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|location= Earth  
|location= Earth  
|occupation= [[Hunters]],  
|occupation= [[Hunters]],  
[[Vessel|Lucifer's True Vessel]] (Used as such in [[5.04 The End|The End]], [[5.22 Swan Song|Swan Song]])
|episodes= [[:Category:Episodes|All episodes]]
|episodes= [[:Category:Episodes|All episodes]]
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* Sam dies in [[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon]] when angry hunter's shoot both him and [[Dean]] for Sam's role in starting the [[Apocalypse]].
* Sam dies in [[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon]] when angry hunter's shoot both him and [[Dean]] for Sam's role in starting the [[Apocalypse]].
* Sam agrees to be [[Lucifer]]'s vessel in [[5.22 Swan Song]] and pulls them both into [[Hell]] alongside [[Michael]].
* Sam agrees to be [[Lucifer]]'s vessel in [[5.22 Swan Song]] and pulls them both into [[Hell]] alongside [[Michael]].
*Sam is [[Lucifer]]'s true [[Vessel]]; he finally said yes to Lucifer in [[5.22 Swan Song]].
[[Image:Policerecords.jpg|thumb|200px|screencap of police records from [[1.15]].]]
[[Image:Policerecords.jpg|thumb|200px|screencap of police records from [[1.15]].]]

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Name Samuel Winchester
Actor Jared Padalecki (adult Sam)
Alex Ferris
Colin Ford
Dates May 2, 1983 - Now
Location Earth
Occupation Hunters,
Episode(s) All episodes


Basic stats

  • It was reveled in episode 5.22 Swan Song that Sam could in fact resist the Devil; although, the Impala triggered one of Sam's memories that allowed him to regain control of his body.
screencap of police records from 1.15.

Sam's police record appeared in 1.15 The Benders as follows:

Samuel Winchester:
Born: May 2, 1983
Place of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas
Physical description: 6'4" height 220 lbs, brown hair, green eyes
No distinctive markings or tattoos


Age 6 months: Sam is visited in his nursery by Azazel, who drips demon blood into his mouth. When Mary interrupts him, Azazel kills her, pinning her to the ceiling and setting the house on fire. John saves Sam and Dean carries him from their burning home.

Age 6: Left in Dean’s care in a motel room in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin while John is on a hunt. While a bored Dean leaves briefly, Sam is attacked by a shtriga, but is rescued by John. 1.18 Something Wicked

Age 8: Dean and Sam are again on their own in a motel in Broken Bow, Nebraska on Christmas Eve. Until this age Sam believes his mother died in a car accident, and doesn’t know John is a hunter. On finding John’s Journal, Sam confronts Dean, who confirms that supernatural beings exists, that one killed their mother and that their father hunts them. 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas.

Age 12: Sam wins a Division Championship Soccer trophy, which he later finds in John's Lock-up in 3.03 Bad Day At Black Rock

Age 13: In summer 1997, Sam, Dean and John hunt a werewolf. 4.13 After School Special.

around Age 15: Sam was a Mathlete in high school, as remembered by Travis in 4.04 Metamorphosis.

Age 18/19: Sam leaves his family to study at Stanford. See Canon Discrepancies

Age 20: Sam starts dating Jessica Moore. (He tells Dean in 1.13 Route 666 he had lied to Jessica for ‘a year and a half’ about what their family did).

Season 1

Sam is 22 and about to enter Law School, when Dean turns up unexpectedly at his apartment in Palo Alto. The two have not spoken for some time (see Canon Discrepancies for how long). But their father is missing, and Dean asks Sam to help find him. After a weekend of searching, Sam returns to the apartment he shares with Jessica only to find that she has been killed in the same manner as his mother.

This spurs Sam to embark on a journey to find their missing father and get vengeance on the demon. While John Winchester is missing, he occasionally contacts the boys to leave them new missions to complete. The boys fend off mystical creatures such as the Woman in White, the wendigo, folklore's Bloody Mary, and shapeshifters. Through these missions, Sam begins experiencing episodes of precognition and once displays telekinesis.

