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11.12 Don't You Forget About Me (transcript)

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|Episode=[[11.12 Don't You Forget About Me]]
|Writer=[[Nancy Won]]
|Director=[[Stefan Pleszczynski]]
|AirDate= February 3, 2016
}}Music playing. Large house.
Melissa: Here honey let me (She straightens Dan’s tie)==TEASER==
Dan: Thanks babe (Melissa kisses him)[EXTERIOR - SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA - NIGHT]
Melissa: Since [Two teens are in a truck, presumably on a date. The boy takes a drink from a flask and hands it to the day I met you (ringing doorbell) doesn’t stacy know to knockgirl, who also takes a drink. She’ll wake Tegan]
Stacy: Sorry I remembered after I rang…so where’s MelissaIt's like tumbleweeds out there. Where is everybody?
Dan: She’s getting ready (Stacy kisses him)THE GIRL
Stacy: Ew I can taste her mom lipstick…you’re telling her tonight rightMaybe they moved on to their winter humping grounds?It's freezing.
Dan: It’s valentines dayTHE BOY
Stacy: SoYou wanna get out of here?
Dan: So that’s heartless…can’t we talk about this later?THE GIRL
Stacy: I’m tired of waitingNo. We finally got the place to ourselves.
Dan: I told you it’s not that simple[THE GIRL kisses THE BOY on the neck. Mel and I…we’ve been together since we were your age. We have a house, a baby…we have a whole life together]
Stacy: Dan, don’t you get it that’s what I want. Either tell her tonight or…THE BOY
Dan: Or whatYou don't like it when the uh - car next to you's bumping up and down and you hear groaning?
Stacy: Melissa you look so pretty. (Melissa walks in the room) I love your lipstick.THE GIRL
Melissa: Thanks…you readyNobody can hear us. Can they?
Dan: MhmmTHE BOY
Not tonight.
[They kiss, and start making out. There is rustling in the bushes next to the truck, and all of a sudden, the door of the truck opens and the BOY is dragged out of it. The GIRL screams. The BOY is thrown to the ground, and a sword is held to his throat. The sword-wielder is revealed to be CLAIRE NOVAK.]
Stacy is flipping through channels and snacking. Man outside door. Comes in quietly and puts a hand on Stacy’s shoulder. She jumps and turns around.GIRL
Stacy: You scared (Yelling) What the hell out of me. What are you doing here? (He massages her shoulders) Mmm that feels good.
He puts his hand through her chest and pulls out her heart. CLAIRE
He knows. Don't you?
Dean: Morning (Dean stumbles in and opens the fridge and pulls out some Chinese leftovers and takes a bite)I swear. I don't know anything. Please.
Sam: Is that a hickey? (Dean spits out his food)CLAIRE
Dean: AndWhat are you? It was valentine’s day. I can’t help it if I’m a hopeless romantic.
Sam: You got half of that right[The BOY looks terrified as he shakes his head.]
Dean: Just doing my civic duty. Helping all the single ladies. You know the best thing about February 14th. You don’t have to be mr right. Just mr right now CLAIRE
Sam: That’s classy(Yelling) WHAT ARE YOU?
Dean: Yeah [The BOY doesn't answer, just continues to struggle, looking very scared. CLAIRE looks back and forth between the BOY and what’d you do judgy? Curl up in your snuggie, watch 50 shades on cable?the GIRL but does not withdraw the sword.]
Sam: Yeah…no. check this out. Stacy altman 19 year old babysitter from Hudson ohio was murdered last night. [TITLE CARD]
Dean: Oh that blows. But if her name’s not Amara, how is that us?==ACT ONE==
Sam: Because her heart was ripped out[INTERIOR - THE BUNKER, MAIN ROOM - DAY]
Dean: On valentines day? What [SAM is that like an ironic werewolf? Alright we’ll check it outsitting at the table. But first I need baconDEAN enters.]
Sam: No first you need a shower. DEAN
Dean: Is it (Dean sniffs his armpits and makes Did you catch us a face) you’re not wrong. case?
Sam: Yeah. SAM
Uh, no. Get this. Some dude took a picture of a weasel riding a flying woodpecker. Midair. It's kinda nuts.
Impala driving down So, I'm guessing there's nothing on the road. There is a forensic clean up van outside the houseAmara meter either.
Dan: It’s like we told the cops. Stacy came over about 6 oclock. We went to dinner by the time we got homeSAM
Melissa: We found Stacy in the living roomUh, in a pool of blood; Tegan in her crib hystericalno. It was awfulI'm starting to think that God's psycho sister has gone to ground. What about you, you hear from Cas?
Dean: Can you think of any reason someone would want to hurt Stacy?DEAN
Melissa: No. Stacy He said he was super sweet and popular and prettyworking on something to draw her out, but… it's been radio silence since he was here.
Dan: Anyone who met her fell in love with herSAM
Dean: Maybe it was a crime of passionYeah. All this quiet's starting to wake me up. Stacy have any crazy ex-boyfriends
Melissa: Not that I know of[DEAN pulls out his takeout food from a bag and places it on the table, looking very excited... Honey?]
Dan: Why would I have any idea?SAM
Sam: Was anything stolen? Any chance this may have been a robbery gone wrongWhat the hell is that?
Melissa: I don’t think so. I mean nothing was missing. Except for the nanny cam in the living room. DEAN
Sam: Thanks for your time. (They start to walk out) Give us a call if something comes upThat? That's the Elvis.
Melissa: Okay thank youSAM
Out on the front stepsMmm-hmm.
Sam: Is it just me or is that guy acting a bit hinky?SAM
Dean: Yeah I was thinking the same thing. (Reaching out to touch it) Is that a - ?
Sam: Let’s split up. You can drop my off at the morgue and hit Dan at the officeDEAN
Dean: Yeah maybe he’ll be That's a little more open without his wifey aroundglazed donut.
In the morgue:DEAN
ME: Based Two, actually. One topside, one on the autopsy bottom. Now, your inferior versions, they'll just take one donut, split it right down the vic was conscious when her heart was ripped outmiddle. Mmm mm. (Clicks his tongue. Wouldn’t want ) Boom! (Blows a front row seat to that showkiss. )
Sam: Any ideas what could have done thisSAM
ME: Typically I’d assume animal attack(Looking slightly amused) Alright, well uh, I hope you enjoy it.
Sam: In the house?[SAM slides it away from him.]
ME: Exactly. Plus, no claw marks. I’ll be honest with you, agent. Been doing this for some 20 odd years and I’m stumped. SAM
Sam: (Takes a picture of the wound) ThanksWow.
[DEAN looks offended.]
Dan’s office:DEAN
Dan is looking at Stacy’s Facebook pageYou know there are starving children out there.
Secretary: Someone’s here to see you Mr. Harper. FBI. An Agent Weller.SAM
Dan: (closes Facebook) Send him inDude, I'm not gonna survive hundreds of monster attacks to get flatlined by some double donut monstrosity. Please. (Dean walks in) Please. Have a seat agent. What can I help you with?
Dean: I need you to be straight with me Dan. DEAN
Dan: I’m not sure what you mean agent. The Elvis!
Dean: I think you do. I think you’re hiding something. And you didn’t want to talk about it in front of your wife…you’re stooping the babysitter[DEAN's phone rings.]
