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Cosmic Entity

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According to the entity, its true form is horrific enough that it can drive an angel insane from viewing it. The entity is black and viscous with the ability to shift its shape to appear as it wishes. In the case of meeting [[Castiel]], it takes on the form of his vessel, [[Jimmy Novak]]. The Cosmic Entity also holds domain over the Empty, its will surpassing even God's, making it the only being able to revive [[angels]] or [[demons]] slumbering in the Empty.
Its power is so great that when it stormed [[Heaven]], the Entity easily bypassed all of Heaven's defenses(although to be fair, though they were weak from the angels being very ' near -extinction). It was able to blast open all of Heaven's gates, even the ones permanently closed years before by [[Metatron]] , and could possess angels, essentially using them as its [[vessel]]s.
[[File:Entity-in-Heaven.png|thumb|right|350px|The Entity invades [[Heaven]].]]
===[[14.08 Byzantium]]===
With [[Jack]]'s death, the Entity lays a claim on Jack's [[soul]], despite him being half-human. It stormed storms the Gates of [[Heaven]], bypassing all defenses as well as opening all gates, even the ones permanently closed by [[Metatron]] years earlier. When Jack realizes there is something wrong in his Heaven, he ventures outside of it to find out what has happened, but is quickly met by the Entity, who barrels towards Jack as a flood of black viscous goo, causing Jack to retreat into the Heaven of his mother, [[Kelly Kline]].
[[Castiel]] arrives in Heaven in the aftermath of the Entity's initial siege, finding the seemingly dead [[angel]]s Zuriel and [[Dumah]], who . Dumah awakens soon after Castiel's arrival, explaining to Castiel how everything went black when she came into contact with the Entity. Needing to find Jack, Castiel and Dumah go to his Jack's personal Heaven, where they . They are met there by [[Naomi]] , who explains to Castiel what happened, and how with the small number of angels in Heaven couldn't stop the Entity and suggest . She suggests they give it what it wants -- Jack -- otherwise rather than risk Heaven falling failing and allowing all the souls in Heaven to fall. The Entity soon appears to takeover take over Naomi's body, who ; she warns Castiel and Dumah to run before being taken over.
In Kelly Kline's personal Heaven, Castiel and Dumah locate Jack and his mother in a house. Telling After telling Jack they 've found a way to bring him back, Castiel tells him of how the Entity has invaded Heaven in it's its pursuit of Jack and they need to leave. Dumah reveals herself to be the Entity who , which tells Jack it is taking him to the Empty, asking . It asks Castiel if Jack and Kelly's fear hurt hurts him, as that's what it wants to do -- hurt Castiel. Before the Entity can leave with Jack, Castiel offers himself up in Jack's stead. Agreeing , agreeing to go with the Entity back to the Empty. The Entity agrees, but tells Castiel it won't be right away. It wants to wait for the day Castiel allows himself to be truly happy, and on that day, the Entity will come and drag him back into the nothing. Castiel accepts and the Entity releases its hold over Dumah and disappears in a nearby vent, presumably returning to the Empty.

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