The season finale concludes with Sam, Dean, and their father John escaping from a clash with The Demon in Salvation, Iowa. While Sam is driving the Winchesters to a hospital after Dean and John were hurt, a truck crashes into them, causing massive damage to Dean's Impala with the Winchesters inside.

Season 2

In the beginning of the second season, Sam takes a more active role in the hunting. He tells Dean that this is what their dad would have wanted him to do. The Demon's plans for Sam are still unknown. Dean and Sam meet with three people that John once knew: Ellen Harvelle, her daughter Jo, and their computer genius associate Ash. They assist the brothers in their hunting. In the episode "Simon Said", Sam displays immunity to Andy Gallagher's power of mind control. He is also immune to the demonic sulfur virus in the episode "Croatoan".

Since "Hunted", Sam has learned what his father told Dean moments before his death: that the Demon plans to cause Sam to become evil and use him and "children like him" as soldiers in an upcoming war. Dean was told that if he could not save Sam, he would have to kill him. Sam is convinced that he must save as many people as he can in order to change his destiny, as he drunkenly states in "Playthings".

In the episode "Born Under a Bad Sign", Sam is possessed by the same demon responsible for Meg's possession in Season 1. It becomes clear that if the time comes for Dean to shoot his brother, Dean would not be able to do so.

In the episode "What Is and What Should Never Be", Sam and Dean aren't close in the alternate reality created by a djinn. Neither Sam nor Dean had ever hunted, and Jessica is Sam's fiancee.

The first episode of the season finale of season two, All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1, Sam is trapped in a haunted abandoned town in South Dakota with "Others" of his kind. It was revealed that there is demon's blood in Sam and his mother Mary Winchester knew who the demon was, much to Sam's surprise. He is stabbed by a soldier named Jake and dies in his older brother's arms just as he and fellow hunter Bobby arrive to the rescue. In the second episode of the season finale, Dean made a deal with a "Crossroads Demon" to deliver himself to Hell in one year, in exchange for Sam's life. Sam doesn't know of what happened while he was dead, and is in fact unaware he was ever dead in the first place. In the following battle to prevent Jake and the "Yellow-Eyed Demon" from unleashing a demonic army, Sam shoots and kills Jake, unloading over ten bullets into his body. This is the first time Sam kills a man, or someone that isn't a demon, and he seems to show no remorse. The Yellow-Eyed-Demon questions Dean if he is sure that what he brought back 100% pure Sam, but this is never elaborated on. Sam figures out that he was dead, and tells Dean he'll get him out of the deal he made, no matter what.

Season 3

Throughout Season 3 Sam's quest is to find the loophole in Dean's contract with the Crossroads Demon in order to save Dean from going to Hell. For a while, Sam is quietly and fondly exasperated about Dean's hedonistic tendencies, but Dean's borderline suicidal behavior is bothering him a lot. Sam tries everything in his power to save Dean, he even goes as far as to summon the Crossroad Demon and shoot her with The Colt.

He receives unlikely help from Ruby, a demon who reveals that not everybody in Hell is opposed to Sam, that in fact, there a demons who are very much behind Sam. Sam also learns, that he holds dubious fame as the "boy-king" or rather "The Anti-Christ", something that brings fellow hunter Gordon Walker to pick up his trail and hunt him down. In the episode 3.07 Fresh Blood Sam kills Gordon using nothing but his own two hands and a wire.

A notable episode is 3.11 Mystery Spot, in which, after having lived through a groundhog-day like setting for over 100 times in which Dean is killed and Sam can't save him, Sam has to fend for his own with Dean in Hell. The episode shows what will become of Sam when Dean goes to Hell - namely a single-minded, dead-inside hull of a person.

To save Dean, Sam even goes as far as to consider using a questionable scientific method which helps a homicidal doctor, Doc Benton to stay "alive" in a Frankenstein-like body.

Ruby, who claims to know a way to help Sam save Dean - but who revealed to Dean that she was lying in episode 3.07 Fresh Blood - is trying throughout the season to get Sam to embrace his demonic powers.