Dan: (Nervous laugh) excuse me?SAM
Dean: Oh don’t act all fake offended. I’m actually trying to help you out here. Now personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass who you screw, but I would hate for your…uh…extra-curricular activities to get you involved Whatever! How many calories are in a federal murder investigation. (Long silence) Or I could just go talk to your wife.that thing?
Dan: I wanna be straight with you agent. I really do. But I can’t[DEAN answers his phone.]
Dean: Sure you canDEAN
Dan: NoHey! Long time. Really. I mean this Your Caddyshack review is just too damn weird. You’d never believe meway overdue.
Dean: Try meYeah. (Dan opens a drawer and pulls out a teddy bear) Let me guessYou got it. The missing nanny camWe're there.
Dan: I was having an affair with Stacy. I only took the nanny cam because she kissed me in front of it. I forgot the damn thing was there. (He opens the bear and pulls out an SD card) Anyway. I was gonna erase it [SAM looks up as soon as we got home. But then we found Stacy’s bodyDEAN hangs up. Melissa ran upstairs for the baby and I…]
Dean: Ran for the camDEAN
Dan: I know it was a dick move. But I also know the cam must have recorded the murder. As soon as I erased the kiss I was gonna turn it over to the cops. I swear. Until I saw what was on it. (Dan turns his screen and shows a video of him ripping out Stacy’s heart) I know that’s me, but I swear it wasn’t me. I would never hurt Stacy. I loved her. I was at dinner the entire time. If How do you don’t believe me, ask Melissa, or the waiter, or any of the 75 other people that were there. You gotta believe me. feel about South Dakota?
Dan: You do?[The bell has just rung, and students are leaving for the day. ALEX is leaving the building, holding hands with her boyfriend. A girl runs up from behind them.]
Dean: (Takes SD card out of computer and puts it in his jacket.) I need you to sit tight. Keep a lid on this for the time being okay?GIRL
Dean leavesHey! Word on the street is that I'm in the presence of royalty.Future prom king and queen. You guys are in the lead!
No way! No I mean - yeah, for you (looking at her boyfriend), Henry, but not me. Also, people still do that? I thought that was like an 80s thing.
Sam is sitting on motel couch with his laptop in his lap. HENRY
Sam: YoOh yeah! There's crowns and everything.
Dean: Hey. Find anything[JODY MILLS watches ALEX at a distance from her truck.]
Sam: Yeah. Jack. Absolutely nothing points to werewolf.HENRY
Dean: Well. Step aside Urkel. (Dean pulls disk out of his pocket and puts Come on, let's have fun with it in Sam’s computer.) It was Dan that stole I'll wear the dress, you wear the nanny cam. tux?
Sam: Why? ALEX(Dean gives Sam a pointed lookSmirking) He was stooping You don't have the sitter. (Sam watches video.) Wait a second. I though Dan was at dinner with Melissaboobs for my dress.
Dean: That’s not Dan.HENRY
Sam: (Sees glowing eyes in video) ShapeshifterWhat? Come on, look at those things.
Dean: Yahtzee[ALEX laughs, then notices one of her teachers walking past.]
Hey, Mr. P!
Dan’s officeMR. P
Secretary: Is it okay if I head outAlex! Ready for the test tomorrow?
Dan: (looking out window) YeahALEX
Secretary: Are you okay Mr. Harper? I’m happy to stay if you need me. Or maybe you should go home. Be with your familySo not.
Dan: I’ll be okay Gladys. You have a good nightMR. P
Gladys: Okay. Well lucky you've got… (she leaves towards elevatorlooks at his watch) 18 hours to prep. Is bumped into by someone leaving elevator) excuse meGood times.
Dan: Did you forget something? (He turns to see Stacy standing there) Stacy?[JODY honks the horn.]
Stacy: uh-huhALEX
Dan: What’s going on?See ya!
Stacy: I want you to give me your heart[ALEX kisses HENRY. JODY, still watching, smiles and looks away. ALEX gets in the truck with JODY.]
Dan: You’re dead. This isn’t possible. (Dan scrambles away) I saw your heart ripped out of your chest! (She backs him into a wall) Please. What are you doing? What do you want? (She rips his heart out)ALEX
Oh my god. Chem lab, I fell asleep in a pool of my own drool. Oh, and coach is pulling double practice tomorrow, mid field needs serious tightening.
[JODY just looks at ALEX, smiling.]
Dan’s body is being put in a body bag and wheeled out. ALEX
Dean: You were the last person to see your boss alive. Did you see anything unusualWhat?
Gladys: Nothing unusual per se. Just kind of rude. This young girl, brunette, couldn’t have been more than 19 barrelled out of the elevator as I was leaving. Nearly knocked me over[JODY shakes her head. ]
Sam: Is this her? (he shows a picture of Stacy)JODY
Gladys: Yeah. That’s the girlJust - you're killing it out there.
Dean: Thank you for your time ma’amALEXShut up.
Sam [JODY laughs, then happens to look down and Dean are walking see some pills sticking outALEX's bag.She starts the car as it starts to rain.]
Sam: Well. Confirms we’re dealing with a shifterJODY
Dean: Yeah. Who’s upping it’s game by impersonating dead people. I’m guessing it’s the wifeFitting right in.
Sam: Yeah[They drive away, and the scene cuts to the truck pulling into the driveway of JODY and ALEX's house. They see the Impala parked in the driveway.]
Back to the house:ALEX
Dean: I’m so sorry for your lossWhy would they be here?
Melissa: I just can’t…I can’t even believe it. How is this even possible?JODY
Sam: That’s what we’re trying to figure out(Shrugs) I didn't put up the bat signal.
Dean: Where’s [They enter the baby?house to find SAM and DEAN sitting in the living room.]
Melissa: She’s…she’s with my momJODY
Sam: I…uh…I hate to have to ask thisWell, but I need to ask you a difficult questionthere goes the neighborhood. Hi.
Melissa: OkaySAM
Sam: Were you aware that your husband was having an affair with your babysitter?Jody.
Melissa: Yes. I knew. I know what you’re thinking. Jealous wife kills her cheating husband, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I loved Dan. Still do. It may sound pathetic, but I thought we still had a chance[SAM and Jody hug. ]
Sam: Well thank you for your time. We’ll leave you alone. Let you get some rest. SAM
Dean: But before we go, would Hey. Let me help you mind writing down a phone number where we can get ahold of you in case we have anymore questionsout.
Melissa: Sure. (Dean slides a silver pen and a business card across [SAM takes the tablegrocery bags from JODY. Melissa picks up the pen and writes something down)]
Sam: And if anything strange or out of the ordinary comes up, don’t hesitate to call. We’re staying at the motel on main street. JODY
Dean: Thanks. (they walk out) Alright so Melissa’s not the shifter.Oh thank you!
Sam: And we are back to square zilchSAM
Dean: I need a beerYeah, regroup, maybe get luckysure.
Sam: Didn’t you just get lucky?JODY
(To Dean: That was in Kansas, holding her arms open for a hug) Come here. What do you say? You with me? Ready to go scrape a few hearts off the bar room floor?
Sam: (laughs) I think I’ll pass. I’m gonna go hit the lore, but you go be you. DEAN
Dean: Suit yourselfIt has been too long.
Melissa watches from the window. Once they are gone she grabs a box and her phone and starts throwing things from the box in the garbage disposal. Calls a number. JODY
Melissa: hey it’s me. I think I messed up. I don’t know what happened, but something went wrong. Now Dan is dead and the FBI are asking questions. Just call me back. ASAPHey.
