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|image= [[File:ArchangelMichael.jpg|350px]][[File:Adam-Michael.jpg|350px]]
|name= Michael
|actor= [[Matthew Cohen]] ([[5.13 The Song Remains the Same|5.13]])<br>[[Jake Abel]] ([[5.22 Swan Song|5.22]], [[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven|15.08]], [[15.19 Inherit the Earth|15.19]])|dates= Pre-creation – 2020 (killed by [[Chuck]])
|location= Earth
|occupation= [[Archangel]]
|episodes= [[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]<br>[[5.22 Swan Song]]<br>[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]<br>[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]
After the creation of [[Heaven]], its [[angel]]s, and Earth, God commanded all of the celestial beings to bow before mankind, asking them to love humans more than himself. Lucifer questioned this order, insisting that they are "flawed, murderous beings."<ref name="five04">[[5.04 The End]]</ref> Lucifer then sought out his older brother, Michael, for support, but Michael refused to listen. After Lucifer created the first demon, [[Lilith]], Michael would be the one to cast Lucifer out of Heaven into [[Hell]]. At some point, God left Heaven and Michael assumed command of the angels, running Heaven and Earth for a millennia.
When [[demon]]s began making plans to free Lucifer, Michael decided to allow the seals binding Lucifer to be broken. He and a group of other angels, including Raphael and [[Zachariah]], wanted the [[Apocalypse]] to occur so that he and Lucifer could battle. Michael expected to be victorious, so as to bring about paradise. To this end, he worked with [[Lilith]] as he believed paradise would bring God back.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Lesser angels, like [[Castiel]], were not privy to the plan, and were deployed to make it look as though Heaven was fighting Lucifer's release. When Lucifer was eventually freed, in order to confront him, Michael needed his true [[vessel]], [[Dean Winchester]]. Zachariah was instructed to get Dean's permission to possess him. To Heaven's chagrin, Dean refused adamantly, and Michael was left to act through his agents. He then decided to speak with Dean in person, when the Winchester brothers were sent back to the year 1978, and used their father [[John Winchester]] as a temporary vessel.
Over time, Dean's resolve weakened, and just as he prepared to give his consent, the angels resurrected his half-brother, [[Adam Milligan]], for the purpose of fulfilling the task of being Michael's [[vessel]]. This was soon revealed to be a ploy to make Dean give inhis consent, but when Dean killed Zachariah, after Michael had been called down from Heaven , it forced Michael to take over Adam's body. After Lucifer gains control over Sam's vessel, Michael meets him in [[Stull Cemetery]] to fight, but they get interrupted by Dean. Castiel manages to banish Michael using a holy fire molotov coctail, giving Dean the time he needed to reach out to Sam and convince him to fight back. Sam manages to take back control of his vessel and use the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse#The_Rings|Horsemen's Rings]] to open the Cage, but when Michael intervenes, the archangel is pulled into the Cage along with Sam, Lucifer, and Adam, stopping the Apocalypse.