In the season finale, 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked, Sam still hasn't found a way to save Dean, and has to watch, helplessly and powerless, Lilith sic her Hellhounds on Dean and tear him to pieces.

Season 4

Throughout the course of Season 4, Sam's activities while Dean was in Hell are slowly revealed. Sam was in despair after Dean's death, and tried to make a deal with a Crossroads Demon, but no demon would deal with him. He drinks to excess and acts recklessly—he has a death wish—until Ruby makes contact with him and begins to teach him how to use his demon-given powers.

Ruby possesses the body of a comatose woman whose soul has already fled. In a short time, Sam and Ruby become lovers, and Ruby is able to shake Sam out of his depression to some extent. Together, they hunt demons and Sam exorcises them and sends them back to Hell using his powers. Sam is overwhelmed when Dean returns from Hell, but the two quickly begin fighting. Castiel informs Dean of Sam's use of his powers, leading up to a minor fallout between the brothers, as Dean tries to get him to stop using them and stop hanging out with Ruby.

Sam, who is more religious than Dean, is delighted to find that angels are helping them, but is severely disillusioned in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester," when he finally meets Castiel and another angel, Uriel, and the angels attempt to destroy an entire town. Also a shock is that Uriel treats Sam with complete disgust, threatening to kill him as soon as Sam is no longer useful. Sam promises Dean to stop using his abilities, but quickly breaks the promise.

Meanwhile, Dean lies to Sam, claiming he remembers nothing of Hell. But in "Wishful Thinking," he reveals that he does remember, but does not want to tell Sam. Finally, in "Heaven and Hell," Dean reveals the awful truth about Hell to Sam—the four months he was there were like forty years, and Dean was tortured for three-quarters of that time under the ministrations of the demon, Alastair, until he finally agreed to himself become a torturer. He confesses he wished he couldn't feel at all, because thinking of his past actions in Hell is tormenting him.

In 4.13 Criss Angel Is A Douchebag, Sam had a short-lived fight with Ruby about his powers. She argued that he shouldn't be going on these meaningless hunts and go after Lilith. Eventually he relents and is seen leaving with Ruby. When she asks him what made him change his mind, he says that he doesn't want to be hunting when he's old.

Season 4 shows a colder, less emotional Sam. He blatantly lies to Dean and to the spirit of a young boy, promising him that he can be saved from the Reaper who is there to take him. Sam has also become much more accepting of collateral damage and incidental loss of human life.

Finally, in 4.16 On The Head Of A Pin, we find out that Sam has been drinking demon blood to fuel his powers. In this episode, he has become strong enough to torture Alastair to the point of making him reveal information (though Dean's torturing methods could not make him give any information away), and then subsequently kill Alastair.

In 4.20 The Rapture, it is easy to see that Sam has become very addicted to demon blood, showing all of the signs of a drug abuser. Apparently, he has not seen Ruby in awhile, which therefore means that he has not had much demon blood. He desperately calls Ruby and drinks the last of his supply. Though previously he was strong enough to kill Alastair, a very powerful demon, now he can't even exorcise a low-ranking demon. Dean is worried about Sam because he recognizes that Sam is strung out and that he cannot use his ability. Later, when Sam and Dean go to save Jimmy Novak and his family from demons, Sam loses control and drinks a demon's blood, right in front of Castiel and Dean. This leads Dean to call Bobby Singer, and together, they lock Sam in Bobby's panic room to help Sam detox.

In 4.21 When The Levee Breaks, Sam hallucinates while detoxing from demon blood. He thinks he is being tortured by Alastair and then he seems himself as a fourteen year old. He also sees his mother, and then thinks that Dean is taunting him and calling him a monster. Later, Castiel lets Sam out of the panic room on the angels' orders. Sam immediately takes off to find Ruby where he drinks a lot of her blood and learns that there are only a few seals left, and the last seal must be broken by Lilith herself. Dean eventually finds him which results in a major fight where Sam almost stangles Dean. As Sam turns to leave, Dean echos John Winchester's words, saying that if Sam leaves, he should never come back.

