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Dean Winchester

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Season 14
Stuart is in the hospital, his mom at his bedside talking to the boys and thanking them for saving his life. She says she needs to go home to get his favorite pillow but they convince her to stay until he wakes up. They leave the room to discuss the case in the hall where Dean reveals that he didn't find any hex bags but the EMF was going crazy, so must be a ghost. Sam suggests Dean stay to keep Stuart's mom from leaving so he can check the house. Stuart's friend [[Dirk Winchell]] arrives to check on Stuart, and he and Dean begin to bond over their love of the 'All Saint's Day' franchise of horror movies. Dean receives a call from Sam who's calling from the comic book shop where he and Samantha were just attacked by the Hatchet Man figure which has been possessed by the ghost of [[Jordan MacNeel]], the recently deceased owner of the shop - and the possessed figure is on his way to the hospital to finish off Stuart. Dean draws a salt circle around Stuart's bed while giving Dirk "the talk", explaining that Jordan is coming to kill Stuart. He tells Dirk to get inside, while he heads out to find Jordan/Hatchet Man. In Stuart's room, the lights begin to flash and drawers open and shut causing Dirk to panic and run. Dean finds an ax in a fire box - he starts to break the glass and then realizes he can just open the door to take it. Dirk rounds the corner to find Stuart's mom screaming as she's confronted by the Hatchet Man figure, and tells Jordan/Hatchet Man that he knows he's there to kill Stuart but he'll have to go through him first. Jordan/Hatchet Man starts coming for him and Dirk runs. He ends up in the morgue and meets Dean, when Jordan/Hatchet Man rises from one of the morgue gurneys. Dean approaches him with the ax and tries to talk him out of attacking, but he pushes the button - "Time to slice and dice" - and attacks Dean, who loses his ax in the fight. Just as Jordan is about to strike him with the ax, Dirk stabs Jordan with a knife. Jordan attacks Dirk, and Dean tries to attack Jordan but is captured, and Jordan starts to strangle him. Just then, Sam and Samantha burst in the door telling Dean to get the shop keys - they belonged to Jordan and it's how he's moving around. Dean fishes them out of Hatchet Man's pocket and tosses them to Sam, who places them in a bowl and sets them on fire, burning Jordan's ghost and saving Dean.
On the drive back, Dean thanks Sam for finding the case and getting him out of his post-Michael funk. Sam tells him he needs to stop hiding in his room, that the things Michael did are not on him, and Dean agrees to help out more. He asks Sam again why he hates Halloween and Sam finally tells him about an incident at a Halloween party when he was a kid. Dean tells him he needs to get over it and next year they're getting matching Halloween costumes ("Rocky and Bullwinkle", "Shaggy and Scooby").
[[14.05 Nightmare Logic]] finds [[Sam]] and Dean heading to Claremore, Oklahoma after [[Maggie]] misses a check-in while on a hunt, and her body-cam shows she was attacked by a [[ghoul]]. She was following a lead from an online post where some kids were studying and were attacked by a "walker". They enter the crypt where Maggie was attacked but find no blood, meaning she is probably still alive. A gardener finds them in the crypt, and Sam tells him they're from the Historic Preservation Society and ask to speak to the owner. The gardener takes them to the main house where they talk to [[Neil]] who is excited over the prospect of the property being declared a historical site - but wonders how many people it takes, as their colleagues have already arrived - [[Mary]] and [[Bobby (Apocalypse World)]]. Mary takes Sam aside to talk, while Dean and Bobby question Neil, who tells them he's not the owner and escorts them to Mr. Rawlings - who is unconscious and bedridden, and also looks like the ghoul who appeared in Maggie's video. [[Sasha Rawlings]], the daughter, enters the room and the boys question her about her father, but she really doesn't know much because she just came down to take care of his affairs. They start to ask more questions but she asks them to leave. They meet Bobby and Mary by the [[Impala]] where Bobby briefs them on his investigation into the elder Rawling - he's not a ghoul, and the standard tests ruled out shapeshifter and demon. Bobby then argues with Sam over having sent Maggie on this case by herself before she's ready and saying he's not a real leader. Mary stands up for Sam and suggests they split up to look for Maggie. Dean and Bobby split off, and Bobby asks Dean if he thinks he was too hard on Sam, and Dean tells him Sam is doing the best he can and working his tail off. They find an old shed and Dean goes in to investigate and finds a body. He turns to look for Bobby, who has disappeared, and is attacked by the "ghoul" who turns into a cloud of dust when Dean stabs it. Bobby reappears and asks him what happened.
Dean returns to the house to find Mary and Sam talking to Sasha, who was attacked by what appeared to be a vampire while investigating noises coming from the attic. Dean tells them he found a dead guy in the shed, and Sam shows him a burned ID card - he and Mary had found a pile of ID cards in a pile in the woods, partially burned. The ID picture matches the guy Dean found in the shed - something is killing hunters. Mary, alarmed, asks where Bobby is and Dean tells her he went to get something from the truck. She rushes outside to find him. Sam wonders if the dad is like [[Fred Jones]] and is creating these apparitions, but Sasha says her dad has never shown any psychic abilities. Sam goes to investigate the attic while Dean stays with Neil and Sasha. Dean and Sasha talk about her troubles with her dad - she blames him for her mother's suicide. Dean counsels her to "let it go", that he tries to do the same every day. They walk to the room where Mr. Rawling lay where Neil is attending to him. Dean notices bags of blood attached to him and asks Neil if Mr. Rawlings is getting a transfusion. Neil stammers and says his iron is low. Dean, suspicious, asks Sasha to make him a sandwich as a ruse to leave the room, and Dean draws a gun on Neil, realizing he's a [[djinn]]. Dean asks him why he's killing hunters and Neil says it's because he asked him to - he thinks Dean is [[Michael (Apocalypse World)]] and was testing him. Michael made him a deal - kill hunters in exchange for upgraded powers. When Neil finds out Dean is not Michael, he attacks Dean and attempts to read his mind, but sees something that distracts him enough for Dean to escape and hit him with a metal bookend. Before Dean knocks him out, Neil reveals Michael has laid many traps for him and his family. Dean empties a clip into him. Later, Dean removes the IVs from Mr. Rawlings and tells Sasha he'll recover as soon as the djinn's poison leaves his system.
Back at the Bunker, Maggie is welcomed back and Dean tells Sam he was the one that did this, that he saved her and brought her home.

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