen Campbell, Sam tries to call him to find him. Dean's phone ringing gives away his position to Rufus who yells out and attracts the others.

6.17 My Heart Will Go On

  • Sam gets a call as he's leaving. It's Dean and they agree they haven't found much information regarding the connections for the new victims. Dean gets into his Mustang and we assume they hang up.

6.18 Frontierland

  • When Sam finds Samuel Colt, he takes out his phone and hands it to him to prove he's from the future. Samuel Colt puts it up on a shelf and Sam forgets it there. Later, when the boys are back in the future and the package with the ashes arrives, Sam's worn and damage phone is returned in it too.

6.19 Mommy Dearest

  • After entering the diner to look for Eve, Sam takes out his cell phone and uses the video recording function to assess the patrons. He finds everyone but him and Dean are Jefferson Starships, then puts his phone away.

6.21 Let It Bleed

  • Sam is outside a warehouse where Dean is torturing demons, talking to Bobby. Bobby fills him in on what he learned from Judah. They discuss the case. After, Bobby asks how they're progressing and inquires how Dean is doing. Sam tells him, as you'd expect. They hang up.

Season Seven

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

  • Moments after Dean helps Sam to figure out what's real and banish Lucifer, Sam's phone rings. It's Bobby with an update from the hospital. He explains that Jody was right and shotguns have no effect. He tells Sam, thinking he's still there, that he will meet him at the house.

7.03 The Girl Next Door

  • In a flashback, young Sam is on a mobile phone talking to Dean about a Kitsune. They debate about it and Dean puts their dad in the phone. Sam explains he knows people are dying and says he's heading to the library. It appears as though John hangs up on him.
  • In the present, just after talking to police, Sam's phone chimes. He has three missed calls from Lars Ulrich. Otherwise known as Dean. He ignores them and outs his phone away.
  • In a flashback, Sam recalls passing on information by phone regarding the Kitsune's diet of pituitary glands.
  • In another flashback, Sam remembers charting the movements of the Kitsune over the phone. He notices the linear movement between the kills and hangs up, telling the other party he'd call them right back.
  • In a flashback again, young Sam is explaining to Dean to,"stab it in the heart". Being in Library he whispers, but Dean can't hear him, so he raises his voice until he's told off by the librarian. He then asks Dean for advice on how to talk to girls.

7.04 Defending Your Life

  • After laying a salt ring for the man they found at the apple orchard, Warren, Sam quickly calls Bobby as he leaves. He tells him, "Bobby, hey it's me, I'm sending some symbols to look up."
  • Later, as Sam is investigating the barn, Bobby calls him back. They discuss the symbols, Bobby explains they are Egyptian and are connected to Osiris. Sam is concerned about finding him before he leaves again, but Bobby brings to his attention that Osiris hones in on those feeling guilty. He tells Sam, "...why does that sound like to you?" They hang up and Sam tries to call Dean, but he's too late, just as Dean answers, he's abducted and drops his phone.
  • Sam is still at the barn trying to get ahold of Dean. He's leaving his third voice message saying, "Dude third message, you better not be loaded. Call me, this is important." He hangs up, but immediately, his phone rings. He sees its Dean in the caller ID and tells him off, but it's the bartender calling from Dean's phone she found on the sidewalk. She asks if it's Dean's phone and when Sam confirms, she says Dean was supposed to meet her. Sam asks where she is and heads out.
  • Back at the motel, after Dean's trial, Bobby calls Sam back with an update. He explains he's found a way to kill Osiris... for a couple centuries at least. He tells Sam to stab him with a ram's horn. Sam asks where he's going to find one in Dearborn, who which Bobby says, "No clue, but make sure it's a sharp peice. He ain't gonna let you stab him twice." They hang up.

7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

  • After his interview with Wendy's sister, Sam is on the phone with Dean. They discuss the Magical Coin Dean found at the beauty salon, and consider it could be a hex talisman, before Sam asks him to come pick him up. Dean heckles him again about running and they hang up.
  • As they are looking at the statue of Don Stark, Sam gets a text from Bobby with more information about the coin Dean found.
  • Sam parks the impala, and pretending to be in trouble, pops the hood. He calls the number on the near-by realty sign, attempting to keep Maggie Stark occupied if she comes home while Dean is searching her house. He tries to make another call as she arrives home, but can't get through, hearing the message, "All circuits are busy". He shuts the hood of the impala, closes his phone and runs to catch her before she goes inside.

