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* In an "personal note" of the [[demon tablet]], it is said that [[Metatron]] is an archangel. Though he was never asked, he pretty much denied the statement, as he says that he was from Heaven's secretarial office before being chosen to become the Scribe of God.
* While at first it was unknown if an [[angel banishing sigil]] would work on an archangel, Sam managed to banish [[Lucifer]] with one in [[11.14 The Vessel]], proving the sigil does in fact work against archangels. The banishment of Lucifer was also the first successful use of the sigil since [[9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here]].
* [[Raphael]] is the only archangel whose counterpart in [[Apocalypse World]] isn't mentioned or even referenced in passing. Though the fate of [[Gabriel]]'s counterpart is unknown, he is referenced by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael's]] reaction to seeing Gabriel in [[13.22 Exodus]].
==Archangels in Lore==

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