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Though Michael originally didn't take the opportunity to escape when God opened the door to Lucifer's Cage,<ref name="fifteen01" /> he later escapes from the Cage and Hell, still in the body of Adam Milligan. It's revealed that [[Chuck]] and Lucifer were lying about his mental state as he retains his sanity after a decade in the Cage. Now sharing control with his vessel, Michael is left directionless with his brothers dead and God gone as far as he was aware. Having learned from the [[Tablets#Demon Tablet|demon tablet]] that Michael might know something that could help them beat God, the Winchesters and Castiel seek out the archangel's help. Disillusioned by everything he learns, Michael provides the spell to trap God, but refuses to stay and help further.<ref name="fifteen08">[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]</ref>
After God wipes out all life on Earth aside from the Winchesters and [[Jack]], Michael returns and agrees to help against his father. However, Michael is angered by the [[resurrection]] of [[Lucifer]] by God with Lucifer claiming that he is their Father's new favorite. Though Michael finally gets the chance to kill his brother, the archangel reverts back into being the Good Son and betrays the Winchesters in an attempt to become God's Favorite once again. Angered by Michael's earlier betrayal, God obliterates the archangel, but both are unaware that the Winchesters anticipated Michael's betrayal and used him to lure God into a trap.<ref name="fifteen19">[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]</ref>

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