7.06 Slash Fiction

  • As they head to St Louis, Sam is on the phone with Bobby for an update on how to kill the leviathans. Bobby tells them that decapitation will slow them down. They hear Jody in the background, and heckle him for having a woman over. Bobby asks where they're going, and when Sam says St Louis, Bibby lets them know they already hit a diner there. Disappointed, Dean guesses it was his favourite one. Sam tells Bobby they'll be heading to Iowa instead, and they hang up.

7.07 The Mentalists

  • After crashing a Lamaze class, Sam calls Dean to tell him he figured out the pawn shop owner Jimmy Tomorrow is sending the ghost Margaret Fox to kill the residents is Lily Dale. Dean tells him to hurry and find her bones before they hang up.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

  • We don't see Sam, but he's gone around to the back of the building Bobby and Dean are staking out. He tells Bobby on the phone there is nothing to report and they hang up.

7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

  • Sam calls Dean after leaving the morgue. Dean immediately tells him about the numbers from Bobby being coordinates. They discuss their separate cases and hang up.
  • Later, Sam calls Dean again and gets his voicemail. He leaves him a message explaining he's after a Vetala and tells him the lore. He tells him he could use his help and asks him to call him back.

7.12 Time After Time

  • Sam wakes from a nap to a phone call from Jody. She fills him in on a possible case. She asks him to call her after they check it out.
  • While working the case to find Dean, Sam's phone Inge. It's Jody opcalling to follow up on the lead she gave him. When she finds out Dean is missing, she offers to come help Sam. He accepts.

7.13 The Slice Girls

  • Sam calls Dean, who's out getting Bobby's flask back, from their motel room, impatient. He tells Dean they're due at the crime lab and to get back. Dean over hears Lydia and baby Emma talking and asks Sam to hold. He eavesdrops, then tells Sam he needs to call him back, hanging up on him.
  • Sam calls Dean again to tell him off for not showing up at the crime lab. When Dean says he's staking out Lydia's house, Sam heckles him for not getting over Lydia, but Dean explains he's been "eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon". Sam fills him in on the cold cases and Dean hangs up n him with a quick gotta go when he sees Lydia and the other women come back outside.
  • Later at the motel room as Sam and Dean discuss what Dean saw at Lydia's, Sam's phone rings. He looks down and announces its Professor Morrison. He tells Dean to hush and answers it, but we don't hear the conversation.
  • As he's leaving the Professros office, Sam pulls out his phone to call Dean and warn him. Unfortunately, he's stopped by Detective Charlene Penn. She grabs him, and between her strenthpgh and the scar on her wrist, Sam realises she's and Amazon. They fight, breaking Sam's phone so he can't call Dean.

7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

  • Sam is at the motel room when Dean calls from the crime scene with an update. Sam is disturbed to hear the case has to do with Plucky Pennywhistle's... He tells Dean he hated those places. Dean says he's going to go interview Billy and asks Sam to check out the place. Sam is very reluctant and Dean heckles him for a fear of clowns. He tells Sam, "...if it bleeds, you can kill it", and hangs up.
  • After talking to the manager at Plucky's, Sam gets out his phone to make a call. While it's ringing, a janitor is trying to quietly get his attention. When he notices, he's confused, but hangs up the call to talk I to him.

7.15 Repo Man

  • At the library, Sam makes the realisation that the demon wouldn't need tranquillisers via his hallucination of Lucifer. He tries to call Dean, but gets voicemail. Worried, he doesn't even listen to the whole recording before he hangs up.

7.16 Out with the Old

  • After finding the woman burned to death from the kettle, Sam calls the incident in to the local police before the boys leave.
  • As Sam is collecting the phonograph, Dean calls to let him know he got ahold of the cursed porn. They agree to meet up and Sam hangs up.
  • Sam is driving back to meet Dean when Dean calls him. He is so tired though, he can barely pay attention while Dean fills him in in the case. Sam responds incoherently, then tells Dean about his sleep deprevation before hanging up on him.
  • Just after Sam meets up with Dean at the cafe, his phone rings as they discuss Lucifer. It's Scott Freeman from the antique shop asking for help. Sam says they're on the way and hangs up.

7.18 Party On, Garth

  • Sam is at a bar when Dean calls telling him the Shojo is at the brewery. He asks Sam if he's good to drive, to which Sam replies, "Uh...", so Dean tells him to get a ride and hangs up.

7.21 Reading Is Fundamental

  • As Sam and Dean discuss the after effects of opening the tablets rock the previous night, Sam's phone rings. He sees its Meg, tells Dean and answers rudely. She tells him Cas is awake, and when Sam tells Dean, Dean starts yelling into the hone at her. She tells them if they want answers, to start driving.

