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Donatello Redfield

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15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven
When Sam, Dean, and Castiel learn that Michael has escaped from [[Hell]], Dean places a call to Donatello to see if he had felt a surge in God-like power, and tells him to let them know if he feels anything tickle his brain. While Donatello is doing his dishes, he feels a sudden surge in power as Michael [[Smiting|smites]] [[Lilith]] in a diner. Donatello calls Dean and describes Michael's energy as hurling around from place to place, eventually ending up in Cairo, Egypt. He ends their call by declaring his need for a bourbon.
*In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], despite requiring a ventilator to live, Donatello is not hooked up to any sort of oxygen support in Dr. Rashad's video, not even a breathing mask or nasal canula. Given his dependence on life support at the time, this should not have been possible.

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