According to Lucifer, Michael was driven insane inside [[the Cage]] and he was said to be curled in a ball "singing show tunes and... touching himself." [[God]] later tells the Winchesters that they cannot call upon Michael to aid them against the Darkness as he is in no shape for a fight.<ref name="eleven10">[[11.10 The Devil in the Details]]</ref><ref name="eleven22">[[11.22 We Happy Few]]</ref>
When God decides to end the world in retaliation for the Winchester's defiance,<ref name="fourteen20">[[14.20 Moriah]]</ref> he throws open every door in [[Hell]], including the door to [[Lucifer's Cage]], giving Michael the chance to escape. According to the [[demon]] [[Belphegor]] however, Michael is still just sitting there in Lucifer's Cage even though the door is open. However, Belphegor suggests that if he gets out, Michael will want revenge for being trapped in the first place.<ref name="fifteen01">[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]</ref>
Though Michael originally didn't take the opportunity to escape when God opened the door to Lucifer's Cage,<ref name="fifteen01" /> he later escapes from the Cage and Hell, still in the body of Adam Milligan. It's revealed that [[Chuck]] and Lucifer were lying about his mental state as he retains his sanity after a decade in the Cage. Now sharing control with his vessel, Michael is left directionless with his brothers dead and God gone as far as he was aware. Having learned from the [[Tablets#Demon Tablet|demon tablet]] that Michael might know something that could help them beat God, the Winchesters and Castiel seek out the archangel's help. Disillusioned by everything he learns, Michael provides the spell to trap God, but refuses to stay and help further.<ref name="fifteen08">[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]</ref> After God wipes out all life on Earth aside from the Winchesters and [[Jack]], Michael returns and agrees to help against his father. However, Michael is angered by the [[resurrection]] of [[Lucifer]] by God with Lucifer claiming that he is their Father's new favorite. Though Michael finally gets the chance to kill his brother, the archangel reverts back into being the Good Son and betrays the Winchesters in an attempt to become God's Favorite once again. Angered by Michael's earlier betrayal, God obliterates the archangel, but both are unaware that the Winchesters anticipated Michael's betrayal and used him to lure God into a trap.<ref name="fifteen19">[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]</ref>
Michael sees himself as a good and loyal son to his father, and that matters most to him. He professes Despite his love for [[Lucifer]], his younger brother, but Michael insists that he is only serving his father by destroying his brother. He seems to think himself magnanimous when he promises to leave [[Dean]] whole and not catatonic, after serving as a [[vessel]]and by erasing John and Mary Winchester's memories of their ordeal with Anna.<ref name="five13" />
His insistence that his actions only serve [[God]] is not entirely true, as he blames Lucifer for the loss of their father, and is angry with him. He also becomes furious with anyone who interferes with his destiny, including [[Anna Milton]], and Dean at [[Stull Cemetery]]. When Lucifer suggested that they refuse to fight and "walk off the chessboard" Michael considered abandoning his destiny for a moment, before staying steadfast in his resolve to fight Lucifer. It is this stubborn insistence on fulfilling his story as written that lead him into imprisonment in [[Lucifer's Cage|the Cage]].<ref name="five13" /><ref name="five22" /> Michael's relationship with Lucifer is stated to mirror that of Sam and Dean's. While talking with Dean, Michael professes love for Lucifer, even after all that his brother has done, having raised his younger sibling much like Dean raised Sam and even admits that killing Lucifer would be hard for him.<ref name="five13" /> Despite his anger at Lucifer, when they meet again in Stull Cemetery, Michael admits to being genuinely glad to see his brother again in a softer moment before he and Lucifer prepare to engage in battle. The formerly close relationship between the two can be seen by Lucifer's furious reaction to Castiel's subsequent attack on Michael with holy fire.<ref name="five22" /> However, despite this, at some point Michael created the [[Lance of Michael]], a weapon he intended to kill Lucifer slowly and painfully.<ref name="twelve12">[[12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)]]</ref> After his escape from Hell, Michael only truly snaps when Castiel accuses Lucifer of being the smarter of the two archangels for knowing that God can't be trusted, using Lucifer against Michael. This results in Michael, who had previously remained relatively calm despite his anger and frustration, physically attacking his younger brother.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Though Michael cares about humanity in general, he was willing to potentially sacrifice half of the population of the world to defeat Lucifer like he believed God wanted. When talking to [[Zachariah]] about his final plan to get Dean to say "yes," Michael showed little care for the humans who died in the bar Zachariah was drinking in as a result of Michael appearing in his true form.<ref name="five18" /> However, after a diner full of people witnessed Michael smite Lilith, he simply erased their memories of the incident rather than take more drastic measures, showing that he is not needlessly cruel nor does he needlessly take human life if he can avoid it.<ref name="fifteen08" />