7.22 There Will Be Blood

  • While talking to Emily, Sam pulls out his phone with the intent of looking up the address of the Alpha Vampire's retreat.

Season Eight

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

  • After assaulting, hugging, then arguing with Sam, Dean pulls out a box of their phones at the cabin in Whitefish, Montana. The first phone he chooses is Sam's and he listens to the voicemails through head pphones. After, he removes the headphones and plays the messages aloud for Sam. It's Kevin, asking for help since he escaped Crowley.
  • Afterward, Sam plays the last message and analyses it for clues. He realises that he can hear a buses air brakes and a terminal announcement in the background for Centerville, Michigan.

8.03 Heartache

  • Right after Dean gets the language unknown result for Arthur Swenson's ramblings, Sam's phone rings. He answers with his agent alias. He says, "What?!" and we cut to the boys back where Arthur is held.
  • Back at the motel room later, Sam is finishing up a phone call with Professor Morrison, in which he finds out the language is ancient Mayan.

8.05 Blood Brother

  • From the motel, Sam tries to call Dean but gets voicemail, because Dean is sneaking around a vampire nest and ignores the call.
  • Shortly after, Sam gets a call back from Dean, who's whispering. When Sam asks why, Dean tells him he's in a vampire nest. Sam starts yelling and tells him off, especially after Dean wont say who he's with. Dean tells Sam to stop talking and texts him his location. Sam continues anyway, after confirming he got the details. He keeps yelling out to Dean, but Dean has put his phone down to trick a vampire who was coming. In the scuffle, his phone falls and breaks, cutting off the call.
  • While driving to Dean's location, Sam tries calling him again, but gets his voicemail. He clicks his phone shut and throws it down without leaving a message.

8.06 Southern Comfort

  • Sam calls Dean after interviewing Sara Alcott Brown. He fills him and Garth in on the details via speakerphone. As they talk, Garth finds information in Bobby's book about a Spectre. Sam asks how to hunt It and they learn it has to do with desecrated graves. Garth looks it up and we cut to them at the location.
  • After finding out the item is an old penny, Sam tries to call Dan as he and Garth leave. I goes to voicemail and Sam leaves a message warning Dean.
  • As they reach the motel room, Sam is trying Dean's phone again. When they enter, Dean is sitting on the bed next to his ringing phone, blatantly ignoring Sam's call.

8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

  • While investigating a missing child, Sama no Dean door knock on a witness. Suspecting she may be possessed, Sam takes out his phone and pretends to make a call. In reality, he whispers the words to exorcise a demon. When nothing happens and she questions his actions, he outs the phone away.
  • Sam, Dean and Castiel are at the motel room discussing the case when Sam's phone rings. It's Linda Tran, calling for their help, because Crowley has kidnapped Kevin.

8.08 Hunteri Heroici

  • Sam is filling up the impala at a Gas n' Sip while talking to Mrs Tran, who is dominating the conversation. He can't seem to get rid of her, so when Dean shows up from in the shop, he tells her he really wants to talk to her. He hands Dean the phone and Dean says, "Hi, Mrs Tran" and hangs up on her,

8.09 Citizen Fang

  • Sam is waiting in the impala for Dean, who's getting food. He's in the phone with Martin Creaser, who's calling him with an update on Benny. Sam finds out there's been a vampire kill. Sam says they be there and hangs up.
  • While checking out the known location for Benny with Martin, Sam gets a text. It appears to be Amelia, asking for his help. He ditches Martin and drives off.
  • As Sam is driving to Texas to check on Amelia, he tries to call her. He gets an unavailable message from a recorded operator, and throws the phone.
  • Sam is at a bar in Texas when he realises where the distress message came from. He calls the number again. A phone in the glove compartment of the impala starts ringing as Dean is driving. They discuss Dean switching the number for Amelia's phone and the end result of Martin and Beny's confrontation. When Sam learns Martin is dead and Dean tries to justify Benny's actions, Sam hangs up on him.

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

  • The boys are driving when Sam's phone rings. He thinks it's Kevin, but it's Garth. We don't see or hear Garth, but by what Sam says, he has a case near them. Sam says it's disturbing that he knows where they are. He comes to find that Garth has been tracking various hunters via GPS on their phones. Sam takes the case and they hang up.
  • Just as Charlie decides to stay and help, Sam's phone rings. It's the toxicologist, who says Lance died from belladonna poisoning, but there are no traces of it in his system.
  • When Sam finds out about the tree of pain, he takes his phone out to make a call. The call doesn't go through, but we can assume he tried to call Dean with the new info.
  • Sam meets back up with Dean who asks where Charlie is, because he sent her to meet up with Sam. When Sam doesn't know, Dean checks her tent, but she's not there. He tells Sam she has his phone, so Sam pulls out his and tries to call it. We cut to Dean's phone on a bed, with no signal.

