Six Degrees of Jensen Ackles

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The chart below sets out the professional and personal connections of the extended CW family tree. The chart is focused on mapping the professional connections between various people. Please note that any personal connections noted on the chart are noted in addition to the professional connections, except in cases of marriage (eg. Tom Welling and Jamie White). Any other personal connections will not be noted unless the people involved are also connected on a professional basis. It was created on September 2007.


Personal Connections

Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles are engaged to be married in May 2010.

Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki are engaged to be married in February 2010.

Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly were engaged during the filming of the second season of Dark Angel in 2001-02. They are both connected to Jensen via his roles as Ben (X5-493) and Alec (X5-494) in Dark Angel.

Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane have been friends for many years. They are both also friends with Steve Carlson, who is the co-founder of Christian's self-named band, KANE. Jensen has sung backup vocals on two of Steve's solo CDs.

Sandra McCoy was the long-term partner of Jared Padalecki until early 2008. They met on the set of Cry Wolf in 2004. Sandy played the Crossroads Demon in 3.05 Bedtime Stories, who is summoned, and then killed by Sam.

Christian Kane and David Boreanaz have been good friends since before David was cast in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Steve Carlson contributed music to episodes of Angel, and his song Night Time featured in the bar scene at the opening of 1.19 Provenance and If It Ain't Easy was used in 3.02 The Kids Are Alright when Dean drops Sam off at the hotel, and continues as he drives to Lisa's house.

Jason performed at Salute to Supernatural Convention in L.A. in March 2008. He released a single of himself and Jensen singing Crazy Love, which is available for download through his MySpace page.

Jason Manns' song "Vision" played on Sam's iPod in 4.01 Lazarus Rising.

Both Jason Manns and Steve Carlson have performed at a number of Supernatural Conventions.

Jensen Ackles is good friends with Jason Manns. Jason, Jensen, Christian and Danneel all took part in filming The Plight Of Clownana in 2004.

Christian Kane stars in the yet-to-be-released Death Walks the Street, a film on which Jason Manns is an associate producer, and also has an acting role.

Jason Manns and Steve Carlson have friended each other on MySpace. Jason sang background vocals (with Jensen) on Steve Carlson's album "Rollin' On".

Steve Carlson lived with Jensen in his house in L.A. for a while.

Danneel Harris met Jared before she met Jensen. Her boyfriend at the time, Riley Smith, was in the movie "New York Minute" with Jared. Riley, also a musician, is also friends with Steve Carlson.

Tom Welling and Jamie White have been married since 2002.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were married briefly in 2005, but divorced in 2006.

Chad is now engaged to Kenzie Dalton.


The idea of Six Degrees comes from John Guare's play "Six Degrees of Separation" which itself uses the Small World Theory. Students in the early '90s invented the game "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" - a game in which they connected Kevin Bacon to any other actor in Hollywood in less than six steps. For more information see Six Degrees of Separation on Wikipedia.