Season 7 Interviews

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All interviews linked on this page are spoiler free

casting of new guest stars: a new baddie

August 22 - 3 part video interview with Jared and Jensen on set by E!Online:

ews/watch_with_kristin/spoiler_chat_glee_gossip_girl_vampire/265805#ixzz1Z8Ac4qWW Brief comment on Dean's arc] from EOnline

October 3: Interviews with Sera Gamble:

October 4: Press set visit interviews with Jared and Jensen (spoilers):

Oct 6:

Oct 12:

Oct 21

January 9 2012 Sera talks bout the mid season arcs:

January 12

January 13 Interview with Jared Padalecki:

January 16th

Jan 18th

February 2nd

February 6th

February 10

March 15

March 20

April 19 New interviews with Jim Beaver on Bobby's return:

May 4