After being trapped in the Cage, Michael is stated to have gone insane by both Lucifer<ref name="eleven10" /> and God.<ref name="eleven22" /> After God's betrayal, Dean suspects both were lying and Michael is in fact shown to retain his sanity.<ref name="fifteen08" />
Following his escape from the Cage, Michael is left directionless and unsure of his place in the world. Having reached an agreement with his [[vessel]] [[Adam Milligan]], Michael is willing to share control with him and use Adam as a guide in the world. However, he remains as stubborn as ever, refusing to accept the truth about his father. When pushed by Adam, Michael admits that if he doubts God, he feels it would be a betrayal of all that he is. Michael's refusal to hear the truth goes so far as Michael behaving like a petulant child and relinquishing control to Adam just so that he didn't have to listen to it. After seeing Castiel's memories of his father and learning that he is not the only Michael as he had believed, Michael becomes disillusioned with his father and provides the means to trap God. However, he refuses to help further, not wanting to be directly involved in fighting his father.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Due to his time in the Cage alone with [[Adam Milligan]], Michael has developed a unique relationship with his [[vessel]] for an angel. Whereas most angels and archangels in particular only view and use their vessels as tools to manifest on Earth and don't appear to think of them as anything more than that, Michael has begun actively engaging with Adam, even on Earth. Having reached an agreement with each other in the Cage where all they had was each other, Michael is willing to share control with Adam. Michael states an intention to use Adam as a guide in the changed world where they are both adrift, having been gone for so long that neither Adam nor Michael truly know what to do with themselves anymore. Michael appears to have become protective over his vessel, angry at Dean for abandoning Adam in the Cage while letting Lucifer go free and Michael and Adam even appear to have become friends. Notably, Adam is able to argue with Michael fearlessly who responds back with more sincerity than he showed with anyone else, even opening up to Adam about his fears that doubting God would mean Michael betraying everything he has been and believed in.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Michael is visibly upset when reporting Adam's death to the Winchesters.<ref name="fifteen19" /> Like most angels, Michael has an extremely low view of demons. When encountering Lilith, whom he had previously worked with to bring about the Apocalypse, Michael is incredulous at the idea that God would send "a speck of infernal bile" to retrieve him and smites Lilith when she gets on his nerves too much.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Despite his changes for the better, Michael reverts back into being the Good Son following the resurrection of Lucifer and the discovery that God now favors his brother over Michael. Desperate to win his father's approval and to be God's Favorite once again, Michael betrays his allies, but is unaware that they accurately predicted this and used him to lure God into a trap of their own. In the end, Michael's misguided loyalty to his father comes to nothing and leads to his own demise just as it lead to his imprisonment a decade prior.<ref name="fifteen19" />
===Powers and abilities===
* [[Healing]] – Michael, like all angels, can heal any wounds or injuries. After being hit with a Molotov of holy oil, Michael was able to heal the injures sustained from contact with holy fire.
* Mental manipulation – Michael is capable of erasing specific memories from a person's mind, as he does with [[John]] and [[Mary Winchester]]. He later erased an entire diner's memories of his encounter with [[Lilith]] simply by commanding it and then snapping his fingers.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Portal]] creation – With just a snap of his fingers, Michael opened a portal to [[Purgatory]].<ref name="fifteen08" /> This is a feat that even his fellow archangel [[Raphael]] couldn't accomplish, requiring a powerful spell procured by [[Crowley]] instead.<ref name="six22">[[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]]</ref>
* [[Resurrection]] – Michael can revive the deceased as he did with [[Sam Winchester]].<ref name="five13" />
* [[Sedation]] – He can render people unconscious. * Super strength – It is presumed like [[Lucifer]], he can over-power pagan gods and lesser [[angel]]s with little or no effort.Even while restrained by the [[angel cuffs]], Michael was able to effortlessly overpower and strangle Castiel.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Telekinesis]] – Michael was able to close the door to the [[Green Room]] when [[Adam]] attempted to escape.