In 4.22 Lucifer Rising, Sam works with Ruby to reach Lilith before she can break the final seal. When Sam and Ruby finally reach Lilith, he kills her, with his eyes turning black because of the amount of demon blood he had to ingest. Once Lilith is dead, he learns that Ruby had been working to raise Lucifer all along. When Dean bursts into the room, Sam holds Ruby while Dean kills her with her own knife. Sam and Dean then watch in horror as Lucifer's door is finally opened.

Season 5

In the direct aftermath of Sam breaking the final seal and freeing Lucifer, Sam tries desperately to redeem himself by trying to stop the devil’s plans. However, realising that he is a liability in battle, Sam and Dean separate temporarily after and Sam has another attempt at a normal life until he is approached by Lucifer, in the form of the deceased Jess. Lucifer tells Sam that he is his true vessel, in conjunction with Dean being the archangel Michael's true vessel.

Dean and Sam reunite shortly after this and Sam does his best to rebuild his relationship with his brother although the brother’s are no longer as close as they once were and find it hard to reconnect, a fact emphasised in 5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon when Sam’s version of heaven was completely devoid of his family and involved incidents that meant he was away from the Winchester's which causes Dean to discard the amulet Sam gave to him years prior.

In 5.18 Point of No Return, Dean admits he doesn’t believe in Sam and is convinced Sam will say “Yes” to Lucifer at some point. However, Sam is shown to still have faith and belief in Dean and it is this faith that stops Dean from saying “Yes” to Michael.

It is revealed in 5.20 The Devil You Know that Sam's good friend from Stanford, Brady, was possessed all that time and Sam has been hounded by demons from even back then. Brady taunts Sam that perhaps the reason he is so angry and so easily manipulated by demons is because of all the demon blood inside of him.

Sam still lives with a craving for demon blood. In 5.14 My Bloody Valentine, Sam is affected by Famine's ability and he attacks and drinks from Famine’s henchmen, becoming strong enough to exorcise five demons at once and eventually defeats Famine although he is soon returned to Bobby's Panic Room. Sam also admits that he is angry all the time although he is unsure as to why, a trait that Lucifer tells him he will need when Sam finally agrees to be his vessel.

After discovering that Lucifer can he locked back into Hell using the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Sam considers the enormous task of allowing the devil to possess him in order for Sam to push him back into Hell.

In 5.22 Swan Song Sam finally says "Yes" to Lucifer, prior to which he consumes an incredible amount of demon blood to strengthen his body. Lucifer appears to take full control of Sam and starts a number of natural disasters around the globe. He also gathers all the remaining minions of Azazel who have been keeping watch over Sam his entire life (including a grade school teacher and Sam's prom date, Rachel Nave). Lucifer informs Sam that they were always meant to be this way, two parts of the same whole and that Lucifer is Sam's true family.

Lucifer meets Michael in the chosen area for the final battle, during which he kills both Castiel and Bobby and severely injures Dean. However, Dean tells Sam that he's there for him and after glancing into the Impala, Sam's memories return enough for him to take control of his body again. Sam opens the gate to Hell and pulls Michael in with him, effectively stopping their battle.

Dean accepts Sam's final request, to find Lisa Braeden and live a normal life, and sits down with them in their home. However, just outside the window, staring in at them, is Sam...


Sam uses a stainless steel Taurus PT-92 9mm pistol (similar to the Beretta M92 on which Taurus based this gun) with mother-of-pearl grips, and uses a pistol grip 4-shelled 12 gauge Ithaca Pump shotgun loaded with rock salt.

He owns what appears to be a Dell Precision M65 laptop, which he uses to gather information for hunts. The first time he uses the laptop is in the second episode "Wendigo" where he plays a video message. The laptop may not belong to him, as his possessions were destroyed in a fire in the previous episode "Pilot". In that same episode, his brother Dean references using computer software which may indicate he is the actual owner of the laptop.

