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Supernatural in the U.K.

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== UK News ==
* Starfury have decided to run another Supernatural convention in 2021. Cross Roads 3 will take place in Birmingham, UK. Dates are currently September 24th - 26th, 2021.
* '''On 22 March 2019, fans we told the news that [[Season 15]] of Supernatural will be its last. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins shared this news with the #SPNFamily via a [ video] posted on Instagram and Twitter. This resulted in an outpouring of love, gratitude (and shock) from across the world. For the first time in 14 years, Supernatural was trending on Twitter -- in the UK and in Scotland.'''
* The #SPNFamily are using these hashtags on Twitter to show how much Supernatural has meant to them.
* #ThankYouSupernatural
* #SPNGaveMe
* #SPNFamilyForLife
* #SPNFamilyForever
* #SPNFamiIyIsForever
* #ThankYouSupernatural
* #ThankYouMishaCollins
* #ThankYouJensenAckles
* #SPNFamily
*Starfury are holding their second UK Supernatural event '[[Cross Roads 2019]] ' in June 2019. It was also announced on 22 March 2019 that '''Cross Roads may be coming to an [ end in 2020 if ticket sales did not improve].'''
<div style="background-color:#85C1E9;">'''For all convention updates for Supernatural see the [[Convention Calendar]]'''<BR></div>
A history of previous season air dates are found on the [[UK Premiere Dates]] page.
'''[[Season 1415]] will be aired on E4 sometime in Spring 2019''' the last season of Supernatural [[File:End_is_near.jpg|left|300px]]
It has now been confirmed by E4 that Supernatural [[Season 14]] will be aired in Spring of 2020. Season 15 has been picked up by E4's sister channel, 4Music4, and begins on Friday 23 October.
'''How do UK fans watch Supernatural?'''
The UK fans often have to resort to download/or find another way to view the current season. This is not something that they want to do, but to be able to be part of the fandom they need to keep up to date with the show. By not showing Supernatural Seasons/Episodes in line with the US air date the UK fans are being forced to do something illegal or risk being excluded from the fandom! The fandom which many say has not only enhanced but also saved their lives. <br>
UK fans can continue to put pressure on media channels to get the season premieres in line with US air dates.[[File: Save_SPNUK_in_Enocian.jpg|thumb|700px500px|centre| UK needs SPN in Enochian from Save SPN in UK Facebook page]]<br><br>
'''Where to watch?'''
*Currently Seasons 1-12 are available to watch on Amazon Prime
*Seasons 1-13 are available to buy on DVD
*Season 14 DVD release date: tbc10 September (US)*Season 15 on 4 Music.
== Conventions in the UK ==
==[[Cross Roads 2 20192021]]==
{{:Cross Roads 20192021}}
==[[Cross Roads 2020]]==
<div style="background-color{{:#85C1E9;"><big>'''Past Conventions in the UK'''</big><BR></div>Cross Roads 2020}}
<div style===Cross Roads 1 2018 ==="background-color:#85C1E9;"><big>'''Past Conventions in the UK'''</big><BR></div>
{{:[[Cross Roads 2018}}2019]]
[[Cross Roads 2018]]
===Creation Entertainment: [[Salute to Supernatural ===Birmingham, UK 2018]]After the convention in 2018, Creation announced that they would '''not''' be coming back to the UK for another Supernatural convention. This was announced on the [[Filehttps:Conheader//|centre|600px]htm UK event page from Creation] with no explanation.<br>
Creation have been putting on fan conventions in the US since the 1980's. There Supernatural theme conventions are called 'Salute to Supernatural' and they held their first UK 'Salute to Supernatural' convention in May 2018.  *[[Salute to Supernatural Birmingham, UK 2018Rogue Events]] Friday 4th used to Sunday 6th May 2018, at the NEC, Birmingham organize '''Confirmed GuestsSupernatural Conventions'''* [[Jensen Ackles]]* [[Jared Padalecki]] * [[Misha Collins]]* [[Richard Speight, Jr.]]* [[Rob Benedict]]* [[Matt Cohen]]* [[Jake Abel]]* [[Briana Buckmaster]]* [[Alexander Calvert]]* [[Jason Manns]] <big> After held in the convention in 2018, Creation announced that they would '''notUK''' be coming back to the UK for another Supernatural convention. This was announced on the [https://www- Since July 2017 they have ceased UK event page from Creation] with no explanation.</big> === Rogue Events ===
[[Rogue Events]] used to organize '''Supernatural Conventions''' held in the '''UK''' - Since July 2017 they have ceased trading.
'''Previous event''' information can be found here:
* @[ SPN_Alba] - Fan and news account based in Scotland, tweets and retweets general info and UK news
Some accounts are more active than others so follow at your own peril. If you are active on another social media account (Facebook, Instagram) in the UK do let us know in the discussion link above.
== UK Actors on Supernatural ==
*'''Gillian Barber''' -[[Dr Hess]]
*'''Veronica Cartwright - [[Lily Sunder]] aged
*'''Caroline Chikezie''' – [[Tamara]]
*'''[[Lauren Cohan]]''' – [[Bela Talbot]]
*'''David Cubit''' - [[Barthamus]]
*'''[[Ruth Connell]]''' - [[Rowena]]
*'''[[Theo Devaney]]''' - [[Gavin MacLeod]]
*'''[[Dominic Burgess]]''' - [[Richard Greenstreet]]
*'''[[Kevin McNally]]''' - [[Frank Devereaux]]
*''' Chris Patrick-Simpson''' - [[Neil (Djinn)]]

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