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Lucifer's Cage

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14.20 Moriah
===[[14.20 Moriah]]===
Castiel meets with a group of demons demon to visit the cage and study it, but she is uncooperative. When [[Chuck]] gives Sam and Dean [[The Equalizer]] to kill [[Jack]], Castiel suggests throwing him in the cage until they find a way to save Jack, but Dean, who is too stubborn to care, shoots down the idea. ===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===[[Belphegor]] tells Dean that every door in Hell sprang open all at once when [[God]] started the end of the world. Dean realizes that this means Lucifer's Cage as well and asks about [[Michael]]. Belphegor tells Dean that the last he heard, Michael was still just sitting in the Cage, but suggests that if Michael got out he might hold a grudge against the Winchesters.
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