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===[[14.12 Prophet and Loss]]===
:''"He chose me, okay?"''
After being arrested, Nick is held in a hospital to heal from his gunshot wound to the leg. While there, there he learns from the guarding police officer that he is wanted in four different jurisdictions. Nick claims that he was possessed by Satan, but is dismissed by the officer, who leaves to eat his meal.
As Nick sits praying in his bed praying to Lucifer, he is interrupted by the officer. Nick asks to be un-cuffed uncuffed to use the bathroom, asking for some dignity, which the officer reluctantly agrees to. Once uncuffed, Nick takes a bed pan and knocks the officer to the floor and proceeds to repeatedly stomp and kick his head until he is a bloody mess. Nick picks up the keys to his cuffs and unlocks them, and takes out grabs his bag of clothes, and limps out of the room.
Nick returns After breaking in to his home in Pike Creek, after breaking in . Nick starts to feel a chill, and sees a mirror in the room frost over. Doors start to bang loudly and rapidly behind him. As the light starts to flicker, his wife [[Sarah]] appears before him, which . At first he believes this to be Lucifer before Sarah tells him she is his wife. Confused as to why she is a ghost, Sarah tells him she has unfinished business. Nick tearfully tells her he got revenge for her and Teddy's deaths and she can move on. She tells him how she was their there the night he chose to be with Lucifer, and her unfinished business involves Nick needing to reject Lucifer, so she can move on. When Nick can't bring himself to do so, Sarah tells him he has doomed her to be stuck in their home forever and has doomed himself. As, Nick is about to leave, Sarah asks where he is going. With tears in his eyes, he tells his wife "Wherever it’s darkest. Wherever he is" as he exits their home.

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