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10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

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Dean apologizes to Cole for the last time they met. Cole says he researched demons, but he is shocked when the holy water he throws in Deans face doesn't burn him. Dean says he isn't a demon anymore, but Cole thinks Dean is still a monster. They fight, and a very human Dean is still able to overpower Cole. Dean grabs his gun and points it at Cole. Cole wants Dean to kill him, but Dean refuses. Dean wants five minutes to explain to Cole. He hands his gun to Cole and says if Cole doesn't like what he hears he can kill Dean. Dean explains that he hunts monsters and that Cole's father was a monster. Dean tracked Ed Trenton back to his house and Dean killed Ed so he wouldn't kill Cole and his mother.
Back in the hotel, Sam manages to throw attack dog girl in the closet where she dies from the spell. He then arrives in the alley and comes up behind Cole, who is pointing a gun at Dean. Dean asks Sam to put down his weapon. Sam trusts Dean so he lowers his gun. Dean empathizes with Cole's situation, and he understands how circumstances can blind someone and make them do things they normally wouldn't. The people that love Dean pulled him back from that dark edge. Dean thinks that he is past saving and that he will die by a gun or blade. Will Cole be the one to end it? Sam then reminds Cole about his family, and Cole hands the gun back to Dean.
After Cole leaves, Sam wants to know if Dean really believes he is past saving. Dena says he just told the guy what he needed to hear. Dean turns to walk away, and Sam follows.

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