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The Colt

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[[Dean]] uses the third remaining bullet to kill the demon [[Tom]], after he and [[Sam]] rescue John. Their father, [[possessed]] by the Yellow-Eyed Demon, begs Sam to shoot him, but he cannot kill his father and uses the fourth bullet to shoot John in the leg, the hesitation to kill the demon and John with him, allowing it to flee.
[[File:Devil'sGate222.jpg|left|thumb|350px|The Gate to [[Hell]] is locked with a [[devil's trap]] opened by the Colt.]]
===[[2.01 In My Time of Dying]]===
[[Sam]] uses the Colt to frighten off the [[demon]]-possessed [[Trucker|trucker]]. Later, [[John]] trades the Colt and the remaining bullet (and his [[soul]]) in a [[deal]] with [[Azazel]] for [[Dean]]'s life.
[[File:Devil'sGate222.jpg|right|thumb|350px|The Gate to [[Hell]] is locked with a [[devil's trap]] opened by the Colt.]]
===[[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]===
The Yellow-Eyed Demon gives the Colt to [[Jake Talley]] in order to open the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]]. After making his way to [[Fossil Butte Cemetery]], Jake succeeds in opening the gate by threatening [[Ellen]]'s life, but after Sam kills him, [[Dean]] retrieves the Colt from the crypt door. The Yellow-Eyed Demon shows up and takes the Colt from Dean, but after John's spirit distracts the demon by ripping him out of his [[meatsuit]], Dean grabs the Colt back and shoots Azazel in the heart with the last bullet just as he returns to his host, finally killing him. [[Bobby]] and Ellen were later able to seal the [[Hell Gates|devil's gate]] before any more demons or spirits could escape.
[[Bobby]] is seen working on the Colt.
[[File:Bobby-Colt.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Bobby testing out The Colt.]]
===[[3.04 Sin City]]===
Bobby is trying to figure out how the Colt works when [[Ruby]] arrives and offers to help return its [[demon]] killing powers. Bobby later shoots at the [[possessed]] [[Father Gil]] with it -– and misses. [[Sam]] eventually uses it to kill Father Gil and [[Casey]].
[[File:Bobby-Colt.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Bobby testing out The Colt.]]
===[[3.05 Bedtime Stories]]===
[[crossroads demon|The Crossroads Demon]] outside of [[Lloyd's Bar]] recognizes that the Colt has been modified, stating that it was not "the original Colt." She realizes that [[Ruby]] was the one who modified it. Sam eventually uses the Colt to kill the crossroads demon to try to get Dean out of his contract.

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