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Angel Blade

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===[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]===
When Asmodeus attacks the Bunker, causing the power to go out and the emergency generator and alarm into action. Sam and Castiel, angel blades in hand, walk down the corridors, they see all the warding on the walls is illuminated. They enter the map room and demons attack them. Sam stabs one of the demons, killing him, but another one tackles him. Meanwhile, Castiel fights another demon, eventually getting the upper hand. He goes to assist Sam and kills the last demon.
===[[13.21 Beat the Devil]]===
Castiel brings up his angel blade and makes a small incision in Lucifer’s throat. His archangel grace flows out of his throat into the bowl with the spell ingredients. Once Cas releases his head, the wound closes a bit and the grace only drips out in small spurts.
===[[13.22 Exodus]]===
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
On a [[werewolf]] hunt, Castiel is able to surprise one of the pack and stab him in the hear with his angel blade.
When Michael breaks into the Bunker, Castiel, in a futile gesture attacks him with his angel blade, but is quickly swatted away. Dean grabs another from his duffel and but is similarly overpowered by Michael.
===[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]===
Upon the entire bar being possessed by demons, Castiel drops his angel blade from his sleeve and attacks -- but is quickly overpowered and subdued. Used as bait to lure [[Sam]] by the demon [[Kipling]], Sam, [[Mary]], Bobby, Maggie and [[Jack]] go on a rescue mission, bringing angel blades with them. In the ensuing fight Mary is able to kill a demon, and is later saved from another by Maggie.

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