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* At present, only four archangels are known to have existed ([[Michael]], [[Lucifer]], [[Raphael]], [[Gabriel]]) and only two are one is currently known to be alive: Michael who is trapped in [[Lucifer's Cage]] and [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] who made his way from his world and gained possession of Dean's [[vessel]]. Lucifer was killed by Dean Winchester who granted his consent to AW Michael to defeat him with an [[archangel blade]], but he reneged on their deal and took full control of Dean's vessel. Gabriel was killed by AW Michael with his archangel blade in Apocalypse World. Raphael was ripped apart on a subatomic level by Castiel when he absorbed the [[Leviathans]] and the countless other [[souls]] from [[Purgatory]] and AW Michael was exorcised from [[Rowena MacLeod]] and burned up by [[Jack]] using the power of his [[soul]].* In an "personal note" of the [[demon tablet]], it is said that [[Metatron]] is an archangel. Though he was never asked, he pretty much denied the statement, as he says that he was from Heaven's secretarial office before being chosen to become the Scribe of God. In addition, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel are consistently called the only archangels aside from that one reference to Metatron being one.
* While at first it was unknown if an [[angel banishing sigil]] would work on an archangel, Sam managed to banish [[Lucifer]] with one in [[11.14 The Vessel]], proving the sigil does in fact work against archangels. The banishment of Lucifer was also the first successful use of the sigil since [[9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here]].
* [[Raphael]] is the only archangel whose counterpart in [[Apocalypse World]] isn't mentioned or even referenced in passing. Though the fate of [[Gabriel]]'s counterpart is unknown, he is referenced by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael's]] reaction to seeing Gabriel in [[13.22 Exodus]].

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