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Zachariah was a high-ranking [[angel]] in the [[Host of Heaven]]who served under [[Michael]], and holds authority over lower-class [[angel]]s like [[Castiel]] and [[Joshua]]. Zachariah prefers using mental manipulations to achieve his goals, going so far as to place [[Dean]] and [[Sam Winchester]] into [[Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.]] with no memory of their true identities, to show that they are not meant for normal lives and for them to agree to consent to be vessels and go forward with the Apocalypse.<ref name="four17">[[4.17 It's a Terrible Life]]</ref>
After his repeated failures in securing the Winchesters as vessels, Zachariah gets removed from the [[Host of Heaven]], and retreats to Earth to await his final judgement by drinking in a bar, but is given a final chance to secure Dean for [[Michael]]. He resurrects and manipulates [[Adam Milligan]] in an attempt to draw Dean into a trap to get him to say yes to Michael. It seems to work, but Dean taunts him, allowing him to get close to him and then stabs Zachariah through the head with an [[angel blade]], killing him. His body is last seen in the [[Green Room]] before it disappears.<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point of No Return]]</ref>

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