8.12 As Time Goes By

  • At the now comic book shop, Henry asks to use Sam's walking talkie. Sam asks if he means his phone and pulls it out. Henry replies, "Even better" and then holds the phone up and speaks, as if to an operator. Dean asks, "Who are you not calling?" Dean takes the phone and hands it back to Sam.
  • After Sam gets the information from Larry Ganem, Abaddon reveals herself and overtakes him. She uses Sam's line to call Dean and negotiate a trade for Henry and the key. She gives them a location to meet her and they hang up.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

  • Sam calls Dean after leaving the library. He explains that Rabbi Bass' reading materials make no sense. He thinks he sees somethings and pauses, then tells Dean he has something stuck to his shoe. Dean realises Sam thinks he's being followed. They agree on a quiet place to meet up and hang up.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

  • Sam is at the motel and calls Dean after hearing from the forensics officer. He tells Dean the blood on the scrap of fabric the found is from the third victim.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger

  • As Sam and Dean are heading to Wendy Rice's house, Sam is in the phone with the real estate man's wife. He reports everyone says the victims were acting, weird and obsessive. No one saw any black eyes.

8.18 Freaks and Geeks

  • Sam is at the house with Victor Rogers and the kids when Dean calls. Dean explains he believes the vampire, that he was freshly made and couldn't have killed Josephine Barnes' family. He also expressed his concern about the blue van. Sam tells him not to head back though, and he'll handle things at Victor's place.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

  • Sam is at the bunker shooting range when Dean calls from his shopping trip with Charlie, using Charlie's phone. He quickly checks in that Sam is okay, to which Sam replies he is, sounding annoyed by Dean. Sam is about to complain about the babying, but Dean says he'll check in with him later and hangs up on him.
  • After Charlie leaves the bunker, the boys agree something is up with her. When she doesn't return after a while, Sam tries to call her. He gets her voicemail and asks her to call them back.

8.21 The Great Escapist

  • After Sam finds the boxes of books, he tries to call Dean, but passes out. The call goes through and we hear Dean call out to Sam.

8.22 Clip Show

  • Just as the boys are setting up to cleanse Abaddon, Sam's phone rings. The caller ID says, "666". Sam's shocked to find its Crowley, and nods to Dean to go outside to take it. Sam puts Crowley on speaker phone and he heckles Sam asking, "What are you wearing?" Dean threatens to hang up, but Crowley brings up the recent newspaper articles. He then tells them he's, "sexting" them an address and hangs up.
  • After the boys go inside and find Abaddon missing, Sam receives Crowley's text message, "545 Greenleaf St. Apt. 306 Prosperity, Indiana".
  • The boys arrive in Indiana too late, and Sam's phone rings. The caller ID says, "666" again. Sam answers and demands to know what Crowley is doing. Crowley replies, "...isn't it obvious? I'm killing everyone you've ever saved." He threatens to kill someone they've saved every twelve hours until they return the Demon tablet and Kevin. He gives them a new address and a countdown, then hangs up.

Season Nine

9.02 Devil May Care

  • Sam is riding with Dean on speakerphone with Kevin. Kevin explains that Abaddon called and asked him to give them the coordinates, 44.053051 by -123.127860 and that she has Irv Franklin and Tracy Bell. Dean tells him to look up anything related to killing a Knight of Hell and to call them if he finds a way to kill one. Sam thanks Kevin and they hang up.

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

  • After realising The Colonel is a witness, Sam calls Kevin for a spell to talk to dogs. The scene cuts before we can see or hear Kevin.
  • When Dean starts exhibiting dog behaviour, Sam calls Kevin back. We don't see or hear Kevin, but Sam tells Dean he said this can be a side effect, but he doesn't know how long it will last.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Sam calling Dean in 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place.
  • Sam is at the motel room with Jody when he tries calling Dean’s other cell, but gets voicemail. He leaves a message urging Dean to call him back.
  • Shortly after, Sam calls Dean again and this time Dean answers, but doesn't say anything, Sam repeats his name over and over, then asks if he's there. Dean finally responds and says he's found something big. Sam starts to explain they aren't hunting a dragon, but Dean says, "Not yet" and hangs up on him.
  • Sam and Jody are still at the motel room, researching Vesta, when Sam's phone rings. It's Dean, but the connection is poor and Sam can't make out what he's saying. They talk over each other before the call breaks up and dies, but Sam still knows Dean's in trouble.

