Sonny Michaels

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Name Sonny Michaels
Actor Blake Gibbons
Location Hurleyville, New York
Episode(s) 9.07 Bad Boys


Sonny Michaels is an ex-con who runs a boys home in the Catskills region of upstate New York. He first met Dean in 1995 when Dean was sent to stay there for 2 months for stealing food. During his younger years, Sonny was a part of a gang, which landed him 15 years in prison. After his stint he decided he needed a change, and wanted to help kids in the same situation.

At some point Dean tells Sonny about what he and his family do, though Sonny never believed in the supernatural and thought it was "mumbo-jumbo."


9.07 Bad Boys

Sonny first meets Dean in 1995 when John Winchester is on hunt in Hurleyville, New York; and Dean is arrested for stealing food after losing his and Sam's money in a card game. Once John is informed of what Dean has done, he tells the deputy to let "him rot in jail." However since Dean is too young to stay in county, the deputy brings him to Sonny's Home for Boys until an arraignment can be set. As John is out on a hunt, he is unable to be found, so Sonny offers to let Dean stay as long as needed — Dean ends up staying for two months before John arrives to get him for a hunt.

Sonny places a call to Dean when an old farmhand who works on the grounds, Jack, is killed under mysterious circumstances. Sonny also tells Dean how he has noticed weird things starting to happen around the home; lights flickering on and off, scratching sounds coming from inside the walls, windows and doors slamming. After Sam and Dean burn the bones of the suspected ghost, Howard Wasserlauf, Ruth is mysterious killed while taking a bath prompting Sonny to call back Sam and Dean after he was unable to save her.

After the haunting is dealt with, Sonny and Dean share a goodbye.


  • The address of Sonny's Home for Boys is: Sonny's Farm, 42901 Dugg Road, Hurleyville, N.Y..

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