** [[Pyrokinesis]] – Michael can incinerate lesser [[angel]]s by touching them, as he did with [[Anna Milton]].<ref name="five13">[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]</ref>
** Terakinesis – Michael's mere presence in his true form can cause the earth to shake.<ref name="five18" >[[5.18 Point of No Return]]</ref> When distressed by the revelation of God's betrayal, Michael caused the bunker Bunker to shake, even while bound by the [[Angel Cuffsangel cuffs]].<ref name="fifteen08" />* [[Teleportation]] – Michael can teleport himself and groups of people, and is capable of banishing angels with a snap of his fingers.<ref name="five13" /> After his escape from Hell, Michael was able to bounce all over the globe in a matter of seconds before settling in Cairo.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Time travel]] – Michael can travel through time and transport others, such as Sam and [[Dean Winchester]] from 1978 back to their present in 2010.<ref name="five13" />
* [[Smiting]] - With just a snap flash of his fingerseyes, Michael smote [[Lilith]], who along with being the first demon was one of the most powerful, causing her to vanish in a flash of white light.<ref name="fifteen08" />* Portal creation - With just and leave behind a snap pile of his fingers, Michael opened a portal to [[Purgatory]]ashes.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Angel Cuffs]] – The angel cuffs, after having been upgraded to hold the alternate [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]], were able to contain this Michael as well. However, he retained the use of some of his powers, causing the ground to shake when distressed and opening a portal to [[Purgatory]].<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Archangel blade]] – Wielded by another archangel, the blade can kill Michael.
* [[Enochian]] [[warding sigils]] – Michael is susceptible to Enochian warding.
* [[Holy fire]] – While holy fire can kill regular angels upon contact, it can only temporarily banish Michael.<ref name="five22" /> The Winchesters and Castiel were later able to trap Michael with a ring of holy fire.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Ma'lak Box]] - Can contain any [[archangel]] no matter how powerful.<ref name="fourteen11">[[14.11 Damaged Goods]]</ref>* [[Angel Cuffs]] - The angel cuffs, after having been upgraded to hold the alternate [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]], were able to contain this Michael as well. However, he retained the use of some of his powers, causing the ground to shake when distressed and opening a portal to [[Purgatory]].<ref name="fifteen08" />
[[File:MichaelKillsAnna.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Michael kills [[Anna]].]]
===[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]===
Michael first manifests when [[Sam]], Dean and Castiel have traveled back to 1978 to stop [[Anna Milton]] from killing [[John]] and [[Mary Winchester]] in order to prevent Sam’s birth, and thus his use as Lucifer’s vesseland preventing the Apocalypse from starting. Michael comes to John while Anna is attacking, and John consents when Michael says he can stop Anna from killing Mary. Michael incinerates Anna with a touch, and banishes [[Uriel]] back to [[Heaven]], and sends Mary to sleep. Alone with Dean, Michael explains that while Dean is his true vessel, he's not his only vessel as he can use others from Dean's bloodline. Michael He also tells Dean his view need of the [[Apocalypse]]and having a final battle. Michael tells him that his relationship with Lucifer mirrored Dean's relationship with Sam, and the need while he doesn't want to kill his brother, he will because he believes it to have be justice. Michael believes that he is a final battlegood son who has to do what his father tells him to do because he believes it to be an absolute in any situation.
Before departingWhile Dean tries to counter him because of his experiences with his family, Michael insists that everything he is doing isn't random. He says everything happened from John and Mary's birth, their union, and conceiving Sam and Dean is all part of a pre-ordained, including plan playing itself out perfectly and he knew from the beginning that the need for Dean to serve as a vesselstory will end when he kills Lucifer. He Michael says that Dean has no choice, that "free will is an illusion," and that is why he will eventually receive his consent, though he won't leave Dean in a catatonic state when he's done using him as a vessel. He plans to erase Mary and John's memories of meeting Sam and Dean, under the pretense of giving Mary the life she wants. While Dean protests against it because of her death in 1983, Michael says that Dean knew that Mary's death was inevitable whether she knows the truth or not. He then heals Sam, and returns the brothers him to the present. He removes all memories of says he'll see Dean soon before sending him back to the events of the day from future. After erasing John and Mary 's memories, he dispossesses John and Johnreturns to Heaven.