9.12 Sharp Teeth

  • After Sam leaves the farm where Garth killed the cow, he calls Dean and lets him know the cow was evicerated. They presume Garth was hunting whatever killed it. Dean lies to Sam and says he has no lead from the hospital surveillance camera, but Sam knows better and is standing outside waiting for him. As Dean crosses the parking lot, Sam comes out from behind an ambulance and grabs the papers out of Dean's hand. Dean hangs up.
  • Sam is on the phone with Dean as he leaves the police station. He asks if Dean is, "there" and Dean replies,"Yeah just pulled up, nothing too sketchy yet." Sam seems hopeful things will be okay, but Dean is not so sure. Dean checks if Sam had any luck with the cops, and Sam tells him the Sherriff should roll up any second. Sam tells Dean to be careful, Dean dismisses it and hangs up.
  • Sam and Dean are still at the Myers' farm that night when Sam's phone rings. It's the Sherriff calling and Sam seems surprised by what he tells him. Sam and Dean head out.
  • Sam is looking for Garth and Bess Myers at Bess' place. When they aren't there he calls Dean and lets him know the place is a wreck and it looks like they were taken. Dean shares more info about Ragnarok and tells him they want human extinction and that its time for Reverend Jim Myers to go down. Sam offers to help, but Dean says he doesn't need it. They hang up.

9.13 The Purge

  • Sam's cover is compromised by Donna in the hallway, but his phone rings giving him an excuse to escape. It's Dean, super groggy and asking for help. Sam asks where he is, but Dean can only manage to reply, "Sweet Potatoes!"

9.17 Mother's Little Helper

  • Sam calls Dean from the police station after finding out how many victims there are in the town. He comments on how long it takes Dean to answer and Dean just claims to be working. Sam fills him in on his current case, he believes people's souls are being taken. They discuss it and Sam asks for Dean's help, but Dean declines, saying he's close to finding Abaddon. Sam reluctantly forfeits and tells him to be safe. Dean hangs up.
  • Sam is struggling with Sister Agnes in the basement of the church after trying to exorcise her. He pulls out his phone and plays a recorded exorcism. It falls to the floor in the struggle and Sister Agnus crawls over and smashes the phone before it completes.

9.18 Meta Fiction

  • Sam is on the phone in the bunker with, presumably, another hunter who he has tracking Abaddon's soul farms. He says, "Yeah alright, thanks Carlos", and asks him to call with any other demon activity. He hangs up as Dean enters the room.
  • As he lures Gadreel into a trap, Sam takes out his phone and pretends to call Castiel. He says they need his help and to call them back, then hangs up.

9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann

  • As Dean is trying to get through to Jody, Sam is finishing a call with the police. He hangs up and tells Dean both victims worked at the bus station.

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

  • Sam and Castiel are outside a warehouse when Dean calls. Dean first asks how Castiel is, then tells Sam to say hi to his old friend. Sam becomes concerned and asks what's going on. Dean replies, "You first" and the scene cuts.

9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?

  • When Sam and Castiel return to the bunker with Gadreel, they find Dean has gone missing. Sam tries to call him, but gets voicemail. He leaves a message asking Dean to call him back.

Season Ten

10.01 Black

  • Sam is in the bunker researching and on the phone. He asks about demon sign, but the person he's talking to, probably another hunter, says there's nothing lately. Sam asks them to let him know if anything comes up and they tell Sam to watch himself. Sam says, "Yeah I will. Yeah...thanks" and hangs up.
  • Sam moves around a bit, but comes back to the computer. Upon seeing a missing persons case was found in another state, he picks up his phone and starts dialling.
  • Next we see Sam, he's called Castiel. He says he thinks he found something, but Castiel just coughs. Sam checks if he's still there and Castiel replies that he's fine and to go on. Sam explains the news he found about a possible possession. Castiel continues to cough the whole time. Sam decides to pretend he was over excited about it, feeling that Castiel needs to rest. They elude to Sam getting injured while on a hunt with Castiel. Castiel asks how Sam is doing, and Sam replies he's just tired. Castiel admits he misses Dean and wonders why he would just disappear. They discuss Dean leaving. Sam suggests he might have been taken, but Castiel rebukes with the fact that Dean left a note. They both go quiet and after a moment, Sam hangs up.
  • Sam has been captured and Cole uses his phone to call Dean. Dean quickly figures out Sam is held hostage and he asks if he's dead. Cole tells him, not yet and not if you go where I tell you. Dean doubts Sam is alive, but Cole holds out the phone and tells him to speak. When Sam refuses, he punches him. Dean still refuses to do anything Cole asks. He tells him Sam's problems are his own, but he will find whoever it is on the phone and kill him. Dean then hangs up on him.

