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===[[9.06 Heaven Can't Wait]]===
Although Kevin finds it nearly impossible to translate the angel tablet into English, he is able to find an ancient codex in the Bunker that helped helps him translate the entire tablet into Proto-Elamite cuneiform which is , an extinct abstract language. However, Kevin found finds a reference to [[fallen angels]] in the footnotes and Dean theorizes that the footnotes might contain Metatron's [[spell]] and how to reverse it. Ultimately, Sam and Kevin make a [[Deals and Pacts|deal]] with [[Crowley]]: in exchange for translating the Elamite, Crowley will get to [[Goblet of Blood|call]] [[Abaddon]]. After the call, Crowley keeps up his end of the deal, but learns from the writings that the spell is irreversible.
===[[9.09 Holy Terror]]===
===[[14.08 Byzantium]]===
In a desperate attempt to save [[Jack Kline]], [[Sam]] calls in [[Lily Sunder]] and has her go over [[Kevin Tran|Kevin]]'s notes on the angel tablet in the hopes that she can read them and find something useful. However, Lily proves unable to read the angel tablet translations. Dean says that only a prophet can read Kevin's translations and they can't ask Donatello due to his brain -dead state.

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