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13.14 Good Intentions
===[[13.14 Good Intentions]]===
Donatello is seen attempting to translate the tablet to recover the spell to open an interdimensional rift into Apocalypse World, all the while hearing voices whispering in Enochian as he decodes the text. While he eventually shows his translation of the spell to the Winchesters, it is later discovered that Donatello gave them a fake spell. They realize that since the soul of a prophet acts as a filter for the darkness within the tablets to prevent them from being driven insane, but because Donatello's soul was consumed by Amara, the dark energies within the tablet had corrupted him. Donatello tells Sam and Dean that he translated the whole tablet and that he doesn't want to fight what the tablet was doing to him or give them any information on the spell. He casts a suffocation spell on Dean to show off his newfound abilities. Castiel strips the spell from Donatello's mind, leaving him brain-dead and only kept alive through life support. Castiel reveals that the spell requires four major ingredients -- the grace of an archangel, a fruit from the tree of life, the Seal of Solomon, and the blood of a 'most holy man.'
===[[13.17 The Thing]]===

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