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13.19 Funeralia
===[[13.19 Funeralia]]===
In attempt to gain audience with Death to resurrect [[Crowley]], Rowena begins killing people before their time along with their reapers. When she learns that Sam is destined to kill her, she attempts to summon Death to her by killing Sam. To her surprise, Billie arrives, revealing herself as Death to Rowena. When Billie denies Rowena's request to bring back her son, telling her she does not do blackmail and encourages her to go ahead and kill Sam, telling her she is curious to see what will happen. When Rowena can't bring herself to kill Sam, Billie attempts to comfort her by telling her "some things just are… and everyone has to live with that" before departing and telling Dean she will see him soon.
===[[14.10 Nihilism]]===
==Death in Lore==

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