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Devil's trap (symbol)

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In his search for [[Abraxas]], [[Nick]] captures a demon and holds her in a devil's trap. When asked if he's a hunter, Nick tells the demon that he learned a few tricks from the Winchesters and tortures the demon for information with an [[angel blade]] before killing her.
After forcing [[Mary Winchester]] to take him to [[Mary's Lock-Up|her lock-up]] holding the [[Enochian Puzzle Box]] with Abraxas in it, Nick kidnaps a security guard named Jeff to act as a [[meatsuit]] and places a devil's trap around him to hold Abraxas. After Nick breaks the box with a drill, he tosses it Abraxas is released into the center of the devil's trap which keeps the [[demon smoke]] contained within and Abraxas enters the meatsuitpromptly possesses Jeff. He is contained by the devil's trap until Nick breaks it with his angel blade to free Abraxas after being confronted by the Winchesters.
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