[DEAN and JODY hug.]
(It’s dark and she’s drinking wine when she hears a knock at the door) Who’s there? (No answer. Another knock) Agents Yeah, clearly it's been too long, 'cause Alex, that is that you, right? (She looks through the peephole and sees Dan)
Dan: Honey. Let me in. (She jumps away from the door) Baby, it’s me.ALEX
Melissa: No it’s notI don't look that different!
Dan: honey, please let me in. I love you. (She continues backing away. He punches through the door. She screams. He opens the door.) Don’t worry honey. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m your husband. (She screams again, runs away, sprays him with mace, breaks a flower pot over his head, grabs her purse, and runs out the door.)CLAIRE
It's amazing what you can accomplish when you spend two hours in the bathroom every morning.
Impala backing into a spot at Since when are you even up in the motelmorning, I'm surprised you're awake now.
Dean: Hey. Any luck?JODY
Sam: NoHey! I'm pretty sure the guys didn't come here to watch you two kill each other. YouIs everything okay? I didn't accidentally butt dial you or anything, did I?
Dean: Nah. Hey what’s a…uh…dad bod? (frantic knocking. Dean opens the door.) Hey there. (Melissa scrambles in and locks the door) Everything okay?CLAIRE
Melissa: NoI called. Dan tried About the monsters. That you refuse to kill mebelieve are monsters.
Dean: Dan, your dead husband, Dan?JODY
Melissa: Oh - you gotta be kidding. (To SAM and DEAN) You told know, if you'd checked in with me to come to , I could have saved you if anything strange or out of the ordinary happened? Well it did. And I think it’s all my faulta trip.
Dean: Okay why don’t you come sit down. C’mon.DEAN
Melissa: I swear. I really did love Dan. Maybe Well, we figured we owed you a little too much. I just…I wanted him to love me back. So I got some advice and I confided in my hairdresser about the affairvisit.
Dean: Wait, women actually do that?JODY
Melissa: And she told you know what, actually - I could use the backup. (To Sam) Let me there was a way to get him back. I knew she…uh…dabbled in stuffhave that.
Sam: Wait a second[JODY takes the grocery bags back. What kind of stuff are you talking about here?]
Melissa: She calls herself a uh…white witch. Listen I don’t know if you believe in that sort of thing. I usually don’t, but I was desperate. SAM
Dean: And let me guessYep. She gave you a spell
Melissa: yes. A return to love spell. All I had to do was chant it and seal it with a kiss. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I swear. I just wanted my husband back. JODY
Sam: Do you happen to have a copy of the spell I'm gonna put another chicken on you?. You settle in.
Melissa: Oh. Yes. Yes. (She hands a piece of paper to Sam who opens his laptop)DEAN
Sam: Wow. Okay for starters. Not a spell. More like an Aramaic curse…You might wanna make it two.
Melissa: What?SAM
Sam: This roughly translates to the kiss of death(To DEAN) Yeah.
Melissa: I swear. She never told me that.DEAN
Dean: What does the lore say?(In an undertone) I'm starving.
Sam: There is no lore. My best guess is that this is the white witch’s home cooking.[CUT TO INTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE, DINING ROOM - NIGHT]
Dean: Terrific[JODY, CLAIRE, ALEX, SAM, and DEAN are all sitting at the table eating a chicken dinner. Alright so what do we knowSAM and DEAN are eating like they haven't had a proper meal in a long time, clearly enjoying themselves. UmJODY, CLAIRE, you kiss someone then they dieand ALEX watch them with restrained amusement.]
Sam: I guess. Wait a second. You didn’t kiss Stacy?DEAN
Melissa: No of course not(Mouth full) Mmm! Oh, this bird is fantastic.
Dean: No but Dan did[JODY looks at him.]
Sam: So the curse is transmittable?DEAN
Dean: Like a magic STD. Okay that works. Kinda makes When you nostalgic for good old fashioned herpes. mix it up with the - potatoes and the, the beans, you guys eat like this every day?
Melissa: Oh god. I killed Dan and Stacy.JODY
Sam: You didn’t kill anyone. This is all on that witchIt's just chicken.
Dean: Riddle me this. Why did Stacy die first if she was kissed second?SAM
Sam: I don’t know. Maybe you’re safe if you can pass the curse on?It's shaped like chicken! Not a patty, or a nugget!
Dean: And then if that person dies then it comes back to you?CLAIRE
Sam: I mean that would make sense. It would explain why, whatever this is, is working it’s way back Can we get to Melissathe case?
Melissa: I’m sorry[Long pause as SAM and DEAN look at her while ripping into their dinner rolls. I’m confused]
Dean: Yeah cause it’s freaking confusing. Look long story short, it’s like a game of hot potato. You gotta keep paying it forward. You don’t, you die. CLAIRE
Sam: Melissa. This curse, it started with you. And I think it wants to end with youThree people are missing.
Dean: But don’t worry. Okay? We’re not gonna let that happen.JODY
Dan breaks through window and throws Sam aside. Dean shoots him and when it doesn’t workThere is no evidence that they didn't skip town on their own! Two of them were runaways, he kisses Melissa. Sam knocks Dan down with one was a chairhomeless guy.
Sam: What the hell did you do?CLAIRE
Dean: Come on. Let’s just go. (They run to the Impala and leave. He pulls the car overwas last seen at Braden Point.) I’d say that went pretty wellI've been stalking it out. What do you think?
Sam: (getting out of the car with Dean) Wait. Are you serious? You think it’s a great idea to give yourself a fatal curse?DEAN
Dean: Well targets off her back ain’t itRight.
Sam: I’m just saying. You don’t have [DEAN reaches over SAM to help himself to do this. Be the guinea piganother generous helping of mashed potatoes.]
Dean: What?SAM
Sam: Be the martyr. Try to carry the weight by yourself. Do this.Dude!
Dean: I’m gonna be fine, okay? And as long as I’m good, she’s good and that’s the important thing. Besides. It proved our theory didn’t it. That this whole kiss of death thing is transmittable. I mean I’m not asking for the nobel here, but thank you. DEAN
Sam: How long do you think we haveThere's plenty left. Braden Point?
Dean: I don’t know. I mean it’s not like this thing is exactly following a pattern. I don’t even know what I’m looking for here. We cut out of there pretty quick though so maybe I bought us some time. JODY
Melissa: What was that?It's where the kids go to make out, and yes, there's about four pounds left on the stove.
Dean: We think it was something called a shapeshifter, but it can’t be because I pumped the thing full of silver and it didn’t even flinch. CLAIRE
Melissa: What kind of FBI agents are youGuys?There's something out there.
Dean: The fake kind[DEAN looks at her as he continues to stuff his face. ]
Sam: We’re huntersCLAIRE
Melissa: Hunters?People are reporting animals they've never seen before, things stalking their front yards that disappear…
Dean: Look all you need to know is we save people like you from things like that[ALEX looks at her, annoyed. ]
Sam: Even if it’s not a shapeshifter, it’s still shifting shapes. If we can find out what it is we can find out how to kill it. JODY
Dean: Alright. What do you know about This is according to the white witch.- HEY!