===[[5.18 Point of No Return]]===
[[Zachariah]] has been dismissed from his position and is drinking in a bar, awaiting his destruction, when Michael makes contact. The brilliance and sound of the [[archangel]] kills the bar patrons and Michael offers Zachariah a last chance to secure Dean as a vessel.
Meanwhile, seeing no other way to defeat Lucifer and save the planet, Dean is prepared to consent to becoming Michael's vessel when it is discovered that his half-brother [[Adam Milligan]] has been resurrected. The They told Adam that he was chosen to be Michael's vessel. While Dean is doubtful about this new revelation, Castiel says that Adam is both a member of the Winchester bloodline and Sam's brother, a possible imperfect replacement for Dean. Zachariah manages to convince Adam to take him to become Michael's vessel. However, Zachariah reveals that Michael planned to have Adam revived and trapped in the [[angelGreen Room]]s hold to lure Dean into the open and force him to give his consent to the archangel. Zachariah holds Adam as bait, and Sam and Dean attempt make their way to Van Nuys, California to rescue himsave their half-brother. After Castiel dispatches the angels, Dean makes his way to Adam, but Zachariah tortures appears and starts torturing him and Sam and Adam in front of Dean. With no other choice, and Dean tells Zachariah he will consent on one conditionconsents to become Michael's vessel. Zachariah utters an incantation that summons Michael to their location. However, Dean kills says he will offer his consent on the conditions that he ensures the safety of his family and Michael promises to destroy Zachariah, believing that the angel is now expendable in the archangel's eyes. While he is distracted by Dean's threats, he impales Zachariah 's head with an [[his angel blade]], killing him. Sam and Dean manage to escape before Michael descends, but Adam is trapped inside the room and vanishes with Michael. Adam is technically a vesselThe Green Room vanishes as well, if only a temporary one, for Michael, being of the Winchester bloodlineleaving Dean to see an old office in its place.
===[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]===
===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===
[[Belphegor]] tells [[Dean ]] that every door in [[Hell ]] sprang open all at once when [[God]] started the end of the world. Dean realizes that this means [[Lucifer's Cage]] as well and asks about Michael. Belphegor tells Dean that the last he heard, Michael was still just sitting in the Cage, but suggests that if Michael got out he might hold a grudge against the Winchesters.
[[File:Adam&Michael.png|thumb|left|350px|Adam and Michael talk in the diner.]]
===[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]===
From the [[Tablets#Demon Tablet|demon tablet]], the Winchesters learn that [[God]] has a secret fear that he only shared with his favorite which they realize means Michael. Though both God and [[Lucifer]] claimed Michael to be insane, Dean suspects they might have been lying and the Winchesters and [[Castiel ]] travel into [[Hell]] to search for Michael. However, they quickly learn that Michael is nowhere to be found in Hell. On Earth, Michael allows [[Adam Milligan|Adam]] to have control as his [[vessel]] enjoys a burger in a diner. Michael, manifesting as an identical duplicate of Adam, admits that he doesn't know what to do now with the other [[archangels]] dead and God is gonefrom [[Heaven]]. He tells Adam he sees him as his guide in the new world and the two commiserate over having difficult families. As they discuss what to do next, [[Lilith]] arrives looking for Michael on God's orders. Instantly taking control, Michael is skeptical of the demon's claims and intentions and smites her in a flash of white light when she insists. Noticing that the entire diner witnessed his actions, Michael erases their memories with a snap of his fingers.
On EarthAfter getting rid of Lilith, Michael allows begins bouncing all over the globe, finally ending up in Cairo, Egypt with [[Adam Milligan|Adamprophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]] sensing his movements. Castiel reaches out to have control as his Michael through [[vesselprayer]] enjoys a burger , asking for him to come, acknowledging their past and the greater war that is taking place against God. Michael agrees to meet with Castiel in a dinerfactory, but is less than pleased to see his brother, as Castiel called him assbut and set him on fire before helping send Michael to Hell. As Michaelspeculates if Castiel has come to beg forgiveness, manifesting as Castiel surrounds the archangel in a duplicate ring of Adam, admits that he doesn't know what to do now [[holy fire]]. The Winchesters soon enter with the other [[archangelsangel cuffs]] dead and God gone from Heaven and sees Adam as his guide in the new world and the two commiserate over having difficult families, Michael angrily demands to know what Castiel has done.
