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|monster name= Marid
|image= [[File:Marid15x07.png|350px]]
|powers and abilities= <br>
* Grants wealthBlessings* Super strength
|vulnerabilities= <br>
* Decapitation
===Powers and abilities===
* Grants wealth Blessings – If captured, a marid can grant the person holding it captive good health and wealth, so long as it is kept fed.
* Super strength – A marid appears strong enough to break down the metal door of its confinement.
[[File:Marid.png|thumb|right|350px|The marid is decapitated by Dean.]]
===[[15.07 Last Call]]===
15 years ago, after a rough case involving cultists in Arizona, [[Lee Webb]] ended up near Texhoma, Texas, on a hunt where he came across a marid. Learning that the marid can offer him money and health in exchange for being fed, Lee captured the creature and soon bought a bar -- Swayze's -- where he kept the marid locked away in the basement.
==Marid in Lore==
[ In Islamic lore], [ marid ] are a type of evil supernatural being. The Qur'an speaks of the marid as an attribute to evil spirits.
[ In the role-playing tabletop game ''Dungeons & Dragons''], marids are elemental creatures from the sea. This may be why the creature in the episode resembled the classic monster from the [ ''Creature from the Black Lagoon''.]
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