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Name Sari
Actor Haili Page Philippe
Location Lawrence, Kansas
Episode(s) 1.09 Home


Sari is the daughter of Jenny and the sister of Ritchie.


1.09 Home

When Sari's family moves to Lawrence, Kansas she finds herself nervous about their new house. She believes there is something bad in her bedroom closet and while her mother assures her that nothing is there, Sari isn't convinced. Later that night a chair in Sari's room begins moving on its own, away from the closet doors. Sari sits up in her bed, wide-eyed and afraid. The closet doors open by themselves. Standing in the closet is what looks like a person, but it is entirely made out of fire, causing Sari to scream in horror. The next day when Sam and Dean pay a visit to their childhood home, Sari wants her mother to to tell Sam and Dean about the thing in her closet, Jenny tells her it was only a nightmare.

When it's revealed there is a poltergeist in the house, Sam and Dean offer to remove it with the help of Missouri Moseley. When the house cleansing turns out to not have worked, Sam and Dean return to the house. Dean goes after Jenny, while Sam goes for Sari and Ritchie. After getting Richie, Sam goes to Sari's bedroom, where she is screaming for help, he goes and picks her up in his other arm, telling the children not to look. Suddenly, an invisible force makes Sam fall to the floor. He slides backwards into another room, crashing into a table. Sari screams and runs outside with Ritchie. They rush outside to Dean and Jenny and tells Dean that Sam is trapped.