As they discuss what Taken back to do nextthe [[Men of Letters Bunker]] in handcuffs, Michael calls their actions stupid and starts to comment on how [[LilithSam]] arrives looking for looks compared to the last time Michael saw him in the Cage. Sam cuts Michael on God's ordersoff and insists that they need his help. Instantly taking control, Michael is skeptical of the demon's claims incredulous that they want him to trust them when Castiel doomed him to Hell and intentions Dean let Lucifer walk free while Adam was trapped. Sam explains that with what they do, they have gotten too used to losing people and causes her with Adam they said goodbye because they thought they had to vanish in a flash of white light when she insistsbut were wrong. Michael then returns control to Adam, surprising the Winchesters that Michael lets Adam have control. Noticing Adam explains that he and Michael reached an agreement in the entire diner witnessed his actions, Michael erases their memories with a snap of his fingersCage where they only had each other.
After getting rid of LilithMichael quickly retakes control and demands to know why he is there. Sam and Dean explain that they need his help because God is back and while Michael thinks God will bring paradise. Dean tells him that paradise is boring, Michael begins bouncing and God only wants to be entertained meaning they are all over the globehis puppets, finally ending up in Cairo, Egypt with [[Prophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]] sensing his movementsespecially Michael. Castiel reaches out to Michael through [[prayer]], asking for him refuses to comelisten, acknowledging their past claiming that they are lying and the greater war returns control to Adam who states that is taking place against GodMichael isn't listening. Alone, Adam attempts to convince Michael agrees to meet with Castiel in a factorythat the Winchesters might be right, pointing out that while he doesn't forgive them, but is less than pleased they always try to see his brother as Castiel called him assbut, set him be on fire the right side and then helped send maybe Michael to Helldoesn't know his father as well as he thinks. As Adam finally gets Michael speculates if Castiel has come to beg forgivenessadmit that he won't consider the truth as it would mean that Michael -- the good son, Castiel surrounds the archangel favorite -- doubts his father which is against everything Michael has been and believed in a ring of [[Holy Fire]]his whole life. As the Winchesters enter with the [[Angel Cuffs]], Adam questions if Michael angrily demands to know what Castiel has donereally still believes that after God abandoned him in Lucifer's Cage.
Taken back to the [[Men of Letters]] [[bunker]] in handcuffsWhen Castiel returns, Michael calls their actions stupid has retaken control and starts refuses to comment on how [[Sam]] looks compared to the last time Michael saw him betray his father and everything he believes in . Castiel tells the Cage. Sam cuts Michael off and insists archangel that they need his help. Michael is incredulous that they want he never really liked him to trust them , even when he was just another angel. Castiel doomed him always thought Michael to Hell be too haughty and Dean let Lucifer walk free while Adam was trapped in Hell. Sam explains that with what they do"to paraphrase a friend, they have gotten too used to losing people and with Adam they said goodbye because they thought they you had to an entire oak tree shoved up your ass." Castiel now pities Michael as he was never God's favorite but were wrongjust a tiny part of God's story and figures that at least Lucifer knew that God couldn't be trusted. Enraged, Michael then returns control to Adamattacks Castiel who shows the archangel his memories of God's betrayal, the fight with [[the Darkness]], surprising the Winchesters that murder of [[Jack]] and the [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael lets Adam have control. Adam explains that he and (Apocalypse World)|Michael reached an agreement in the Cage where they only had each other]].