Melissa: Not much. Her name is Sonja. She’s kind of weird. I don’t know. She’s only been my hairdresser for a couple of months[JODY looks at ALEX, who has tried to sneak her wine glass away. ]
Dean: Do you know where she lives?JODY
Melissa: Not a cluePut it back!
Sam: Where did she give you [ALEX puts the spell?wine glass back.]
Melissa: In the basement of her salonJODY
(Continuing from where she left off) … neighborhood crime blogs that Claire has been reading.
They pull up to the salon're eye-witness accounts.
Dean: (reading the sign) The art of dyeing. Well. Can’t say she didn’t warn ya.SAM
Sam: AlrightWell, just keep the doors locked and stay put until we get back. Unless Sonja shows up. Then use this 've hunted on herless. (he pulls out a knife)
Dean: It won’t kill her but it’ll slow her down. DEAN
Melissa: Are What else you seriousgot? I can’t stab anyone!
Sam: Come onCLAIRE
Dean: Listen to me. Sonja’s not just anyone. She’s a wicked witch who offed your husband and tried to kill youUh, so if she shows up here you punch her, you stab her, you drop a freaking house I'm working on her if you have toit.
Claire did catch a werewolf. Oh right! Turned out to be a German shepherd with rabies.
Inside the Salon:JODY
Sam: Witch killing bulletsAnd before that was the vampire. Councilwoman into erotic cosplay. I didn't know what cosplay was before that. Super embarrassing for the whole force.
Dean: We gotta come up with a better name than that.DEAN
Wow. You've been busy.
In the basement:I've been hunting.
Sam: Locked cabinet. (pries off door) Lookie here.JODY
Dean: hey heyAKA menacing innocent people! Claire has a whole string of assaults racked up. The only reason she's not sitting in jail right now is that I'm the sheriff!
Sam: Alright (pulls out book) got it. It looks like we’re dealing with a Qareen. CLAIRE
Dean: Never heard of itFine, I've been wrong. But this time, I know there's a monster.
Sam: It’s a creature, corporeal in form. A slave to your commands. ALEX
Dean: Kinda like a genieCan we stop talking about monsters, and hunting? What about real life?
Sam: I guess. Here we go. Someone chants a curse, lays a wet one on you, then the victim is seduced and killed by the Qareen, but instead of taking the form of Barbara Eden, the present themselves as your deepest, darkest desire. CLAIRE
Dean: Makes sense why the sitter was killed by the husbandReal life? Okay. The husband by the sitterYeah, sure.Let's get real. You and Henry set on a weekend yet?
Sam: Yeah. And why Melissa was attacked by Dan. She really loved him. ALEX
Dean: (laughs)What?
Sam: What?CLAIRE
Dean: You know the silver lining about being cursedWhen you sneaking off to Jody's cabin to screw yourself silly? I’ll finally get some face time with Daisy Duke. My deepest darkest desire.
Sam: Seriously?[ALEX's eyes get wide, and she looks cornered.]
Dean: Ever since I was sevenDEAN
Sam: So Bach not SimpsonOhhh. Here we go.
Dean: Eh[SAM and DEAN look awkward. Guess I wouldn’t say no to eitherJODY looks shocked. Alright, how do we kill it?]
Sam: By stabbing it in it’s heart. ALEX
Dean: Um, we're not - ! (looks at the picture in the bookTo CLAIRE) Well given that it has a giant hole in it’s chest does it even have a heart?You're completely insane!
Sam: Apparently not in him. The person who holds the Qareen’s heart is the one who commands it. CLAIRE
Dean: So Sonja the hairdresserYou might wanna clear your g-tracks before you commit to that.
Sam: Alright, let’s find us a heart. I’ll take upstairs.SAM
Dean holds out his hand for rock, paper, scissors. Both throw rock. Then both throw scissors. Then Dean throws paper (About ready to beat Sam’s rock. Astonished looks get up from both of themthe table) This seems like uh, family business.
Sam: Whatever. I’m going upstairs[JODY hits the table. ]
Dean: OkayJODY
Both searching. Sam finds locked box. Opens it to find a blackened heart. Witch appears behind Sam and uses a spell to pin him to the chair. Sit! Stay!
[CLAIRE smirks.]
In the basement:Um… (clears throat) Alex, anything you want to say?
Dean: Find anything? (He turns to see Amara) ALEX
Amara: I understand DeanNope.
Dean: Is that right?JODY
Amara: the longing 'Kay, uh, well, um, I may have - I've…definitely seen birth control pills in your heart, I feel it toobackpack.
Dean: (inching towards the knife) Well that’s touching. Consider that you don’t have a heart. Qareen[ALEX looks mortified. ]
Back upstairs:SAM
Sonja: (takes box from Sam and closes it) I’m guessing you’re not really FBIOh, we're going there. What? A hunter?
Sam: And you’re a witch. Hocking death curses as love spells. DEAN
Sonja: Someone has to punish these men. But you know the only thing worse than a cheating man, is one who gets away with itOkay.
Sam: Wow. You’re practically a feminist[CLAIRE laughs. ]
Oh my god.
Back in the basement:JODY
Amara: Who I am doesn’t matter. The real question is who are youHey, if we can't talk about it we shouldn't be doing it, right?
Dean: What do you mean who am I?[SAM and DEAN look awkward, a little lost for words.]
Amara: You’re a mystery. I can see inside your heart. Feel the love you feel. Except it’s cloaked in shame. When it comes to this, you can’t help yourself, so why fight it. Just give in. JODY
[SAM stutters.]
Back upstairs:DEAN
Sam: Why hurt MelissaWhat? She only wanted to save her marriage.
Sonja: They all do. Hundreds of heartbroken women come to me, but they never learn. I mean, a month, a year, however long later, they all come back. Same story, different men. JODY
Sam: So Okay. I'm not gonna tell you that you are too young to be having sex, or you tweaked the curse.
Sonja: Now it not only punishes the cheaters, but the foolish women who want them back. Guess I’m just weeding out the idiots. And you’re next. ALEX
Who's she gonna have sex with, she doesn't talk to anybody.
Back in Hey. Um, what I will tell you is that birth control pills are useless against STD's. Whoever you are with needs to suit up! Every time. Always. No pulling up the basement:drawbridge early.
Dean: Yeah. You know what? You’re right. The real Amara does have a hold on me, but you? Are nothing but a cheap imitation. (Amara attacks. Dean evades)ALEX
Scene cuts between the basement and Sonja casting a spell to kill Sam. Melissa rushes in brandishing the knife. I know I get it!
Melissa: Sonja stop! (Scene cuts back to Dean evading Amara’s attacks and then back upstairs) Please. Enough. It’s enough[CLAIRE laughs. ]
Sam shoots Sonja and stabs the heart just before Amara rips Dean’s out. Amara screams and disappears. JODY
Sam: Dean!And don't expect the guy, as much as I love Henry, to always show up packing. (To SAM and DEAN) Am I right?
[SAM looks down at his plate and takes another bite to avoid answering. Dean: Yeah!stares at her blankly.]
Sam: So. I got it.DEAN
Dean: Yeah.What?
Sam: It’s done. JODY
Dean: You good(In disbelief) Seriously?
Sam: Yeah. You good?ALEX
Dean: MhmmStop! We haven't done anything yet. Yeah. (Dean leaves. Sam looks around and sees the wreckage and then follows him outI'm just - trying to be prepared.
