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Audrey Robinson

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In 1963 Mrs. Robinson was dating a man by the name of named [[Cyrus Dorian]], all the while at the same time secretly seeing Martin Robinson , as inter-racial interracial couples did not go over well were ostracized in 1963. After leaving Cyrus for Martin, Cyrus grew enraged and rumors began of a truck picking up men of color, who are then never seen from again. The attacks culminated when in a crazed Cyrus set setting fire to the town's church, that she where his ex girlfriend and Martin were to be married had they not eloped, killing the children's choirinside. Later Cyrus would come after Martin, and severely beat him, however Martin was able to free himself and proceeded to beat Cyrus to death. Along with his friends, Clayton Soames and [[Jimmy Anderson]] , he disposed of the body and [[Racist Truck|truck]] in the swamp, with while a young deputy , [[Harold Todd]] covering up what they have, who discovered their actions, covered for them because of Cyrus's crimes.

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