Disillusioned, Michael quickly retakes control later causes the Bunker to shake and demands agrees to know why he is therehelp. Sam Michael provides Dean and Dean explain Castiel with the [[spell]] that they need his help because can lock God is back and while Michael thinks God will bring paradiseaway, paradise is boring and God but it requires a [[Leviathan Blossom]] which only wants to be entertained meaning they are all grows in [[Purgatory]]. With a snap of his puppetsfingers, especially Michael. Michael opens a twelve hour [[portal]], but refuses to listen, claiming that they are lying come with them and returns control to Adam who states that Michael isn't listeninghelp further. Alone, Adam attempts to convince Michael that Dean removes the Winchesters might be right, pointing out that while he doesnhandcuffs and at Dean't forgive thems request, they always try Michael returns control to do the right thing and maybe Michael doesn't know his father as well as he thinks. Adam finally gets Michael so that Dean can apologize to admit that he won't consider the truth as it would mean that Michael - the Good Son, the Favorite - doubts his father. brother before Adam questions if and Michael really still believes that after God abandoned him in Lucifer's Cagedepart.
When Castiel returns===[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]===Jack leads the Winchesters to a church after sensing another presence. In the church, they find Michael who expresses surprise that they survived. Michael has retaken control explains that when the Rapture first began, he took refuge in the church, St. Michael's. Michael is sure that Chuck knows he took their side against his father and so avoided using any powers that might attract God's attention. Michael sadly reveals that Adam died with the rest of humanity and wonders how the Winchesters and refuses Jack survived. Dean explains that God thought it would hilarious to betray his father watch the three of them on an empty planet and so spared the Winchesters and everything he believes inJack. Castiel tells  Noticing the open Bibles, Sam asks if Michael has been doing some reading and the archangel explains that he never really liked himspent much time on Earth and so he was curious about the perception of God and Heaven. Michael comments on how the believers amazingly loved God and have for thousands of years. Michael notes that his efforts were more effective than he had hoped, even explaining that when he God left Heaven, Michael was just another angelcertain of his return so the archangel made sure that all of the other angels and [[Prophet]]s burnished his image on Earth, "the all-knowing and all-seeing and all-caring God. Castiel always thought " Michael huffs a laugh when Dean calls him "Daddy's boy" and Jack asks what Michael intends to be too haughty do know that he's seen what his father has done. Michael just looks down and Dean reminds him that they reached out to Michael only to have the archangel ignore them. "That was then, this is now. Tell me what you need me to paraphrase a frienddo, you had an entire oak tree shoved up your ass" states Michael." Castiel now pities  The Winchesters and Jack leads Michael as he was never Godback to the bunker where they unveil [[Chuck's favorite Death Book]] for the archangel. Dean explains that the book is about God and how to kill them, but just Sam adds that as far as they know, only [[Death]] can open it. Sam expresses hope that Michael can also open the book and with his eyes and hand glowing, Michael attempts to open the book. However, even Michael can't get the book open. Later, Michael enters the main room, shocked to find a [[resurrection|resurrected]] [[Lucifer]] there playing with a tiny part stack of Godcards. Lucifer knocks over the cards and Michael demands if the Winchesters are seriously thinking about trusting his brother. Dean states that they aren's story t exactly trusting Lucifer and figures Lucifer insists that at least he gets his brother's bitterness since Michael got no better from God than Lucifer knew despite everything that Michael did for their father. Michael insists that God couldnhe did what he did because it was the right thing to do and not to gain their father't be trusteds love. EnragedLucifer tells Michael that God had no love to give, not to him, not to Michael attacks Castiel and not to humanity and asks if he sees that now. The conversation is interrupted by Betty who shows informs them that she has opened the book and all that they want is in there and she knows how God ends. As Betty begins to read the archangel book, Lucifer snaps his memories fingers and turns her to ash, pulling the book to him with [[telekinesis]]. Lucifer then reveals that he's actually working for God and that he's "sort of the new favorite now" and taunts Michael. Lucifer flings the charging Winchesters with telekinesis and teleports away from the enraged Michael's charge. The two fling energy blasts at each other with Lucifer dodging Michael's blast and knocking his brother to