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Dean Winchester

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Season 14
===[[:Category:Season 14|Season 14]]===
In the Season 14 Premiere [[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]], [[Michael (Apocalypse World)]] continues to possess Dean as he travels the world looking for someone/something worth saving for his "better world". Dean reappears at the end of [[14.02 Gods and Monsters]] in the dilapidated church where Michael performed his experiments after [[Sam]], [[Bobby (Apocalypse World)]], and [[Mary]] take down a pack of Michael's augmented werewolves- and has no idea why Michael left.  When Dean returns to the [[Bunker]] in [[14.03 The Scar]], after he teases Sam about his beard, Sam asks if he's ok. Dean says he's good, doesn't know why Michael left, and as for his memory, he can't remember anything that happened while Michael possessed him, that it was "just a blink", and he's just really happy to be home...then sees the Map room has been inundated by the AU hunters. A hunter calls Sam "Chief" and Dean is about to tease him about that when Jack and Cas enter, overjoyed to see him. Dean excuses himself to clean up and returns to his room. Angrily whipping off the clothes Michael dressed him in, then turns to a mirror and notices a scar on his upper arm. After showing the scar to Sam and Cas, he asks Cas to look into his memories to see if they can determine what happened. Cas touches his head and sees memories of Michael's questioning and experimentations, but when he touches the scar itself, he sees Michael on the ground being stabbed by a double-pronged spear wielded by an unknown hooded figure - the same person and spear that killed [[Kaia]] in the Bad Place. They call Jody to ask if there had been any disturbances at the rift in the boatyard but she hasn't seen anything. However, when Dean describes the scar, Jody knows what they are talking about as she has several beheaded bodies with a similar scar in the morgue. Sam and Dean load up and head to Sioux Falls to investigate. When they arrive, Jody welcomes Dean back and compliments Sam's beard, much to Dean's chagrin. She points out the crime scene on a map and they head out. They discover a clearing with vampire heads stuck on pikes, probably belonging to the bodies in Jody's morgue, and the clearing looks just like the one Dean saw when Cas touched the scar when suddenly they are attacked by the hooded figure with the spear. During the fight, the hood comes off and reveals someone that looks just like Kaia, who then turns and runs away with the spear. Dean finds her tracks but Sam stops him and tells him he believes the vamps were hunting her instead and were sent by Michael - Jody had tested the bodies and they didn't react to dead man's blood. Dean does not care and continues to follow the tracks, which leads them to a cabin. Dean sees [[Dark Kaia]] and knocks her out, but the spear is not in sight. He ties her to a chair and they begin questioning her. She explains her and Kaia were connected and her death was an accident - she meant to kill [[Claire]]. They ask her why she's here, she looks at Dean and says "because of him". Dean tells her he's not Michael anymore which she acknowledges, saying he's much weaker. Dean tells her she's still scared but she says she's not scared of him - she's scared of Michael's vampires which are hunting her. Jody wants to take her to the station for safety but Dean wants to "break her" so she will tell him where the spear is.He kicks Kaia's chair against the wall and demands to know where the spear is. Dark Kaia refuses and accuses him of being no different from Michael - using threats and violence to get what he wants, recalling the incident from [[13.09 The Bad Place]] where Dean forces her into the [[Impala]] at gunpoint. She tells Dean his anger and impatience come from fear of Michael and tells them about her confrontation with Michael and how he tried to take the spear from her, knowing it was the one thing that could hurt him - then stabbing him with it. Michael's vampires arrive and burst into the cabin to take Kaia. Sam, Jody, and Dean try to fight the vampires but they are too strong. Dean shoots the leg out from under Kaia's chair to free her, she runs to get the spear and kills the vampires before disappearing again, taking it with her. In the Impala on the way back to the Bunker, Dean admits to Sam that his time with Michael was not a "blink" and he doesn't remember anything Michael did with him because he was drowning, fighting for air the whole time and trying to escape but he was not strong enough. He blames himself for everything Michael has done because he said "Yes".

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