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Alpha Shapeshifter

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* Regeneration – The Alpha was able to heal itself from all wounds, including being stabbed in the heart with pure silver.
* Super strength and durability – The Alpha's strength greatly exceeded the strength of normal shapeshifters. Its durability and threshold for pain were extremely high. The Alpha showed great resistance to [[silver]], and the only known material that could actually hurt it was iridium.
* [[Shapeshifting ]] – The Alpha Shapshifter could morph its body to match any human appearance in a matter of seconds. It did not shed or peel while altering its shape. Its shapeshifting extended to being able to morph the clothes it was wearing to whatever the human it was copying was also wearing.
* [[Telepathy]] – Like the [[Alpha Vampire]], the Alpha Shapeshifter had a telepathic connection to all his children, allowing it to locate any shapeshifter in the world.

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