[A shocked JODY looks at SAM and DEAN, who are trying their best to look casual. DEAN smiles awkwardly before hiding behind his wine glass.]
In the motel:Great, um, we need some more mashed potatoes, right? Mashed potatoes, I'm just gonna - (she drains her glass of wine) - I'm gonna get some more potatoes. Potatoes.
Sam: So[JODY goes to the kitchen. You gonna keep me in suspense here or what?]
Dean: About what?DEAN
Sam: Who was it? Bach or Simpson?(Takes another bite) This is fun.
Dean: Neither[CLAIRE snickers. DEAN looks at SAM, then downs more wine.]
Dean: It was Amara[DEAN helps JODY clear the dinner table, and with washing the dishes.]
Sam: That surprise you?DEAN
Dean: That doesn’t surprise you?Nice ambush in there.
Sam: Honestly?JODY
Dean: Honestly? You seriously think the sister of God is Hey, you guys crashed my deepest darkest desire?pad first!
Sam: She isn’t?DEAN
Dean: No! She can’t Well, you know, I thought we were going to be!helping you with monsters, not birth control.
Sam: Why not?JODY
Dean: Why? Because if Welcome to my world. I mean - don't get me wrong, I love those girls, but… man, I am hanging on by my fingertips. The last guy Claire pegged as a monster, she held a sword to his throat. He is that means that I’m…hell-bent on pressing charges.
Sam: Means you’re what? Complicit? Weak? Evil?DEAN
Dean: For startersYou know I gotta be honest, yeahI thought it was gonna be Alex with the adjustment issues.
Sam: Dean. Do you honestly think you ever had a choice in the matter? She’s the sister of God, and for some reason she picked you and that sucks, but if you think I’m gonna blame you or judge you…I’m not. JODY
Dean: You know that I want her ass deadOh yeah, it was rough going there for a bit, too. But this year, everything clicked, she's dating the most popular guy in school for gosh sake.
Sam: Yes. Of course. And I know you’ve also probably beaten yourself up a hundred times over it, but where has that gotten us? (Long silence) Just how bad is it?DEAN
Dean: Standing here right now, every bone in my body wants to run her through. Send her back to that hole she crawled out of. But when I’m near her, Yeah I don’t know. Something happens and I can’t explain it, but to call it desire or love…it’s not that. I’m screwed man. We wanna kill the darkness. We need to kill the darkness. And I don’t think I canbarely recognized her. I’m sorry to do that to you, ya know, but when it comes right down to it…
Sam: I got it Dean. JODY
And but even there, I feel like I should be teaching her about boyfriends, and relationships, you know, stuff a mom would teach her.  [DEAN chuckles.] DEAN Sammy and I could've benefited from a little of that.  [JODY smiles knowingly.] JODY Yeah, but I'm not Alex's mom. I'm not Claire's mom, I didn't raise them, I don't have that kind of history with them.  [DEAN nods.] DEAN Well we can talk to Claire. And we'll get her to settle down.  JODY It's not just Claire busting heads.  DEAN There's more? JODY Yeah… she started college, but she hasn't been to classes for weeks. She doesn't have any friends. She spends all her time trolling for cases, and reading lore.  DEAN Sounds kinda creepy when you put it like that.  JODY You know I've got nothing against hunting. But if she's hiding in it, because she doesn't have anything else? I'm just - worried about her being so alone.  [DEAN nods, looking wistful.] DEAN Well, I'll put Sammy on it. He's better with the whole talky thing anyway.  JODY Thanks. DEAN Yeah.  [INTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE, CLAIRE'S ROOM - NIGHT] [CLAIRE is stretched out on her bed with her laptop open and a few lore books. There is a knock at the door.] CLAIRE Come in! [SAM opens the door.] SAM Claire. CLAIRE Hey. SAM You, uh… you got a minute? CLAIRE Yeah. [CLAIRE gets up and goes over to her dresser.] SAM (Referring to an assortment of missing posters pinned to her wall) Looks like you and I have the same decorating philosophy. CLAIRE It's not like I need the beads on my wall. I was thinking tomorrow we could go to the families of the people who disappeared, and see if there's any connection between them.  SAM Right, um, about that. Claire - I know how it can be. The hunter life, consumes you. There is no nine to five, you start seeing monsters at every Quick-Mart in town… CLAIRE So you think I'm nuts? SAM No! Of course not. What I'm saying is - I'm not sure you have a case. And lately it seems like you've spent a lot of time hunting monsters that weren't there. CLAIRE What is that supposed to mean? SAM You wouldn't be the first hunter who is trying to escape something. CLAIRE And what am I escaping, exactly, aside from mind-numbing boredom? SAM You tell me. And how are things with Jody and Alex? And I'm not - taking sides, I'm just trying to understand what's going on. CLAIRE They're not trying to make me feel bad. I mean - Alex says she hate me, but, um… Sometimes I just feel like I'm a little late to the Jody and Alex show.  SAM Yeah. Well they have been through some heavy crap together. CLAIRE (Nods.) Maybe it's time I just head out on my own. And be a full-fledged hunter. SAM Claire. I absolutely understand the need to hunt. Believe me. I do. But the monsters are always going to be there. On and on. Forever. But a chance at a family? At a home? School? That won't be.  [CLAIRE doesn't say anything, but appears to think about what he's saying.] [EXTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL - NIGHT] [ALEX's teacher MR. P is walking to his car in the school's parking lot, which is deserted. The lights go out, and he stops, looking around. A shadowy figure moves quickly past the frame while his back is turned. MR. P gets his keys out and goes to unlock his car, but is grabbed from behind, and rammed multiple times against the door of his car.] [EXTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL - MORNING] [ALEX and HENRY walk across the street toward school.] ALEX (Looking at her phone and talking to Henry behind her) Come on! We're gonna be late. HENRY (Teasing her and tickling her) 'Come on, we're gonna be late!'  ALEX (Laughing) I wanna catch Mr. P before the test. [When ALEX gets closer, she realizes that all of the other students are stopped, and staring upward. ALEX and HENRY also stop, and look to see what the others are looking at. The camera tilts upward to reveal MR. P hanging from his foot at the top of the flag pole, dead. ALEX stares, horrorstruck.] ==ACT TWO== [EXTERIOR, MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL - DAY] [A FIREMAN and CORONER wheel the body off of the school's campus. JODY is there, talking to SAM and DEAN who are there in their FBI disguise.] JODY Victim's name is Stephen Phelps, he was a math teacher. Alex's favorite, actually.  SAM I'm sorry to hear that.  JODY Phelps was found hanging upside-down from the top of the flag pole, duct-taped. Like his neck had been snapped first. DEAN Any witnesses? JODY Only the lucky custodian that found him.  SAM So, how did the killer get Phelps up there in the first place? Unless he had his own fire truck? DEAN Yeah, so the killer climbs up 20 feet, a guy on his back, and duct tapes him? SAM Yeah, and why? JODY (Pulling an evidence bag from her pocket) We found this around the flag pole, if it means anything. I already sent a sample to the lab. [SAM takes the evidence bag and looks at it closely. He shakes his head, not knowing what it is.] DEAN What else you know about Phelps? JODY Just that he was a damn fine teacher. He really helped Alex out, I know that.  [CLAIRE walks up to them.] CLAIRE I knew it. So, what are we dealing with? Demons, ghost possession? JODY Claire, this is a crime scene, you can't be here. CLAIRE Oh, but the fake FBI can? DEAN (Slightly insulted) Hey!  JODY (Hisses) Keep your voice down! [DEAN reaches his arm out and steers CLAIRE away to talk.] DEAN Come here. Come here.  CLAIRE I was trying to work the case. The case everyone said wasn't real. DEAN And you know what, you were right. Okay? There is something unnatural going on here. But you can't just walk up in front of a bunch of officers, and demand that the sheriff give you details on a murder investigation.  CLAIRE Can we talk about the body now? DEAN Oh I'm not even near finished.  [CLAIRE rolls her eyes.] DEAN You need to show Jody a little respect. She did you a huge solid by taking you in. She got you set up at school - CLAIRE I don't wanna go to school. DEAN Nobody wants to go to school, Claire, it's school!  CLAIRE Exactly! DEAN My point is - she's been busting her ass to get you set up with a life. She's feeding you, hell you got a nicer room than I do now. She kept you out of jail... CLAIRE I never asked her to. DEAN And that's what I'm talking about. You need to act like you give a crap! You need to appreciate what that woman's done - [ALEX and HENRY approach them.] ALEX They cancelled school. So we're gonna… hang out, I guess. DEAN (Staring at her hard) Hang out, huh?  [DEAN stares at HENRY, not blinking, just judging him - hard.] DEAN Hmm.  ALEX …Yeah. Okay then. [ALEX and HENRY walk away.] CLAIRE Oh yeah. He got the message. DEAN Damn right he did.  CLAIRE I'm sure.  [CLAIRE walks away. DEAN looks annoyed.] DEAN (In an undertone to himself) Quit walkin' away from me! [Cut to HENRY and ALEX, who are walking away from the school, further down the block now.] HENRY You know the FBI? ALEX Jody does.  [INTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL, HALLWAY - DAY] [JODY and SAM are questioning a the PRINCIPAL.] JODY Was there anyone that Mr. Phelps had run-ins with recently? Staff, parents, students? PRINCIPAL No, not that I know of. Parents would bake brownies for that man.  SAM Well, we're gonna wanna, um, interview your staff and students, as well as have access to personnel records.  PRINCIPAL Whatever you need. We gotta catch that bastard. Turn his insides out and string him up. [SAM and JODY react silently to the over-the-top strangeness of the PRINCIPAL's statement.] SAM Glad you're on our side. [Cut to DEAN, also inside the school, who is roaming the empty hallways and classrooms with an EMF detector.] [Cut back to JODY and SAM, who are now in the basement, interviewing the CUSTODIAN.] CUSTODIAN Well, I raise the flag in the morning, and, uh, he's…he's stuck up there, you know, like a bug on a stick. I thought it was a prank at first, but uh… you know, like it was a dummy or something like that but… (laughs) It wasn't.  JODY Did you know Mr. Phelps? CUSTODIAN (Shrugs) Seen him around.  SAM Have you noticed anything weird? Or out of the ordinary going on at the school lately?  CUSTODIAN Do you mean weirder than a dead teacher taped to the top of a flagpole, or…? SAM Before you discovered Mr. Phelps, had you noticed any unusual… sights, or sounds, or smells… CUSTODIAN Smells! (Laughs) Well, you know, this place kinda always stinks. Kids are slobs, you know? But I do the best that I can. But uh… JODY Mr. Wheeler, you don't seem too upset about the uh… graphic scene you came upon this morning. CUSTODIAN Well, what can I tell ya? I didn't know the guy.  SAM And where were you last night? And earlier this morning before you found the body? CUSTODIAN (Pauses) This is confidential, right? [SAM nods.] CUSTODIAN I was passed out at the Blind Donkey.  [Cut to SAM walking in the hallway of the school. DEAN catches up to him.] DEAN Hey! This place is bigger than it looks. Checked every classroom, every office, every hallway, and every bathroom. And I deserve hazard pay for that. SAM And? DEAN Nothing. No EMF, no hex bags, no sulfur, the only thing I found was a couple of teachers making out in the break room.  SAM Well, you got more than I did. Not one witness. Oh, the custodian, there's definitely something up with him, he's squirrely.  DEAN Well, teacher of the year gets run up a flag pole, and nobody knows squat? Something's going on here.  [EXTERIOR - SECLUDED, WOODED AREA BY A STREAM - DAY] [ALEX and HENRY walk along the stream.] HENRY You okay? I know you were tight with Mr. Phelps. ALEX He thought I was super smart. Said I should ditch soccer and join the math team. HENRY You are super smart. ALEX And what he must've gone through. Nobody should die like that.  HENRY People are messed up. Never thought we'd have an actual psychopath here in Sioux Falls. ALEX There are awful things out there. HENRY What do you mean? ALEX Henry… I wasn't always this girl. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror, and I'm like - that's me?  HENRY You said - you had to run away from home? Jody took you in?  ALEX (Looking away) You should know… I've done some really bad things.  [Flashbacks to 9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Anne show ALEX being hauled into jail while putting up a huge fight.] ALEX Hurt people.  [Another flashback shows ALEX in a bar, with a creepy-looking guy who hits on her. She lures him out of the bar and back to her former house so that her former vampire family could feed on and kill him. ALEX turns her back as the vampires go at him, her face expressionless.] ALEX I should've told you before.  HENRY Everybody's done stuff they're ashamed of. I mean, there was this one kid we all tortured in middle school, I-I can't even think about it.  [ALEX, her back toward him, doesn't say anything.] HENRY Alex! Hey. I don't care. Whatever it is you did, I don't. Okay? (He tucks her hair behind her ear.) And you never have to tell me anything if you don't want to.  [HENRY kisses her, then she hugs him.] [INTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE - DINING ROOM - DAY] [CLAIRE and SAM are sitting at the table, going over research about the case. JODY comes in with DEAN.] JODY Hey! SAM Yo!  DEAN Got the results back on that fiber from crime scene.  SAM And? DEAN Asbestos.  SAM Asbestos? DEAN Yeah.  CLAIRE So our killer's fire retardant. What does that mean? DEAN Well, not much yet. JODY And, Wheeler the Janitor? His alibi checks out. SAM Well, his social security number does not. It belongs to Mimi Garcia, who died in 1988.  CLAIRE And Wheeler started at Marshall a few months ago. When the disappearances started. The ones I said were supernatural in the first place? JODY Yes, we know, you keep reminding us.  SAM So… we need to talk to this Mr. Wheeler again. [SAM closes his laptop and gets up.] JODY Okay, I'm gonna run his ID photo through the database. [CLAIRE also gets up.] CLAIRE I'm coming with you. I have a Fed suit, I can be your new agent trainee.  JODY Okay, hold on there, Quantico! You and I are leaving in a half an hour, the registrar, remember? CLAIRE Reschedule it. JODY Again? Uh-uh. You are going to beg him to let you re-enroll. Tonight. CLAIRE When there's a killer out there? DEAN Hey.  [DEAN and SAM give her a look. CLAIRE looks frustrated, but doesn't argue. She walks away. DEAN smiles at JODY as they leave.] [INTERIOR - JODY'S GARAGE - NIGHT] [The garage door opens and JODY and CLAIRE walk in, heading toward JODY's truck.] CLAIRE I feel like a total ass-hat. Who dresses like this? JODY You know, there is a reason why murderers put on monkey suits when they go in front of a judge.  [All of a sudden, the custodian from the high school comes up from behind JODY and hits her over the head with a shovel. JODY falls to the ground.] CLAIRE Jody! [CLAIRE runs up and tries to attack the custodian, but he grabs her and pins her against the wall.] CUSTODIAN I always thought you were the pretty one! [The CUSTODIAN holds her by the throat and starts choking her as his fangs descend, revealing himself to be a vampire. CLAIRE draws her knife, but the CUSTODIAN wrestles it out of her hand. He starts beating her up as JODY attacks him with a metal rod. The CUSTODIAN kicks her, breaking her leg. He then punches her in the face. He drags CLAIRE out of the garage into the night. JODY manages to find her phone.] [EXTERIOR - OUTSIDE THE CUSTODIAN'S HOUSE - NIGHT] [SAM and DEAN are walking away from the house, toward the Impala.] DEAN …And a fake address. Well I am loving this guy. [DEAN'S phone rings.] DEAN Hey what's up? [CUT to JODY on the floor of the garage.] JODY Dean ! You need -  [CUT back to DEAN, on the phone.] DEAN Jody? [CUT back to JODY. The CUSTODIAN kicks her in the face, sending the phone flying.] [CUT to DEAN, who can hear the sounds of a fight on the other end.] DEAN Jody!  ==ACT THREE== [EXTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE, GARAGE - NIGHT] [SAM and DEAN pull up in the Impala. The garage door is open, JODY's truck is still there, but JODY, CLAIRE, and the CUSTODIAN are nowhere to be seen.] DEAN (Yells) Jody? Claire?  SAM I'll check the house.  [SAM runs off and DEAN enters the garage. DEAN finds CLAIRE's knife on the ground, along with JODY's abandoned cell phone.] DEAN (Yells) Dammit! [SAM returns.] SAM Nothing! No one.  [DEAN shows SAM the knife.] SAM It's Claire's knife.  DEAN Yeah.  SAM So whatever it was, it was lying in wait for them when they left. [The phone rings.] DEAN This is Agent Noon…. no I have not seen the sheriff either. I'd be happy to pass on the information. I'm just here with my partner, what do you got? (Pauses, then looks at Sam.) They identified the custodian.  SAM Good. DEAN Richard Beesome? A trucker out of O'Neill, Nebraska, he's been missing for three years. Thank you.  [DEAN hangs up.] DEAN His family was found exsanguinated. Throats ripped out.  SAM He's a vampire? DEAN Yeah.  SAM (Thinking) O'Neill, isn't that where Alex was from? Where her nest was? DEAN So, what, Beesome was part of Alex's old nest? Came here looking for Alex and then found Jody and Claire instead? SAM I don't know, something still doesn't sit right.  DEAN We gotta warn Alex. SAM Yeah, alright you pick her up, I'll go check Beesome's office, there's bound to be something there.  [DEAN leaves in the Impala, and SAM gets into JODY's truck, finding extra keys above the sun visor.] [EXTERIOR - 50'S BURGERS DINER - NIGHT] [ALEX is sitting outside the diner in a Jeep. DEAN calls her as HENRY gets in, and the scene flips back and forth between DEAN, driving in the Impala, and ALEX in the Jeep.] DEAN Hey, where are you, I'm comin' to get you. ALEX I'm at 50s, on Lake.  DEAN 'Kay, sit tight till I get there, do not go off by yourself.  ALEX What's going on? DEAN The custodian at your school, he's a vamp. ALEX Oh my god. No. DEAN Listen to me, I'll be there 5 minutes, don't move. You understand? ALEX Yeah. [ALEX hangs up.] HENRY Who was that? ALEX You need to go. HENRY What do you mean? ALEX You need to get away from me, now. Just leave me here. [ALEX tries to leave the Jeep, when HENRY grabs her.] HENRY (Growling) I can't let you go. [HENRY grabs her hair and pulls her toward him, his fangs descending.] [INTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL, CUSTODIAN'S OFFICE - NIGHT] [SAM wanders around in the dark with a flashlight, looking for anything that might help. He finds an old map of the school grounds, and looks at it.] [EXTERIOR - 50s BURGERS DINER - NIGHT] [DEAN pulls up in the Impala. The Jeep is no longer there. DEAN gets out and calls ALEX, and hears her phone ringing. He finds it on the ground next to a dumpster. He picks it up.] DEAN Oh come on!  [DEAN calls SAM, who is still looking over the map in the custodian's office, and the scene flips back and forth between them.] SAM Hey. DEAN Alex is gone. SAM Dean, listen, I just found an old school map, uh, there's a building, it used to be the pool. They closed it down because it had asbestos. That has to be where Beesome took them. DEAN I'm 15 minutes away.  SAM Alright, it's at the East end of the school, I'm heading there now. [SAM hangs up and rushes off.] [INTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL, OLD POOL BUILDING - NIGHT] [JODY and CLAIRE are tied up near a number of dead bodies. Beesome stands guard. CLAIRE Those are the bodies that went missing.  BEESOME Just a little takeout. Waiting for trash day.  JODY (To Claire) You were right. (Pauses, then looks at Beesome.) What are we here for?  [They hear the door open, and HENRY leads ALEX in. ALEX sees CLAIRE and JODY tied up.] ALEX No! No! What the hell is this? BEESOME Your whole life.  ==ACT FOUR== [INTERIOR - MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL, OLD POOL BUILDING - NIGHT] [ALEX is now tied up as well, across the room from JODY and CLAIRE.] BEESOME How's this for a family reunion, huh? (Laughs) Would've invited my own, but uh, they died. Couple years ago. Do you know how?  [BEESOME looks at ALEX.] BEESOME You figured out who I am?  ALEX I don't know you.  BEESOME (Chuckles disbelievingly.) You don't remember? Oh. You took my life, and you don't remember? Three years ago. Nebraska. Some sleaze bag was taking you home outside of a bar, and I chased him off. Cause see, you were so young, and I could see that you didn't want anything to do with the guy, I mean I - I thought maybe some pimp was working you. I gave you a few twenties and told you I would drive you home.  ALEX (Eyes filled with tears) I do remember you.  BEESOME Oh. Oh good. You remember how you didn't say a word all the way there? [A flashback shows ALEX getting out of BEESOME's car and walking away without a word. He asks, "Is this your house? Hey!"] BEESOME (in the present) And then they came. [In the flashback, BEESOME gets jumped by her former vampire nest. As he yells, ALEX keeps walking further away in silence.] BEESOME (in the present) Whole starving pack tore into me. They drank me alive. They turned me!  [ALEX is in tears.] JODY Leave her alone, she had no choice! BEESOME That is when the real fun began, because I went home to tell my wife what happened, but see, I was covered in blood. My own blood. Which made me crazy. Starving. I lost control. I gutted her. And my boy.  ALEX I'm so sorry. They - they made me.  BEESOME You could have left me outside that bar. I tried to help you! I was a good man! And you know the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that I would find you one day, and I would make you pay.  HENRY You see Rich, he was tracking you for months, Alex. Yeah, he's been watching you.  ALEX What for? BEESOME Well, I was just gonna kill you outright, but of course you're just so miserable and alone, it would've been a mercy killing.  [HENRY laughs.] BEESOME I wanted you to be happy first. I wanted you to have something precious, so that I could take it from you.  HENRY So, he turned the most popular kid in school and sent me after you. I'd build you up - BEESOME And I would chop you right down. Piece by piece. I'd take your teacher, your boyfriend, your family, and then I'll feed you to my nest.  ALEX (To Henry) Nothing? None of it was real? HENRY Seriously Al? You were a complete freak! I mean, you were an angry loner, creeping around the school like some kind of trench coat mafia?  CLAIRE You're gonna burn in hell, you sociopath. HENRY (Still looking at Alex) I could never date someone like you.  [ALEX spits in his face, and BEESOME slaps her.] JODY (Yelling) Stop it! [HENRY, pretends to charge at her, fangs out, to scare her, then walks away.] BEESOME Don't mess with this one. Henry's got a real mean streak, you know. You know this one, couldn't just kill Mr. Phelps, he had to run him up a flagpole for the whole school to salute.  HENRY Well she saw him, didn't she? BEESOME You brought a lot of cops. But Henry's young. He'll learn. [BEESOME grabs CLAIRE and drags her away from JODY.] CLAIRE Get off me! JODY They know we're here! Those FBI, they're hunters! They know that you killed Phelps, and they killed Alex's entire nest, just ask her!  ALEX It's - it's true, they're coming for you! BEESOME Shut up! CLAIRE Ow! [Elsewhere inside the pool building, SAM is seen entering, before it cuts back to the vampires, and ALEX, CLAIRE, and JODY.] ALEX Henry, the killing and running all the time, you don't want that!  HENRY What, you did this! You did this to all of us!  [BEESOME shoves CLAIRE in front of ALEX.] BEESOMEYou are gonna watch everyone you love die.  CLAIRECheck your intel, you pig! Alex hates me.  [BEESOME twists CLAIRE's arm and she gasps in pain.] ALEX I'll help you! Let them go, and I'll work for you! You know how good I am, I kept a whole nest alive for eight years! And - and, you can feed on me when the hunting goes dry. And it goes dry, I know. [BEESOME appears to be thinking this over.] BEESOME You know I might take you up on that.  [There is a long pause, until BEESOME's fangs descend and he bites CLAIRE's neck. CLAIRE screams.] JODY (Screaming) NO! [CLAIRE continues screaming. Elsewhere, SAM continues to make his way closer, armed with a machete. He can hear CLAIRE's screams, and when he finally finds them, CLAIRE is lying on the ground, neck covered in blood, apparently unconscious.] ALEX Sam!  [SAM turns around just as BEESOME whacks him hard with a sledgehammer. SAM falls to the ground, and the machete falls from his grasp. BEESOME goes to hit him again, but SAM rolls out of the way and he misses. SAM grabs his machete again and stands up.] JODY No! [HENRY hits SAM from behind with a weapon, and SAM falls into the empty pool. DEAN is now shown to be entering the building, unbeknownst to the others. CLAIRE regains consciousness as HENRY jumps into the empty pool beside SAM and continues to hit him, over and over. BEESOME grabs SAM's dropped machete. JODY (Whispers) Claire! [CLAIRE looks at JODY, who nods toward a forgotten weapon on the ground. BEESOME approaches ALEX with the machete. Meanwhile, SAM has managed to get up, and his holding his own against HENRY.] BEESOME (To Alex, holding the machete up to her) No one's gonna save you.  [BEESOME swings the machete, and ALEX closes her eyes, just as CLAIRE stabs him from behind with a crowbar. Stunned, but not dead, he turns around to face her. As he looks at her, DEAN chops his head off with his machete. DEAN looks at CLAIRE and sees she is covered with blood.] DEAN Did you drink their blood? CLAIRE No! [In the pool, SAM punches HENRY in the face, and grabs him. Meanwhile, DEAN cuts ALEX free.] JODY Ow, Dean! [ALEX, DEAN, and CLAIRE rush over to JODY.] DEAN Jody? [DEAN helps her up, supporting her.] JODY Oh, it had to be the leg. I'm gonna need bionics.  DEAN Come here. [SAM carries HENRY out of the pool and over to the others. He lets go of him in front of ALEX.] SAM He's all yours now. [ALEX just looks at HENRY.] HENRY I shoulda tapped that when I had the chance. ALEX Keep dreaming about me.  [ALEX punches HENRY in the jaw, and CLAIRE slices his head off with a machete. HENRY's body falls to the ground. Everyone looks at each other. CLAIRE looks at ALEX, who nods.] ==ACT FIVE== [INTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE, DINING ROOM - MORNING] [The dining room table is set with plates of pancakes, bacon, and fruit. ALEX pours orange juice into glasses while CLAIRE is busy in the kitchen. JODY comes in on crutches.] JODY I thought I smelled burning bacon! You two cooked? CLAIRE Uh, we tried. The pancakes might be a little raw.  ALEX We wanted to do something for you.  [JODY looks at both of them, momentarily speechless.] JODY Okay stop looking at me like that, I feel like Tiny Tim. [JODY makes her way over to the table.] ALEX I'm sorry he hurt you. Both of you. [CLAIRE looks at her, with a purple, puffy eye and a large scrape on her cheekbone, but she doesn't look mad.] JODY Hey! We're fine. We're in three whole pieces, more or less, it's okay.  ALEX It's not okay. He almost killed you for what I did. CLAIRE For what those vamps did. You were a kid, you had to do whatever they said. JODY Alex - you were ready to give up your life for us. That's goodness. And that's what's scary about family. Gives you so much to lose. [JODY puts her arm around ALEX. Outside, the sounds of the Impala's doors can be heard.] [EXTERIOR - JODY'S HOUSE - DAY] [DEAN and CLAIRE exit the house.] CLAIRE You don't have to worry, I know what I have. You shoulda seen Jody take out that vamp, she would have taken a bullet for me.  DEAN Does that mean you're gonna make her life less hellish? CLAIRE (Smiles a little) I solemnly swear not to hunt like a dumbass. Jody said that she's gonna teach me to vet leads, and teach me how to investigate…  (long pause)  She thinks I'm gonna get myself killed. [JODY and SAM exit the house, JODY on her crutches and Sam SAM's arms filled with containers of food.] SAM You alright? JODY Yeah, thanks! SAM Dude! Got ribs! And, uh, two tubs of sauce, cause you're not touching mine. DEAN Yes!  JODY Made it for dinner last night, didn't get to eat it, what with the multiple kidnappings and all.  DEAN Yeah… [ALEX is standing by herself next to the Impala.] SAM Gimme a sec. [SAM walks over to her, and CLAIRE follows.] SAM Hey. You gonna be alright? ALEX Yeah. School on Monday.  CLAIRE You're just gonna go take a bio quiz and pretend like you didn't almost get slaughtered? ALEX You're not giving up hunting, are you?  CLAIRE Hell no. [ALEX smiles.] SAM Alex. Other vamps may come for you.  ALEX I know. And I'll be ready. And when I get my life together, I might be moving on.  CLAIRE Alex, you don't have to leave to protect us.  ALEX That's not why. I can't be around what you all are doing. Things you're fighting.  [DEAN and JODY make their way to the Impala.] DEAN You gonna be alright now that you're outnumbered again? JODY Ah, as long as everyone wears a condom, we'll be fine. DEAN (Chuckles) I want that bumper sticker. [DEAN starts the Impala, and he and SAM drive off, leaving JODY, CLAIRE, and ALEX standing on their front lawn. [FADE TO BLACK]

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