Samuel Campbell

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Name Samuel Campbell
Actor Mitch Pileggi
Dates  ? – May 1973
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 4.03 In The Beginning

Samuel Campbell is a hunter married to Deanna Campbell. He is the father of Mary Winchester and the grandfather of Sam and Dean Winchester, as well as Sam's namesake. Dean meets him when Castiel sends Dean back to 1973 to investigate the origins of Azazel's involvement with his family.

Samuel is a gruff, suspicious and anti-social man who neither trusts nor likes other hunters, though he grudgingly tolerates Dean as he proves himself capable on the job. After he, Mary and Dean encounter the Yellow-Eyed Demon at the home of Liddy Walsh, one of Mary's friends, the demon possesses Samuel. While using Samuel's meatsuit, the demon stabs Samuel in the gut, snaps the neck of his wife, kills young John Winchester and makes a deal with Mary to bring John back in exchange for entering Mary's home in ten years (1983). Samuel himself is not resurrected once the demon's work is done.