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|image= [[File:BoraxBomb.jpg|350px]]
|name= Sodium borate aka Borax
|Manufacturer= Power Clean
|Powers= Temporarily burns and weakens [[Leviathans]].
|location= Supermarkets around the world.
Borax or sodium borate is a compound found in most cleaning supplies and is a salt of boric acid. It's use as a weapon against the [[Leviathan]] came upon happenstance, when [[Sheriff Jody Mills]] spilled a bucket containing the cleaning solution, which dripped through the floor boards of [[Rufus's Cabin]] onto the Leviathan, [[Chet]], causing an acidic reaction to his body. The effect, however, is only temporary, but can allow for enough time to get close enough and decapitate the Leviathan. The Leviathan leader, [[Dick Roman]], however had shown higher resistence to borax, healing his burns near instantaneously after exposure.
===[[7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters]]===
After Bobby is captured by the Leviathans at [[Richard Roman Enterprises]], Sam and Dean stage a rescue that night, equipping themselves with pressure sprayers containing Power Clean. At a warehouse, [[Edgar]] and a truck driver are walking towards two men in suits who appear to be bodyguards. Dean and Sam enter and begin spray the bodyguards, Edgar and the truck driver, whom start to scream and writhe in pain as their skin burns.
[[Dick Roman]] soon becomes alerted to Sam and Dean's arrival and leaves Bobby in his office while he goes to deal with them. Sam empties his pressure sprayer on Dick, who begins healing faster than the other Leviathans, casually wiping his face with a handkerchief. As he advances on Sam, Dean begins throwing more borax on Dick from behind, causing him to burn, marginally annoying him and allowing for Sam to slip past Dick and make his escape with Dean and Bobby.
===[[7.16 Out with the Old]]===

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