10.02 Reichenbach

  • After he escapes Cole, Sam calls Castiel to tell him where Dean and Crowley have gone. Sam also tells him that Dean is a demon. Sam knows Castiel isn't well, but asks for his help anyway. Of course, Castiel agrees to meet him. They hang up.

10.03 Soul Survivor

  • Sam goes outside the dungeon where he's keeping Dean and calls Castiel with and update on his progress curing him. He tells Castiel that it's not the same as Crowley and Dean is in pain. They agree it could be killing him. Sam asks if he should stop, but Castiel says this is the only option. Castiel says he'll be there as soon as he can and Sam tells him he will leave the entry unlocked for him. They hang up.

10.04 Paper Moon

  • Just after Sam and Dean capture Kate, Sam's phone rings. It's the local police calling to inform him of another murder, across town, just before dark. The boys realise it couldn't have been Kate, but when they go to confront her, she's escaped.

10.05 Fan Fiction

  • As the boys pull up to the school Sam is on the phone with the local police gathering information about the missing teacher. He thanks the officer and hangs up.

10.06 Ask Jeeves

  • We don't see Sam, but Dean gets a text from him reporting Phillip as dead.
  • Again we don't see Sam, but we hear him answer when Dean calls to tell him they're hunting a shapeshifter, not a ghost.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

  • Sam is waiting outside while Dean speaks to the waiter at the restaurant where Rowena was before. As Dean approaches, Sam thanks the person on the other line and hangs up.

10.08 Hibbing 911

  • Sam and Dean are researching when Jody calls Sam. They pass pleasantries, Sam tells her Dean says hi and she's astonished he's back. Sam asks how her and Alex are going and Jody replies she, "smokes weed under the bleachers, but at least she's not luring men to their deaths." Jody tells Sam about the strange death and body where she is for the police retreat. The boys don't produce any leads as to what might have killed it and when they offer help, Jody says she's got it covered.
  • After meeting up wth Jody and Dnna, Sam tells Jody he got her message, suggesting he checked his voicemail.
  • After Donna is filled in on vampires, Sam looks up a the possible location for Sheriff Len Cuse, which Donna shares with them, on his phones map app.

10.11 There's No Place Like Home

  • Sam is in the bunker researching and on the phone with Castiel. We dont see or hear Castiel, but Sam tells him to keep in touch with any updates and thanks him, before hanging up.
  • Sam is riding with Charlie when Dean calls. Sam puts him on speakerphone and he tells them Dark Charlie killed Russell Wellington. He asks if they made any progress on getting back to Oz. Sam explains they are on their way to see a retired Man of Letters who had found the key originally. Sam says he will text the address and Dean agrees to meet them. They hang up.
  • We don't see Sam, but we know Dean calls him. Dean tells him Dark Charlie stole the impala, but she's going to the wrong town, because he lied to her. Dean says he'll be there as soon as he can jack a ride. Sam thanks him for he heads up and they hang up.
  • Back at the bunker, Sam is on the phone with Castiel again. He gives him and update on how Dean is doing, saying he seems calmed down now. He says they need to find Cain, we don't hear Castiel, but Sam seems in agreement with what he replies, and they hang up.

10.12 About a Boy

  • Sam calls Dean after checking out JP's place. Dean asks Sam how the case is going for him. Sam replies it's not great and fills him in on how bad JP was. Dean tells Sam maybe they should call it a night, when he sees a strange man follow the woman he was drinking with, Tina, out of the bar. He tells Sam he thinks he has something and hangs up.
  • When Sam gets back to the bar Dean was at before and sees he's not there, he tries calling him. The phone rings out and without getting voicemail, he hangs up.

10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

  • Sam is on the phone when the boys pull up to 810. He finishes a call with a detective who can confirm with them the instachat user PrincessElsa8, is a third grader from Wisconsin, who was sleeping at the time of the chat log.
  • Sam calls Dean from the site of Andrew Silver's death. He tells Dean that Andrew's ghost is travelling through WiFi. Sam tells him to disconnect all the routers at the college, but they know that's unrealistic. Sam tells him to stay safe and he has an idea. They hang up.
  • While talking to Corey Silver, Sam gets a text from an unknown number. The text says 911, so he clues in that it's probably Dean. He uses the number to have Corey video chat her husband's ghost.