Sam also appears to own a Verizon-branded Motorola Q which has on at least one occasion been used to visually track unseen ghosts. (As seen in "Hollywood Babylon.")

Powers & Abilities

Sam has been shown to possess talents such as telekinesis and precognitive abilities (manifesting as visions). As the series progressed, Sam has learned to further develop his powers allowing him to exorcise demons from their human vessels and eventually to kill demons.


Sam with yellow eyes

Sam's premonitions began "about six months" before Jessica's death (1.05). Initially they only occur when he's sleeping (as dreams), but by 1.14 they occur when Sam is awake. Sam cannot control when the premonitions occur or what they're about, and they are often accompanied by intense headaches. Sam and Dean theorize that Sam only has premonitions when they are somehow related to Azazel. This is likely true, for Sam ceases to experience visions after the demon's death in 2.22, which also suggests that his visions were a result of some sort of link between himself and Azazel.

Occurrences (in chronological order)

  • Pre-series: About 6 months before Jessica's death, Sam begins having 'nightmares' - visions of her death while he's asleep (admitted in 1.05).
  • 1.09 Home: Sam has a sleeping vision about the occupants of the Winchester's old house in Lawrence being in danger.
  • 1.14 Nightmare
  • Sam has a sleeping vision about the death of Max Miller's father.
  • Sam has his first vision while awake - the death of Max's uncle.
  • Sam has a waking vision of Mrs Miller's death.
  • Sam has a waking vision of Dean's death.
  • 1.21 Salvation: Sam has visions of another woman being killed by The Demon.
  • 2.05 Simon Said: Sam has sleeping & waking visions of other psychics, Andy Gallagher and Ansem Weems.
  • 2.09 Croatoan: Sam has sleeping visions of Dean killing Duane Tanner.


Sam first displays telekinesis in 1.14 during a moment of desperation, allowing him to move a heavy cabinet blocking his path to Dean. Sam tried to repeat this ability afterward but was unable to do so. In fact, his telekinesis did not manifest again until after he began training with Ruby and drinking her blood. By the time he wields his power again, Sam is shown to be highly adept at hurling a demon as powerful as Alastair across a graveyard with little effort. He can also maintain a grip on demons, preventing them from moving or using their powers.


  • 1.14 Nightmare: Sam moves a cabinet trapping him in order to save Dean's life.
  • 4.15 Death Takes A Holiday: Sam throws Alastair with telekinesis after he proves immune to Alastair's own telekinesis. He seems to be able to simultaneously hold a demon telekinetically and use his exorcism powers on it.
  • 4.22 Lucifer Rising: Sam uses his telekinesis to throw Lilith across a room.
  • 5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Sam uses his telekinesis to throw a demon across the room after he gives in to his demon blood cravings.


Sam can force a demon to leave its host through sheer force of will. Initially, using this ability caused Sam a great deal of stress and would often result in severe headaches and nosebleeds, but with time and practice he was able to exorcise a demon without these side-effects. Once removed, the demon "smoke" falls to the ground and burns a black circle as it descends back to Hell. Unless the host is already dead, the vessel will survive this process (though he admitted to unintentionally killing a few during training).


  • In 4.01 Lazarus Rising we learn that Sam is now able to exorcise a demon by holding out his hand and forcing the demon to leave the possessed body and return to Hell. He was taught that skill by Ruby.
  • In 4.04 Metamorphosis Dean finds Sam practicing his exorcism powers and brings him to promise him that he will never use them again.
  • In 4.20 The Rapture, Sam attempts to exorcise a demon who is attacking Jimmy Novak's family. However, he is unable to do it. Later, in the warehouse where demons are holding Amelia and Claire Novak, Sam exorcises a demon from Jimmy's wife Amelia, after drinking blood from the neck of a demon possessed human.
  • In 5.14 My Bloody Valentine, after Sam gives into his craving for demon blood, Famine offers his demons to Sam so he can drain them of their blood. Sam refuses and instead exorcises all five demons at once before exorcising the demons that Famine has consumed and effectively defeating him.


