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|location= Lebanon, Kansas
|occupation= [[Prince of Hell]]<br>King of Hell
|episodes= [[13.02 The Rising Son]]<br>[[13.07 War of the Worlds]]<br>[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]<br>[[13.17 The Thing]]<br>[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]
* [[Teleportation]]
* Mind control
* Ergokinesis
* [[Lance of Michael]]
* [[Nephilim]]
* [[Gabriel]]
===[[13.17 The Thing]]===
Ketch, who was called by Asmodeus, enters the throne room in the Needham Asylum and watched Asmodeus extract Gabriel's grace and inject it into his own arm. He takes Ketch outside the throne room and tells him to wait until he is called. Later, Asmodeus tells Ketch about how Sam and Dean have been assembling ingredients for a spell, to which Ketch already knew about. He also informs Ketch to get in line because he claims to own him. Ketch decides to leave, but Asmodeus beats him down, enforcing his demands to Ketch and getting upset when he gets blood all over his suit.
Later, Asmodeus taunts Ketch about his humanity, stating that he is more devious that any demon he knows, and he knows them all. He gives a speech about how his kind, their kind, wants redemption and they never get it, so they choose to spread their pain. He claims to know Ketch more than he knows himself and instills the idea that no matter where he goes or what he does, Ketch belongs to him. Asmodeus leaves him alone with Gabriel, but Ketch decides to rebel by rescuing Gabriel, retrieving his grace and the archangel blade, and taking them all to the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
Ketch relinquishes Gabriel to Sam and Dean along with the grace and the archangel blade in exchange for protection from Asmodeus, stating that he will hunt him down to the ends of the earth once he discovers his betrayal.
===[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]===
[[File:Asmodeus Death.png|thumb|right|350px|Asmodeus is killed by Gabriel.]]
Asmodeus is seen rotating Baoding balls in his hand when a demon informs him about how they were unable to locate Ketch or Gabriel. He also said that he should be able to detect Gabriel's presence since he is connected to him due to the archangel grace he pumped into himself.
After Gabriel awakens from his mind, Asmodeus is able to detect his location in the Men of Letters Bunker. He calls Sam, telling him that he has 10 minutes to return Gabriel to him, or he would head to the Bunker and reduce it to ashes along with them. When the time runs out, he heads there with a group of demons hoping to reclaim Gabriel. Since the Bunker's warding isn't designed to protect it against Princes of Hell, Asmodeus is able to bypass it with ease and allow the demons to enter. He mentally sends Sam and Castiel flying towards the computer and starts to choke them while the demons attempt to take Gabriel. He tells Gabriel that he is going to punish him severely for escaping as the demons escort him out, but Gabriel overpowers them and heals his wounds. Asmodeus sends an ergokinetic pulse towards Gabriel, who casually passes it off. He tells him that he isn't powerful enough to take him on, but Gabriel powers himself up preparing to attack. Gabriel says "I always hated that dumbass suit" before he sets Asmodeus on fire, killing him and rendering the Princes of Hell extinct.
==Asmodeus in Lore==

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