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===Powers and abilities===
* Arcane knowledge - Being a [[white-eyed demon]] and presumably among the first created, Alastair possesses old and powerful knowledge, such as an [[Telekinesis|Telekineticexorcism]] ritual that can eject an angel from its [[vessel]] and send it back to [[Heaven]]. * [[Possession]] - Like all demons, Alastair was capable of possessing any humans not in possession of an [[anti-possession symbol]].<ref name="four09" /><ref name="four15" />* Can [[Possession|possessTelekinesis]] humans.<ref name="four09" /><ref name="four15" />* Has high resistance - Alastair can moves anything with a thought. The power also extends to being able to [[Rubytelekinetically inflict damage onto humans's knife]]hearts with a gesture.<ref name="four09" /><ref name="four16four10" />* [[Teleportation]]- As a high-level demon, Alastair has the ability to teleport.<ref name="four10" />* Unaffected by the smiting powers of [[angel]]s, though their [[grace]] can destroy his current [[meatsuit]]Superhuman strength and durability.<ref name="four10" />* Can <ref name="four16" /> - Alastiar can overpower [[angels]],<ref name="four10" /> though he does not possess the power to kill them and they can overpower him if he is sufficiently distracted, but had also shown to resistant to the smiting powers of [[angel]]s, though their [[grace]] can destroy his [[meatsuit]].<ref name="four16" /><ref name="four15four10" />* Superhuman durability.<ref name="four10four16" /><ref name="four16four15" />* The power His durability also extends to telekinetically inflict damage onto humans's hearts with a gesturehigh resistance to the [[demon-killing knife]].<ref name="four10four09" />* Superhuman strength.<ref name="four16" />
* Is vulnerable to [[devilDemon-killing knife]] - While Alastair had survived being stabbed with the knife, it's use still caused him great pain.* [[Devil's traptraps]]- As powerful as Alastair was, he was still vulnerable to devil'straps.<ref name="four16" />* Can be hurt by ingestion of [[holy Holy water]] and [[salt]].<ref name="four16" />- Holy water was shown to burn Alastair like all demons.* Can be Psychic powers - Alastiar was killed by [[Sam]]'s powers if Sam has recently consumed [[demon blood]].<ref name="four16" />* [[Salt]] - Alastair was incapable of crossing a salt line, ingestion of salt mixed with holy water was able to cause great discomfort.

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