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8.23 Sacrifice
While threatening the life of [[Sheriff Jody Mills]], Crowley demands the demon tablet as part of his [[Deals and Pacts|deal]] to stop killing people Sam and Dean have saved. Dean only agrees if Crowley gives them the angel tablet in exchange. Crowley agrees and they meet in [[Singer Salvage Yard]] to make the trade and seal the deal. Crowley shows that he did in fact bring the tablet after Sam shows the demon tablet and demands that Sam sign a giant contract to seal the deal. Dean pretends to examine the contract and gets close to Crowley to slap him with handcuffs with a [[binding link]] engraved on them, capturing him. With that, Sam and Dean take the angel tablet.
After learning that Castiel is attempting the trials to seal up [[Heaven]], Dean brings the angel tablet to Kevin Tran to translate for the third hell trial while he and Castiel go to complete the second heaven trial -- getting the bow of a [[Cherub|cupid]]. Kevin is reluctant, as he wants a normal life and it took him six months just to translate half of the demon tablet, but he agrees after Castiel gets rough with him. Dean and Castiel succeed when the Cupid is convinced to give her bow to them willingly, but Kevin calls and says that while he has found trials to close Heaven on the tablet, he doesn't see anything about killing a Nephilim or getting the bow of a Cupid. Naomi arrives and claims that she has learned from Metatron that he has been lying: he doesn't just want to seal Heaven, he also wants to expel all angels from it to Earth in revenge for being expelled himself. She earnestly tries to convince Castiel, but while Dean believes her, Castiel doesn't. Kevin, who heard the whole thing over the phone, is unable to confirm what Naomi said, but Metatron himself later does after killing impaling Naomi 's head with her drill and capturing Castiel. He goes to explain that these were never trials, but a spell used by God to cast out Lucifer. Before sending him back to Earth, Metatron steals Castiel's grace as it is the last ingredient.
===[[9.02 Devil May Care]]===

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