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Charlie manages to get into Dick's office and download his emails. Back at her desk she sends these, along with the contents of Frank's hard drive, to the boys. She discovers that a package for Dick is arriving from an archaeological dig in Iran at a nearby airport and manages to send a fake email so it appears to be arriving 30 minutes later. This allows Sam and Dean time to get to the airport and switch the package for a case with a [[borax]] bomb in it.
When they open the case they find it contains a slab of rockred clay.
===[[7.21 Reading Is Fundamental]]===
===[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]===
[[Castiel]] tells the Winchesters about [[Lucifer]] and how he returned to the main reality using a spell the alternate Kevin got off of his angel tablet. With their angel tablet destroyed, the Winchesters bring the demon tablet to [[Donatello Redfield]] in the hopes that as another Word of God, it will contain the same spell as the angel tablet. Their hypothesis proves to be correct and Donatello discovers that the angel and demon tablets each contain a unique spell to enter another universe.
* In [[7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo]], the contents of the suitcase Sam and Dean stole from the [[leviathans]] was a hunk of red clay, but in [[7.21 Reading Is Fundamental]] it appears as a gray stone before Dean breaks it open and recovers the leviathan tablet.

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