Sam has immunities to demonic attacks that steadily expand over time. At first, Sam was vulnerable to all forms of demon powers, being easily overpowered by telekinesis from both Azazel and lesser demons. However, his first bout of immunity manifests after being exposed to the Croatoan virus. Sam proves immune, and is later able to survive Lilith's "light" without any harm. Though still susceptible to the telekinetic attacks of other demons (like Alastair, for example) and possession by the Meg!Demon, Sam eventually reaches a point where no demon can harm him so long as he's high on demon blood. To this end, Lilith is practically defenseless against Sam during their final confrontation.


  • 2.05 Simon Said Sam is immune to both Andy Gallagher and his twin brother Ansem Weems (Webber) mind controling powers.
  • 2.09 Croatoan : Sam is immune to the demonic virus that was spreading in the town through blood-to-blood contact.
  • 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked: Lilith turns her power on Sam after killing Dean (in the same manner she used in "Jus in Bello") Sam shields himself with his arm, and after the light dies down, he is shown to be completely unharmed, and apparently immune to Lilith's power.

Execution & Torture

When fueled by a certain amount of demon blood, Sam powers are strong enough to allow him to not only exorcise demons, but kill them too. Killing a demon creates the same light inside their body as when they're killed by the Colt or Ruby's knife. When killing Alastair, Sam was able to do so with ease, but Lilith required extreme concentration and will, the result of which drained him of all his powers upon completion. After consuming several gallons of demon blood in preparation for becoming Lucifer's vessel, Sam was powerful enough to kill two demons without moving a muscle. Sam is also capable of inflicting intense pain on any demon, which proves useful in torturing them for information for the agony is so great that Lilith's servant begged for death after just a few minutes of exposure.

Sensing the Supernatural

Sam has a sixth sense that allows him to detect impressions or a sense of supernatural presence. Sam describes this as a "vibe" (1.10).


  • 1.09 Home: Sam is able to sense supernatural presences in the old Winchester family home.

2.01 In My Time Of Dying: Sam was able to sense Dean's spirit during a time of great stress.

Lucifer's True Vessel

Current consent: Yes

Relationship with the Yellow-Eyed Demon

Sam: I mean, either telekinesis or premonitions, we both had abilities, you know? Maybe it was after us for some reason.

  • In Simon Said Sam meets two other people with powers, Andy and his evil twin Ansem. Ansem reveals that a man "with yellow eyes" has visited in his dreams and revealed he has big plans for the Psykids.
  • In Simon Said Sam and Dean also discover that not all Psykids had their mothers die in a fire when they were six months old.
  • In 2.09 Croatoan, Sam is infected with a demon virus. This is revealed to have been an experiment engineered by YED, when Duane Tanner contacts him on a blood goblet to report: "I don't think any more tests will be necessary... The Winchester boy, definitely immune as expected." What the experiment was for remains unknown.
  • In Hunted Dean reveals that before he died John told Dean that he would have to save Sam, and that if he couldn’t do that he might have to kill him.
  • In the same dream, YED admits to killing Jessica so Sam would go back to hunting. He then shows Sam a vision of what happened the night Mary died. Sam sees that YED fed drops of his blood to baby Sam, and that Mary knew the Demon. Sam does not tell Dean about this.

Other close encounters of the supernatural kind

  • In 2.13 Houses of the Holy (episode), Sam has a vision of what he thinks is an angel, telling him he has been chosen to kill someone evil. The angel is later revealed to be the spirit of Father Gregory. We learn in this epsiode that Sam has faith and prays regularly.
  • In 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign (episode), Sam is possessed by the demon which had previously possessed Meg. While possessed Sam killed Steve Wandell, attacked Jo and shot and beaten up Dean. It is initially difficult to exorcise as it has used a spell (signified by a brand on Sam's arm) to bind itself to Sam's body.

Further Reading

Events in the series and prior to it as far as they are known are collected in the Timeline.