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The Colt

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The Five Things the Colt can't kill
|Powers= Can kill anything except for [[Lucifer]] and four other unknown creatures.<br>Key to the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]].
|location= [[Men of Letters Bunker]] with [[Sam]] and [[Dean]].
|episodes= '''First Appearance:''' [[1.20 Dead Man's Blood]]<br>'''Last Appearance:''' [[15.05 Proverbs 17:312 Galaxy Brain]]
'''Other Uses'''
* [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]: The Colt is used by [[Jake]] as a key to open the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]].
* [[3.04 Sin City]]: [[Ruby]] helps [[Bobby]] rebuild the Colt so and create new bullets for it will use any ammunition. [[Sam]] then uses it to kill [[Father Gil]] and [[Casey]]. This also marks the first time the Colt bullets now give off an orange-red hue when they kill a demon much like the bullet's effects with [[Azazel]], but now it is for every demon Sam and Dean use the Colt on.
* [[3.05 Bedtime Stories]]: Sam uses the Colt to kill a [[crossroads demon]].
* [[3.07 Fresh Blood]]: [[Dean]] shoots a [[vampire]] with it. This is the first time after Ruby helps Bobby make more bullets for the Colt, as well as the last time (so far), that we've seen the blue-colored hue being used after Dean kills the vampire. It can be suggested that the blue hue is only used against monsters now.
* [[12.19 The Future]]: Castiel attempted to kill Dagon with the Colt, but she teleported out of the way, while the bullet struck the wall.
===The Five Things the Colt canCan't killKill===[[Lucifer]] says that there are only five things in all of creation that can't be killed by the Colt and that he is one of them. One point of conjecture is whether Lucifer meant five individuals, or five types of beings. The [[Alpha Vampire]] confirms that there are "five creatures" that the Colt cannot kill which some fans take as meaning individuals rather than five specific species of monsters.
One point of conjecture is whether Lucifer meant five individuals, or five types of beings. The [[Alpha VampireAzazel]] confirms that there are "five creatures" that is the only demon to have survived being shot with the Colt cannot kill which some fans take as meaning individuals , due in part to being shot in the leg rather than five specific species of monstersthe head or the heart.<ref name="one22">[[1.22 Devil's Trap]]</ref>
The Colt has been shown to kill:
There is speculation about what other powerful beings may not be killed by the Colt including:
* [[God]] / [[Chuck]] and [[The the Darkness]] / [[Amara]] – Given their respective status' as the [[The Cosmic Balance|cosmic embodimentsembodiment]] of light and darkness, it is likely they are invulnerablenot vulnerable to the Colt.* [[Archangels]] – [[Lucifer ]] is shown to be invulnerable to the Colt, but a head shot disorients him for a few seconds. This suggests that archangels are immune to the Colt's powers. * [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]] – [[Famine]], [[Pestilence]] and [[War]] were rendered powerless with the removal of their rings, so would they could possibly be vulnerable to the Colt. [[Death]] maintains its power even without its ring, and seems to be more powerful than the other Horsemen. Given Death's claim it would eventually reap God, it may be invulnerable to the Colt as it appears only [[Death's Scythe]] is capable of killing Death. Though Lucifer was also shown to be able to smite Death, whether or not the Colt would work on the Entity is still unknown. * [[Cain]] – When bearing the [[Mark of Cain]], which was given to him by [[Lucifer]], this may have protected him from the Colt. However, he was a [[Knight of Hell]], lower in the hierarchy than the [[Princes of Hell]] who could be killed by the Colt, implying that the Colt can kill Cain.
* [[Eve]] – No clear evidence either way, however as she is dead it is a moot point.
Sam later speculates that the nightmare was one of God's possible endings for them that he is seeing through a link created between Sam and God when Sam shot God with [[the Equalizer]].
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===[[15.09 The Trap]]===
God reveals that the nightmares Sam has been seeing were of alternate reality Sams and Deans, meaning that the Colt Sam had seen was also from an alternate reality.
===[[15.12 Galaxy Brain]]===
Part of Chuck's video presentation to the Radio Shed clerk on Earth 2 is alternate Dean's failed attempt to kill alternate [[Lucifer]] with the Colt.
==Legend of the Colt==

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