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Angel Blade

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5.19 Hammer of the Gods
===[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]===
After casting a blood spell on [[Gabriel]] to bind him to her, [[Kali]] takes what she believes to be Gabriel's blade and stabs him with it, killing him. However, this is merely a trick on Gabriel's part as he is still alive and hiding in the [[Impala]], having given her a fake "made out of a can of diet orange Slice." Despite the trick, he does confirm that the blade of an [[archangel]] can kill him and [[Lucifer]]. Gabriel confronts his brother with the blade to buy [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] time to escape the [[Elysian Fields Hotel]] with Kali, but is himself killed (for real this time) when Lucifer turns it on him.
Years later it was revealed by Gabriel that he had faked his death, Lucifer having stabbed the fake Gabriel with a fake blade.
|[[File:HOTG Kali Archangel Blade.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Kali]] steals [[Gabriel|Gabriel]]'s]] Archangel Bladefake archangel blade.]]|[[File:GabrielDead.jpg|350px|thumb|left|350px|Gabriel's "death " after confronting [[Lucifer]].]]

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