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Name Sid
Actor Russell Porter
Dates  ???? – 2010 (killed by Djinn)
Location Cicero, Indiana
Episode(s) 6.01 Exile on Main St.


Sid and his wife live in Cicero, Indiana, across the street from Dean, Lisa, and Ben Braeden. Dean goes for beers with Sid on a regular basis.


6.01 Exile on Main St.

Sid and Dean are enjoying some beers at a local bar. Sid questions Dean about his past, believing since they have been getting drinks together for a year, he is owed some "gory details" regarding his life on the road, working in pest control. The next day, Sid finds Dean with a gun pointed at the Glickman family's pet yorkie. When he questions Dean about the gun, Dean concocts a story about possums and rabies, which Sid buys. Though he still passes on what happened to Lisa when she runs into him.

Later that night, while Dean, Sam and the Campbells are waiting for the Djinn to attack Dean, Dean looks out the window and sees Sid and his wife being attacked by the Djinn. However by the time he reaches Sid's house, Sid and his wife have succumbed to the Djinn toxin and died.