10.15 The Things They Carried

  • Sam and Dean are in the car and Sam has his phone out, researching ways to remove the Mark of Cain. Dean tells him off, and he puts it away.
  • Sam is driving when Dean calls. Dean tells him the electrocution didn't work. Sam says he's on his way to Kit Verson's place and Dean tells him to hurry up. They hang up.
  • Later, after saving Jemma Verson, Sam and Dean are on the phone. He hears Cole coughing and realises Dean is trying to dehydrate the parasite. Sam suggests the inevitable is killing them, but Dean asks him to hold out. Then he asks how the wife is doing and Sam says she's barley holding on. Sam asks after Cole and Dean replies he's going strong. Sam again reminds Dean that Kit will eventually wake up, but Dean holds to his plan, tells him to wait and hangs up.
  • Sam is about to call Dean again, he gets out his phone and starts dialling, but then Jemma realises Kit woke up.
  • Sam is attacked by Kit and his phone starts ringing during the scuffle.
  • Dean calls Sam to tell him they were successful and to bring Kit, but Sam wasn't so lucky and tells Dean, "It's too late."

10.16 Paint It Black

  • Sam and Dean are driving again. Sam has his phone in his hands, possibly research cures for the Mark of Cain again.

10.17 Inside Man

  • Sam is in the bunker on the phone, having a quiet conversion with an unknown caller. He tells them to, ..."just be there." As soon as Dean enters the room, he says he has to go and hangs up. (Based on the following scene where he meets up with Castiel, it's safe to assume that's who he was talking with.)

10.18 Book of the Damned

  • Sam is researching in the bunker when his phone rings. When Sam answers Castiel says, "Can I just kill him now?" Sam says they need him alive, but later he can do what he wants. Castiel tells him he'd like to kill him slowly, then ignoring Metatrons protests, asks about the Mark of Cain. Sam has nothing to report. Castiel reassures him they will find a cure, then takes a moment to out the phone in the crook of his shoulder and punch Metatron in the face for saying he doesn't know why they'd want to cure him. Castiel tells Sam to just keep digging, but Sam replies, "No one here by that name" and he hangs up on Castiel.
  • Dean is in the bunker with Sam when Sam's phone rings. Sam goes to answer it,but Dean grabs it saying, "I got it." He answers jokingly, saying, "Winchester accounting, how may I help you?" Out of breath Charlie replies, "Dean?" Dean is surprised to hear her and asks what's going on. As she explains, Dean puts her on speakerphone. She tells them she's been shot and used dental floss for sutures, Sam encourages her to go to a hospital, but she explains she's being followed and has the book of the damned. Dean asks what the book says about the mark, but she can't read it and doesn't know what language it is. She goes on to explain the book is a spell book to create or undo any damnnation in there is and if they can translate it, they can probably remove the mark. She explains about the men following her, the tattoo he had and that they somehow track the book. Sam says she needs to get off the grid and Dean tells her a location hear her. They agree to meet up.

10.19 The Werther Project

  • Sams researching in the bunker and finds a lead, so he calls Rowena. He asks her for a spell to break the spell. She quickly answers him and he's about to hang up, but she quickly adds he may need her help. He says he'll take his chances and hangs up.

10.20 Angel Heart

  • Sam is searching the house when his phone starts to vibrate. Just as he looks to see it's Dean calling, the Grigori Tamiel attacks him and he drops it.

10.21 Dark Dynasty

  • While Sam and Dean are talking to a guy who works at the offices where a girl was killed by the Stynes when Sam's phone rings. He moves away and checks the caller ID. When he sees who it is, he looks worried and doesn't answer. As Dean approaches and they leave, he scoffs and comments that it was a telemarketer.
  • Sam's phone is face down on the table in bunker when it starts vibrating. Dean is standing nearby and grabs it. When he ees it's Castiel, he answers. Unthinking, Castiel urgently says, "Sam!" When he Dean replies it's him, not Sam, Castiel goes quiet. Dean asks him what's up. Castiel replies, "Nothin', I'm just staying in touch, like I do. " When Dean pushes him again, his lying worsens and he says, "No, this call is pointless. My ride's here." Castiel hangs up on Dean.
  • Sam and Dean are interrogating Eldon Styne when's Sam's phone starts vibrating. When he sees it's Castiel, he eyes Dean off and then sneaks back out of the room to take the call in the hallway. Sam tells Castiel to make the call quick. Castiel and Sam argue over what to do about Charlie and Rowena's bickering. Castiel says Charlie wants to leave, but when Sam says that's not safe, Castiel replies he will go with her. Sam can't have him leave Rowena alone then. He tells Castiel to separate them and make it work. Sam tells Castiel he has to get back to Dean and to handle it. Sam hangs up and runs into Dean.
  • Just as Dean is telling Sam he knows the book wasn't destroyed, Sam's phone rings. When Sam doesn't make a move to answer it, Dean tells him to or else. Sam answers, with a "Hey." It's Castiel, calling to tell him Charlie disappeared. Sam is left speechless.
  • Shortly after, Sam's phone starts vibrating again and this time it's Charlie. Sam immediately asks where she is. She replies with the motel name. She also tells him the Stynes are there, after her and they want the book. Sam tells he pr to give it to them, but she says she doesn't have it, just her notes. As Sam is telling her to give them those instead, Dean takes the phone. He tells her to, "Give whoever that is, whatever they want, you understand?" As Charlie sends the code to them she tells Dean she can't do that. After the code finishes sending, she smashes the computer. At some point, they hang up.

