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Lilith is a demon - in fact the first demon created by [[Lucifer]], as a an act against God after he was expelled from heaven.
Lilith has white eyes, and an affinity for possessing young girls. Her idea of fun is to possess a young girl and torment and kill her family. She likes to drink the blood of newborn babies.
[[Sam ]] is immune to her powers.
==[[3.09 Malleus Maleficarum]]==
The demon [[Tammi]] makes the first reference to her - though not by name - she tells [[Sam ]] that a new leader has risen "in the west", and wants to kill him.
==[[3.12 Jus in Bello]]==
[[Image:Lilith in 3-12 Jus In Bello.jpg|left|300px|thumb|Lilith lays waste to the police station]]
When [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] are captured by the FBI and held at a local police station, they find themselves under siege by a horde of [[demons]]. When [[Ruby]] shows up to help, she explains that the demons are trying to kill Sam at Lilith's command.
At the end of the siege a woman and her daughter enter the station; the girl approaches the secretary, [[Nancy Fitzgerald]]. She calmly and politely asks her if she has seen two brothers', describing one as "really tall and one really cute". [[Special Agent Victor Henriksen]] who has been eavesdropping on the conversation looks at the girl suspiciously. However, Nancy chuckles, she asks the girl her name. The girl responds with "Lilith" and her eyes turn white. Nancy is horrified and steps away from her; Henriksen however runs towards her. Lilith then raises her hand and the entire station is besieged by white light and the terrified screams of its occupants.
==[[3.15 Time Is On My Side]]==
After it is revealed that [[Bela ]] made a deal with a [[Crossroads Demon]] ten eyars ago, she reveals that she used the [[Colt]] to bargain with the [[demon ]] that holds her contract but it wasn't enough. The demon wanted her to kill [[Sam ]] too. [[Dean ]] then states that they could have helped her, if she had only been honest with them. She reveals that it is [[Lilith]] who holds her contract and Dean's as well, and that Lilith is the one who wants Sam dead. When he asks her why she is telling him all that, she replies that she wants them to kill Lilith.
==[[3.16 No Rest For The Wicked]]==
[[Image:3-16 Lilith.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Lilith possessing the body of the Fremont girl]]
[[Image:3-16 Lilith-Ruby.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Lilith possessing the body used by Ruby]]
With the assistance of [[Bobby ]] and [[Ruby]], [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] discover that [[Lilith ]] is in New Harmony, Indiana; on what Ruby refers to as ‘shore leave’.
In this middle-class suburb, two elderly Gentlemen are talking when one hands the other a folded note with the words ‘Help Us’ inscribed. This man then proceeds to enter his house, where a corpse of an elderly woman is seen rotting on the hallway floor. He enters the kitchen where he speaks to a man and a woman, who are preparing for a birthday party. He tries to warn them that they must flee before ‘it’ kills them. The woman is hesitant; she insists she cannot abandon her child; the second man (the child’s father) beckons the mother to be quiet; footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs.
A small girl enters the room her dress drenched in blood; she demands that they tell her what they were discussing. The mother counters her request by asking what happened to her dress. To which the child states that the family pet ‘Freckles’ was “mean to her”. Clearly disturbed by this event the father asks his daughter if she will release the family; the girl’s demeanor become icy - she wants to know why they want to leave. She suggests menacingly that they don’t love her anymore and that they shouldn’t upset her unless they want to share the same fate as the Grandmother. Realizing that their powerless to resist; they apologize to her; she forgives them and then asks her father to play with her outside.
Later that day the family gathered around the Dining room table; where they are celebrating the girl’s birthday. As the mother places the birthday cake on the table; Lilith demands to know why the Grandfather asked the neighbor for help. The family display looks of sheer terror, their plan has been foiled. He feigns (rather unconvincingly) innocence; Lilith calls him a liar and then turns her attention to the parents', demanding they tell her the truth. The parents’ plead ignorance, and lie to her claiming they had no knowledge of the Grandfather’s deception. The Grandfather pleads for help, but to no avail, Lilith then uses [[telekinesis ]] to snap his neck.
Sometime later that evening Sam and Dean enter the house, Sam is about to kill the girl, (who is asleep, her mother is awake beside her). The mother pleads with Sam to kill the child as Sam approaches, Dean calls him off; he knows Lilith is no longer using the child as her host. Sam turns to Ruby, who has followed the boys, for help again, but she says it is too late to save Dean. As the [[hellhounds ]] come for Dean, the boys barricade themselves in a room. Dean, who is able to see the true face of [[demons]], realizes that the body [[possessed ]] by Ruby now contains Lilith. She pins Sam to a wall, and Dean to a table. She says Sam no longer has anything she wants, and makes him watch as the hellhounds tear Dean to pieces. She then turns her power on Sam, but it has no effect. He takes Ruby’s [[Ruby's knife]], and is about to kill Lilith when she abandons the body.
==[[4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester]]==
[[Castiel ]] tells [[Dean ]] that when [[Lilith]] released the [[Witnesses]], she broke the first of [[The 66 Seals|sixty six seals]], and that when the last one is broken [[Lucifer]] will be freed.
==[[4.06 Yellow Fever]]==
[[Lilith ]] appears to [[Dean ]] in the form of the little Fremont girl as a hallucination and taunts him about dying all over again. She reminds him of his time in hell, saying four months was more like forty years in hell.
==[[4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book]]==
[[Lilith ]] appears as an adult woman, possessing the body of a dental hygienist from Bloomingdale, Indiana. [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] have been warned of her arrival by the author and prophet [[Chuck Shirley]]. He also forsees a "night of fiery demonic passion" between Lilith and Sam. Dean wants them to avoid Lilith, but Sam is keen for a confrontation.
[[Image:Lilith in 4-22 Lucifer Rising.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Lilith about to be killed by Sam]]
Eventually, Lilith confronts Sam in his hotel room determined to make a deal; she will stop breaking the [[The 66 Seals|seals ]] (that bind [[Lucifer ]] in hell), in return for Sam and Dean's life’s. Sam is reluctant at first; he questions Lilith's motives as to why she has had a change of heart. Lilith tells Sam that apparently she dies before the apocalypse is set in motion - this is why she wants to make a deal. Sam reluctantly agrees to Lilith's terms; however Lilith tells Sam that the deal has to be consummated before they are bound to its terms.
As Sam embraces Lilith on the bed he grabs [[Ruby's knife ]] in order to kill her; however she overpowers him and seizes the knife. Dean and Chuck abruptly enter the room, with Dean demanding that Lilith leave, before the Archangel who protects Chuck comes and kills her. As the room is slowly being engulfed by light, Lilith heeds Dean's words and departs from the body, leaving it motionless on the floor.
Later Dean asks Sam whether he would've taken the deal, but Sam says no, because Lilith would've found some way to 'weasel out of it'. He does note that she's scared and that she was right about dying before the apocalypse because he'll make sure of it.
==[[4.21 When The Levee Breaks]]==
[[Ruby]] tells [[Sam ]] [[Lilith]] is "[[Lucifer]]'s first" - the first demon created from a human, and the only one who can break the last of the [[The 66 Seals]]
==[[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]==
[[Lilith]]'s death is final seal, the one which will free [[Lucifer]]. This has been known both by the [[angels ]] - who want the apocalypse to come, and by the [[Lilith]] and [[Ruby]], who has been helping manipulate Sam to get him to kill her. Sam uses his powers to kill [[Lilith]] and break the final seal.
==Lilith in Myth and Religion==

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