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Significant Dates

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==2nd May==
* [[Sam Winchester]] (1983)
In a bizarre coincidence, Eric Kripke's son was also born on this date in 2007.
* [[Mary Campbell]] makes a deal with [[Azazel]] (1973)
* Sam Winchester dies. Dean Winchester makes a deal to bring him back (2007)
* Dean Winchester's deal is up. He dies (2008)
==18th May==
[[Jack Kline]] (2017)
==29th September==
* [[Adam Milligan]] (1990)
This day is also the traditional day for Michaelmas, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, for whom Adam eventually served as a [[vessel]].
==2nd November==
* [[Azazel]] kills [[Mary Winchester]] (1983)
* [[Brady]] kills [[Jessica Moore]] on [[Azazel]]'s orders (2005)

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