10.22 The Prisoner

  • We don't see Sam, but later he reveals he called Crowley and played a recording of Dean saying he needs his help, followed by the sound of someone being tazed and collapsing, then hung up. Then he sent Crowley an address by text, setting up a trap.
  • When Crowley leaves Sam, Sam calls Rowena to tell her the spell didn't work.when he tells her he also escaped, she's .23 not very happy. He asks how he's supposed to kill Crowley, but Rowena doesn't offer any help. She just tells him to get it done, and hangs up.
  • Right after hanging up with Rowena, Castiel calls. Sam asks if he found Dean. Castiel tells him not yet, but he's at the Styne estate and Dean killed everyone there. Sam says he's on the way, but Castiel tells him not to bother, because the GPS says Dean's headed north. Sam asks where he's headed and Castiel tells him Dean's going home before hanging up.

10.23 Brother's Keeper

  • Sam is going over the spell ingredients with Castiel and Rowena when the hunter Rudy calls. Rudy tells him Dean is in Nebraska working his case. Sam explains Dean's not in the best pace right now and asks Rudy to text him the details and he'll come that away.
  • As Sam leaves Dean's motel room, his phone rings. Dean is calling to say goodbye. They discuss what happened with Rudy. Sam tries to convince him there is still hope, but Dean says he's done. He tells Sam to grab a pen, because it's time to say goodbye.

Season Eleven

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

  • After being attacked, Sam gets a call from Dean. He answers by asking if Dean's good. Dean says he's about 40 miles out of town and the event seems to be isolated, then asks if Sam is okay. Sam tells him like it or not, he will find a cure. Dean says he's agony they got at least one win, and half heartedly, Sam agrees. Dean tells him his plan to drop off Jenna and the baby, then clean up the town and kick The Darkness' ass. Knowing he's sick, Sam just says, "Yeah, sounds like a plan." Dean hangs up.

11.02 Form and Void

  • Sam wants to catch one of the Rabids to test cures. So he sets up his phone in a bucket, to amplify the sounds and plays a movie clip to lure one.
  • Sam is still at the hospital trying to find a cure when Dean calls to tell him about the baby. After filling Sam in, Dean tries to check in with him, but Sam lies and says everything is good and he's fine on his own.

11.04 Baby

  • Sam and Dean are heading to Oregon when Sam's phone rings. He sees it's Castiel, and puts him directly on speakerphone. When Sam asks how he's going, Castiel explains he's been researching, Dean tells him he's got one job, healing. Castiel reiterates that he wants to help. Sam agrees he can, of course, but right now he should focus on getting better. He tells him to relax, read a book or watch some Netflix. Castiel asks what a Netflix is, and Sam explains to go to his room and turn on the TV. Castiel reluctantly agrees and they hang up.
  • We don't see Sam, but while Castiel is explaining Whsipers to an absent Dean, the caller ID shows Sam trying to call Dean on call waiting.
  • We don't see Sam, but we know Dean sees the missed call and text from Sam and calls him back. Sam tells him he got jumped, but when Dean asks if he's okay, he says he thinks so, for now and they're dealing with a pack. Dean explains the deputy was one too and he's in two pieces, still alive. The he asks where Sam is now. Sam says after Lily Markham was knocked out, he carried her to a house near by. He tells Dean he will text him the address, so Dean says to sit tight and he's on his way. They hang up.

11.05 Thin Lizzie

  • As Sam and Dean are on their way to question Len Fletcher, Sam's phone rings. It's Detective Madsen calling to inform him there was another murder in the next county over. Sam thanks him for letting him know and they hang up.
  • After speaking to everyone at the Pinsky's house, Sam is outside on the phone with Dean. Sam is shocked to hear that Amara is in town, now looks twelve and possibly sucked out Len's soul.

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