the ground. Lucifer offers Jack the chance to join him and Godon the winning team, stating that its Jack's only chance as Jack is not strong enough to fight him now. Lucifer realizes that someone's betrayalbehind him and turns around to find Michael. His eyes glowing red, the fight Lucifer taunts his brother that Michael never learns. Michael stabs Lucifer with an [[the Darknessarchangel blade]], killing him once again. This time, Lucifer blasts into ashes instead of leaving behind remains. Michael then thanks Sam for giving him the archangel blade to kill his brother with. Dean later finds Michael in the kitchen and asks after the archangel's state. Michael admits that he's a bit winded, having not been in a battle like that in several centuries. Dean tells Michael that he's glad that Michael was there and that Chuck is getting desperate, knowing that something is up and wouldn't take the chance of showing up personally. Michael acknowledges this and is stunned that his father resurrected Lucifer and didn't even reach out to Michael. Dean questions if Michael wanted Chuck to reach out to him and Michael insists that he didn't and that Chuck obviously knows the Death book could be lethal to him, but its useless without Death to read it. Dean tells Michael that its at least open now and Sam recognized some of the murder symbols and writing as being some form of Enochian. As such, Sam is going to try to use the ''[[JackBook of the Damned]] '' to try to figure out the End. Later, Michael enters the library where Dean and Jack are researching with a book and asks if Sam is making any progress. Dean tells Michael that he hopes so since Sam has been busy for a long time and Sam enters. Sam tells the group that he thinks he was able to piece together the spell from the ''Book of the Damned'' that can help them which must be done in a particular place at an exact angle from the sun and it will release an unstoppable force that will find Chuck and finish him.[[Apocalypse World]] [[File:Michael (Apocalypse World)-Death.png|thumb|right|350px|Michaelis killed by [[Chuck]].]] The group travels to the location at a lakeside where Sam performs the spell, sending blue light into the sky that then vanishes. As the Winchesters wonder what went wrong, Chuck appears behind the group and tosses Sam, Dean and Jack aside with telekinesis. Michael and God greet each other for the first time in millennia and Chuck thanks Michael for the heads-up about the Winchesters' plans and Michael states that it has always been his destiny to serve his father. However, Chuck tells Michael that its a bit too late for that and that the archangel had sided with the Winchesters before and Chuck can't forgive that. Michael desperately tries to defend his actions, but Chuck orders him to save it. Extending his hand at the archangel, God causes Michael to glow from the inside before exploding in a wave of energy.
DisillusionedAfter rendering God powerless, Michael later causes the bunker Winchesters reveal that they came up with a plan to shake and agrees use Michael to help. get at God after seeing how angry Michael provides Dean and Castiel with was at God using Lucifer to get to the spell book. As a result, they realized that can lock Michael was desperate to be God away's favorite again. In addition, but it requires the plan to turn Jack into a [[Leviathan Blossom]] which only grows in [[Purgatory]]. With bomb to kill Chuck had turned Jack into a snap sort of his fingers, power vacuum. When Michael and Lucifer fought and Michael opens a twelve hour [[portal]]killed Lucifer, but refuses to come with Jack absorbed the power coming off of them and help furtherwas charged up greatly as a result. Dean removes In addition, Jack absorbed the handcuffs and at Deanpower given off by Michael's requestdeath which, Michael returns control to Adam so that Dean can apologize to his brother before Adam combined with the power given off by God beating on the Winchesters, made Jack unstoppable and Michael departcapable of taking God's power from him.
* Michael is the only [[angel]] to not appear in a [[vessel]] specifically introduced as the angel. All other angels shown have appeared in vessels that were introduced specifically as the angel rather than the vessel; [[Castiel]]'s vessel [[Jimmy Novak]] is the only vessel to be specifically named, and while [[Nick]] and [[Donnie Finnerman]] initially appeared as themselves, they were immediately selected as [[Lucifer]] and [[Raphael]]'s vessels. By contrast, Michael has only been shown when using [[John Winchester]] and [[Adam Milligan]] as vessels, both of whom had appeared before Michael was even introduced as a character.
*When Michael speaks through a vessel, his voice is noticeably deeper than that of his vessel. This is best seen in [[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]] when Michael responds to Adam off-screen with a deeper voice than the one Adam just used despite Michael appearing as an identical duplicate of Adam.
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